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2005-12-29, 09:34 PM
Hi everyone. I had an idea for a 9th level spell based on Fireball and Widen Spell:

Evocation [Fire]
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Area: 80-ft.-radius spread
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Spell Resistance: Yes

This spell functions like fireball, except that it is larger and more powerful . The burst of flame deals 1d8 points of fire damage per caster level (maximum 20d8 ).

I wanted to have a BIG AOE spell that used d8s instead of d6s (think "army roaster" ;D)
What do you think? Should I make it d6s, or change the energy type? (I considered d6s and force damage, but it seemed too powerful.) Does the name need work? (I couldn't think of anything that both fit and wasn't already taken.)
I have little experience in spell-crafting, so any constructive criticism would be appreciated ;)

2005-12-29, 10:44 PM
First off, a double-widened spell is three, not four, times the original spell's radius. A double-widened Fireball would then fill a 60', not 80' radius.

I think the damage is fine, but the radius strikes me as a bit big. Most of the War Spells (from Dragon #293, IIRC) have a 60' radius, and are designed to impact large army battles, so 60' is big enough for this.

2005-12-30, 12:43 AM
As written, this spell has the potential to do more damage than even Meteor Swarm, and over a much larger area. The funny part is that I don't think this spell warrants a Level 9 slot. At most, I'd make it level 8. However, whether you do so or not, I'd recommend adding on a material component, such as crushed ruby worth 2,500 gp. This balances out the huge area that the spell grants. After all, as written, a caster can point and say "Boom", potentially wiping out a great deal of enemies. That's something that even Meteor Swarm can't boast...and Meteor Swarm isn't as likely to harm as many combatants or dish out as much damage.

In short:
* Make it level 8 (maybe even lower)
* Require a material component

Otherwise, not bad.

2005-12-30, 04:11 AM
No ultra-expensive material component. The War spells (actually from Dragon 309, sorry for the mix-up. Looked at the stack of issued I hd used and just assumed that the War spells were in the top one) do that (one of their hallmarks is that they all have expensive material components).

Saying as little as I can, the War Spell version of Fireball is a 4th level spell that behaves like fireball, requires a feat to cast (as do all War spells) with a tripled radius and 3530 GP in material components. I think that an 8th or 9th level spell can do what this does without a material component.

2005-12-30, 10:50 AM
What about reducing the damage die to d6 and otherwise leaving it as is? I'd really like to keep the 80' radius, but I suppose I could go 60' and keep the high damage. (I wanted to be able to use the 80' radius template on page 307 of the DMG, but now I see that I could use four of the 60' cones to make a 60' radius template.) Also, any ideas for a better name?

EDIT: While the War spells do have some merit, I generally don't like to use them, because I think that they were badly balanced. (Particularly the Summon Monster varients.)

EDIT: I don't think Meteor Swarm is a substitute for a high damage evocation with an area bigger than a 20' radius. That's a niche that I intend to fill, at least in my own campaigns.

2005-12-30, 11:03 AM
I think it's balanced. Horrid Wilting is an 8th level spell with a radius of 60' and d6 damage/level, that hits only targets of your choosing and deals non-elemental damage. Fireblast gives you slightly increased damage and radius for exchange of fire damage type (which is relatively easy to protect against), lack of friend-or-foe recognition and a higher level slot. Evens out in my opinion.

2005-12-30, 05:26 PM
(Sits staring at the screen for a few seconds.)
Cubey, you just made my hour. I would not likely have thought about Horrid Wilting being comparable (targets vs. area). I think I'll use it as is then 8) Thank you ;D