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2009-07-04, 12:07 PM
So the Rod of Wonder (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/rods.htm#wonder) is going to be prominently featured in my current campaign, but I have grown bored of the current list of effects. Thus I am creating a brand new list filled with even more delightful chaos.

I figured one person writing the list would make for a stilted list, so I am open to suggestions for other effects. Suggestions should be around the same power level as the current list, perhaps aimed a bit more towards the 'unusual effects' then the mere duplication of some spell, but it should be a good mix of useless, slightly overpowered, and harmful to the user effects.

So, Suggestions anyone?

Claudius Maximus
2009-07-04, 12:22 PM
I'm just going to throw out some ideas:

1d6 randomly chosen pairs of creatures within 60 ft. swap positions.

Reverse Gravity, but in a random direction.

Reverse the gender of either the wielder or the target for one week.

Animate Objects on random objects within 30 ft. of either the wielder or the target.

Sprays out a 30 ft. cone of paint of a random color. The paint is nonmagical.

Creates an illusory duplicate of every creature within 30 ft. These duplicates act as if Confused.

I know didn't ask for spell duplication, but some spells are a lot of fun to apply randomly.

2009-07-04, 12:46 PM
Wielder and a random person (or monster) within 50 feet switch bodies.

Target becomes enamored with wielder (as Charm spell).

Duplicates effects of totally random spell (roll on scoll table in DMG)

Some sort of outsider is summoned. While in the middle of taking a bath, due to the Laws of Comedy.

The song "Never Gonna Give You Up" starts playing and won't stop. Duplicates effects of "Symbol of Pain" but affects those who can hear it rather than see it.

Target must make DC 20 Fortitude save or turn into a pumpkin.

Asmodeus is summoned. He blows a raspberry at the wielder and departs.

Ping Pong balls fill the room to a depth of three feet, creating Difficult Terrain.

Banana peel appears at targets feet. DC 25 Reflex save or fall prone.

Everyone in the room suddenly switches clothes and equipment.

Olidamarra appears and hits the target with a pie.

The target's weapon becomes a rubber chicken.

Wielder and target switch alignments.

Obviously some of these are more serious than others. But hey, the silliness factor is what makes the Rod of Wonder so great.

2009-07-04, 12:46 PM
The target is turned into a vampire.

The wielder summons an elephant. It appears completely under his control, but is 100' above the wielder.

The next time the wielder makes a skill check, he has a +20 luck bonus he was unaware of.

The wielder disgorges 1d100 live spiders from his mouth.

The target disgorges 1d100 teeth from his mouth.

Everyone within 50' is the target of an Otto's Irresistible Dance that works on creatures normally immune to mind-affecting abilities. In addition, pop music plays in the background.

The wielder begins spouting blasphemous passages for 4d6 rounds, and can take no other actions. A fiend appears and acts in his interests while he is 'occupied.'

Kurald Galain
2009-07-04, 12:57 PM
So the Rod of Wonder (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/rods.htm#wonder) is going to be prominently featured in my current campaign, but I have grown bored of the current list of effects. Thus I am creating a brand new list filled with even more delightful chaos.

(1) A cloud of butterflies appears
(2) The creature aimed at permanently turns purple and gains (nonfunctional) wings
(3) A ten-foot pit appears below the target
(4) Conjure illusory duplicates of everyone in a twenty-foot radius, as per mirror image
(5) For the next 1d6 rounds, whenever caster or target moves, the target or caster is telekinetically pushed the same amount of distance in the same direction
(6) A heavy weight appears above the caster or target, 50% chance of each
(7) Create food. A nice plate of dinner appears on the ground in front of everyone within 30 feet
(8) An illusion of Elminster appears, who gives a cryptic bit of advice, then vanishes again
(9) locust swarm, 100 foot radius centered on the wand; this obscures vision
(10) Target is cloned

And, of course, the classics,
(11) Roll again, and take the exact opposite of what is specified
(12) Roll twice, and both of them happen simultaneously
(13) Nothing happens, but the caster is magically compelled to believe that something did; roll again to see what he thinks happened.

2009-07-04, 01:24 PM
The wielder summons a pixie. It annoys the wielder with shouts of "Hey! Listen!"

The target starts to sparkle (no save). If the target is a vampire, it is destroyed (no save).

The target turn into a newt. Duplicates effects of "baleful polymorph" but creatures with the shapeshifter subtype cannot revert to its natural form. The effect lasts for 24 hours.

Wielder hears voices that make commentary and jokes about his actions.

Claudius Maximus
2009-07-04, 01:34 PM
Wielder hears voices that make commentary and jokes about his actions.


2009-07-04, 02:02 PM
A little searching around will find plenty of powers for a wand of wonder variant.

For instance, this (http://www.fortunecity.com/rivendell/stonekeep/25/wonder.html).

2009-07-04, 02:33 PM
A couple of random ideas, thouigh:

1) Wand shoots a 60' cone of bright orange sparks. Creatures in the cone take 1 point of electrical damage and must make a Fortitude save or be blinded for 1 round.

2) Wand projects the wielder's thoughts into the mind of the target, as if the target had cast Detect Thoughts on the wielder.

3) Wand fires a green ray at the target as a ranged touch attack. If it hits, the target gains Improved Invisibility. However, the wielder believes the target has been disintegrated (no save).

4) A deluge of magical liquid fires from the wand in a 120' line. Any creature struck by the water is affected as though it had drunk a random potion.

5) Target regresses to childhood.

6) Target and wielder are linked; when one takes damage or is healed, the other takes or heals an equal amount.

7) Target glows softly with a pink light.

8) The wand sputters, smokes, and begins to emit a shrill sound. This makes it impossible for the wielder to hide or move silently while carrying the wand. This lasts for 1 hour.

9) All manner of insects are attracted to the target for 1 week.

10) Reduces the spell resistance of the target (if any) by 10 for 1d6 rounds.

11) Wielder and target swap locations.

12) A blizzard comes out of nowhere within 1d4 rounds and rages for 1d6 days. (Of course, if the wielder is underground, this will appear to do nothing.)

13) The wand forces its wielder to cast a randomly-determined spell of the highest level he can cast. This spell is quickened, maximized, and extended. It is targeted (or centered) on the target or wielder (50% chance of each). If the wielder cannot cast spells, the wielder instead gains knowledge of a random 1st-level spell (50% wizard, 25% cleric, 25% druid).

14) Wielder is forced to speak only questions for the next 1d6 days. This effect does not interfere with spellcasting.

15) Target becomes damp and clammy, remaining so for 24 hours no matter what steps it might take to attempt to dry off.

16) Target must make a Will save or become wracked with existential angst.

17) Wielder or target (50% chance of each) goes insane: He is convinced he is nothing but a construct in a game played by unseen beings who determine his every move. He will babble incessantly about things like "stats" and "hit points". On the bright side, he gains an uncanny insight into the vulnerabilities and strengths of creatures he encounters. These effects last until the next time he sleeps.

18) Earthquake (as the spell) centered on wand.

19) Target feels a sudden pinch.

20) Target grows an extra finger and toe on each hand and foot. (No effect if target lacks hands and feet.)

21) A nonliving target is animated. A living target with Intelligence of 3 or less is awakened. A living target with greater Intelligence is petrified.

Irreverent Fool
2009-07-06, 07:24 AM
Get your hands on the volume of the 2nd edition Encyclopedia Magicka which has variant tables for several different wands of wonder.

Man, I wish wizards made stuff like TSR used to.

Here's a bunch:

All spell effects use the CL of the rod. Saves are as normal for an item of this caster level. Durations permanent unless emulating spells or otherwise noted.

{table]001|slow creature for 6 rounds
002|Deludes the wielder into believing the wand functions as a second die roll indicates. No actual effect.
003|Gust of Wind at double force
004|Stinking Cloud at 30-foot range
005|Heavy rain falls for one round in a 60' radius of the wielder
006|Summons one of:

007|Lightning bolt as a wand of the same CL as this item
008|Stream of 600 butterflies which disperse after two rounds, blinding everyone until they disperse
009|Enlarge Person the target, even if they would not normally be subject to that spell
010|Darkness centered 30' from the wand
011|Grass grows in an area of 160 sq. ft. in front of the wand. If there is already grass there, it grows to 10x normal size
012|Sends the nearest unattended nonliving object of up to 1,000 pounds and/or 30 cu. ft. in size to the astral plane
013|Reduce Person on the wielder even if they would not normally be subject to that spell
014|Fireball centered on the target or on the wielder if the target is out of range
015|Invisibility on the wielder. Duration is 24 hours.
016|Leaves grow from the target
017|10d4 gems of 1 gp value each shoot forth in a 30' cone causing 1 point of damage to any creature in path -- roll 5d4 for number of hits
018|Shimmering colors shoot out from the wand in a 40' cone. All creatures in the area are blinded for 1d6 rounds (no save)
019|Flesh to Stone on target regardless of if the creature or object is normally subject to that spell or Stone to Flesh if the target is already stone.
020|The wand fires a web, using itself as an anchor point
021|The wand shocks the wielder as the shocking grasp spell. The wielder must make a Dexterity check (DC 15) or drop the wand in addition to the spell effect
022|Reverse Gravity on the target and all within a 30' radius of the target. The duration is 1d4+1 rounds.
023|Tasha's Hideous Laughter on the target
024|Tasha's Hideous Laughter on the wielder
025|800 small rubber balls (each 1" in diameter) rain down for 1d4 rounds within a 30' radius of the wielder. Anyone caught in the area must succeed on a DC 20 balance check or fall. The balls remain permanently, forcing new checks every round until they are removed or destroyed.
026|The wand summons:
|{table]01-25|A large dove (Use statistics for eagle and increase size to large)
26-50|A large rabbit (Use statistics for rat and increase size to large)
51-00|A large iguana (Use statistics for lizard and increase size to large)
|Apply the Animal Growth spell multiple times to achieve this result. Increase Natural AC of summoned animals by 5[/table]

027|Chain Lightning at the target. The spell's secondary targets are chosen by proximity. The second target will be the closest person to the first target, the third will be the closest person to the second, etc. The first target may be an object, the other targets may not. If the wielder targets an object and he is the closest creature to that object, the spell will choose him as the second target.
028|The target and the wielder are covered in liquid chocolate (no save)
029|Haste affects the target
030|Hold Monster on the target
031|Suds flow from the ground in a 90' radius around the wielder for 1d4+1 rounds at 3 cubic feet per round. The suds are either from soap (25% chance) or beer (75% chance)
032|The target is permanently polymorphed as per polymorph any objectinto a random creature from any available tables (DM discretion) or a random nonliving item (50/50 chance)
033|The wand wielder spins:
51-00|Counterclockwise and must make a reflex save each round for the next 1d4 rounds or be nauseated in that round.[/table]

034|The wand cures the wielder of all hit point damage
035|Magic Missile on the target
036|The target inflates like a balloon for 1d4 rounds and deflates for another 1d4 rounds; only living material of up to 1,000 lbs is affected (no save)
037|The wand stretches out and flies at the target for 4d6 points of damage as a ranged touch attack using the wielder's chance to hit
038|The wielder breathes out a 30' cone of fire. 6d6 fire damage, reflex save for half
039|Disintigrate on the target
040|Fear on the target
041|The wielder is affected by an irritating rash for 1d4 rounds. Itchiness reduces his Dexterity to 3 for the duration
042|Darkness on the target every other round for 1d8+2 rounds
043|The target has a 50% chance to drop anything carried (check once for each hand) every round for 1d4 rounds. This occurs even if the item cannot normally be dropped (such as a weapon with a weapon chain or a locked gauntlet)
044|The wand begins to complain loudly of the wielder's treatment of it, loudly complaining about working conditions, lousy pay, long working hours, etc. (Similar to the effect of a magic mouth, the wand is not intelligent... or is it)
045|The wand summons
|{table]01-25|A buzzard
26-50|A giraffe
51-00|A kitten (Huge)[/table]

046|Nothing appears to have occurred. In actuality, a delayed blast fireball has been cast on the point of the wand wielder. It will explode in 1d4 rounds
047|The target and the wielder are 'exchanged'. They switch places and each is now equipped with the other's gear, including the wand. (no save)
048|Confusion on the target
049|Confusion on the wielder
050|Mirror Image affects the target
051|The target begins to recite very bad poetry for 2d4 rounds, taking no other action unless attacked. (no save)
052|Jump affects the wielder... randomly. Roll 1d4 for direction and 1d4 for distance
|1|Forward|10 feet
2|Left|15 feet
3|Backward|20 feet
4|Right|25 feet

053|Force Cage on the target (barred cage)
054|Bull's Strength on the wielder
055|The target's weapon becomes a:
|{table]01-25|teddy bear
26-50|leg of mutton
--|Magical items are allowed a save. If they succeed, the transformation lasts only 1d3 rounds. If the target has no weapon, another carried or worn possession is determined randomly. If the target has no possessions, reroll.[/table]

056|The wand spews a colorless slime in a 30' cone, affecting the area as a grease spell. The slime is non-magical and dries in 1d8 hours to a flaky film
057|Faerie Fire on the target
058|Incendiatry Cloud, centered on the target
059|Prismatic Sphere on the target
060|The wielder develops a stutter, taking a -5 on diplomacy and bluff. This affect is permanent and can only be removed by a remove curse or more powerful spell
061|Flaming Sphere on the target
062|The wand summons one of the following directly above the target's head:
|{table]01-25|A pillow
26-75|A small table
76-00|An anvil
--|The pillow causes no damage; the table deals 2d6 damage; and the anvil causes 6d10 damage and the target must make a Fort save or be knocked unconscious for 1d6 hours. (no attack roll)[/table]

063|The wand summons:
|{table]01-25|An ugly painting
26-50|A set of bellows
51-99|A storm giant's boot.[/table]

064|The wand affects the target as a ring of the ram (3 charges at once)
065|The wand fires 1d4+2 cream puffs at the target. They are delicious.
066|The target is affected by improved invisibility for 24 hours
067|Fascinate on the target
068|The wand causes the target's nose to grow to 10 times its normal size for 1d4+2 rounds. A successful Fort save halves the duration
069|Gaseous Form on the target, 2 hour duration
070|The wielder levitates uncontrollably, always heading up until the spell duration is reached, at which point the wielder falls.
071|Evard's Black Tentacles takes effect around the target
072|The wielder is affected by Stoneskin
073|The wand summons an Efreeti who is will do anything in his power to gain control of the wand and leave with it. He cannot harm the character who holds the wand directly.
074|A randomly chosen item on the target's person sprouts wings and attacks another enemy target for 1d2+1 rounds as an animated object except that it gains a flight speed of 40' with perfect maneuverability.
075|The wand fizzles for 1d4+1 rounds and then causes a hypnotic pattern to appear, affecting all in range (duration based on CL)
076|Cone of cold from the wand in the direction of the target. The cone deals twice as much damage (roll twice as many dice)
077|The wand summons:
|{table]01-50|A monkey
51-75|A gorilla
76-00|A baboon[/table]

078|An invisible organ plays for 1d6 rounds
079|Target sprouts wings and gains a flight speed of 50' with poor maneuverability for 1d12 rounds
080|The wielder is compelled to sing for 1d4 rounds
081|The target smells like horse dung for 24 hours.
082|A 4-foot tall banana appears and dances for 1d8 rounds
083|5d4 roses shoot forth in a 20' stream
084|The target's armor turns to leaves (magic armor is allowed a save)
085|The target is rendered permanently invisible, though items he wears and carries are not
086|The wielder must shout instead of talk for 1d4 days. He is unaware of his volume
087|The target grows a tail. If the target already has a tail, he grows a second one. If he has a tail attack, he now has two.
088|An owlbear appears, runs toward the target and hugs the victim for 1d4 rounds before disappearing. It automatically succeeds on its touch attack and all grapple checks. It attacks anyone who tries to harm the character it is hugging.
089|Mushrooms grow out of the target's ears. They are nonpoisonous.
090|Two tentacles sprout from the target's shoulders
091|Target's hair turns into snakes. The snakes are friendly toward the character they live on.
092|Water streams from the wielder's pantlegs for 1d4 rounds.
093|Target is polymorph any objected into a hunting dog.
094|The target's nose grows two inches longer.
095|A metor swarm detonates on the wielder
096|The wielder Magic Jars into the target's body. The wand acts as the receptacle.
097|Target loses all hair, fur, or feathers (no save. It will grow back)
098|Pit 10' deep and appropriate width opens under target
099|Target gains +4 to hit for next 3 rounds
100|A swarm of bats appears around the wielder's head, circles for one round, and then flies away
101|Cage of heavy iron bars (10x10x10') surrounds the wielder
102|Each piece of headgear (including the wielder's) changes to a brightly-colored skullcap topped by a bright yellow bladed device which blows in the breeze. They retain their magical qualities.
103|Target turns hot pink permanently. (no save)
104|All gold within 10' of wielder turns to lead.
105|Target is covered in a thick layer of honey
106|In each of the next five rounds, 2d4 silver shoots from each of the wielder's ears
107|Target is garbed in beautiful, well-tailored, embroidered silk coat (2,000g value, but will is magical and will disappear if dispelled)
108|Target is baleful polymorphed into a giant rabbit with animal HD equal to the character's HD. Apply appropriate modifiers for size.
109|Target grows a large moustache in one round (possibly with goatee)
110|Thousands of horseflies fill the area within 10' of the wielder, interfering with concentration and preventing all spellcasting and combat. They remain for 5d4 hours but will not leave the area except to follow honey.
111|Irresistible Dance on target for three rounds (no save)
112|Stream of acid shoots out in a 10' line, dealing 2d8 acid damage (Reflex for half)
113|Band instruments appear between the wielder and the target. They play loudly and march back and forth for 1d4+2 rounds as if used by invisible musicians and then vanish. Anyone trying to interfere takes 4d6 points of damage and is hurled back 20 feet.
114|Tree grows under thei wielder, lifting to the ceiling of 50', whichever is less.
115|One hundred dead and putrid fish rain down within 30' of the wielder
116|Target glows for five rouns as if affected by faerie fire, then is rendered invisible for 1d4+1 rounds
117|The sound of ringing bells peals from the wand, drowning out all noice and speech for 1d4+1 rounds
118|Dispel magic, area dispel, centered on the wielder
119|Wielder is turned into a centaur as per polymorph any object
120|Summon monster VI, with all relvant decisions made by the wielder
121|Target gains 6d4 temporary hp for 24 hours.
122|Wielder floats 10' up as if levitating for 1d4+2 rounds, then drops suddenly
123|Eight fiery spheres in different hues shoot forth at one-segment intervals striking the target and seemingly causing great damage (though each only causes 1 point of damage) No save.
124|All weapons held in hands within 30' turn into nonmagical flowers, excluding the wand (Magic items are allowed a save)
125|Finger of Death on target if within 60', otherwise on wielder
126|Wielder develops hiccups and is nauseated for 2 rounds.
127|Gust of Wind at target
128|Pyrotechnics in direction of target as if the wand were a large blaze
129|Miniature snowstorm appears over target
130|Target must make a fort save or be paralyzed for 2d10 rounds
131|Brightly colored flashing lights
132|Summons a trained attack dog to serve the wielder
133|Summons a trained attack cat to serve the wielder
134|Summons a trained attack dire rat to serve the wielder
135|Popcorn shoots from the end of the wand for 1d4 rounds. Each round produces approximately 10 pounds of popcorn
136|Summons a trained attack chicken to serve the wielder (any creature the chicken attacks suffers a -4 to hit while threatened by the chicken)
137|Whiskey sprays from the end of the wand onto the target
138|Summons a trained attack tiny viper to serve the wielder
139|Summon swarm on target, wasps (use statistics for spiders, but grant flight 60')
140|Summons a swarm of butterflies that attacks the wielder's enemies (no effect)
141|Summons a trained dire shark to serve the wielder, not very effective on land
142|All of the target's nonmagical items are teleported to the creature's home (Will save negates)
143|Target's shoes are glues to the floor as if with sovereign glue
144|Burning hands on target
145|Oil shoots from the wand, covering the target.
146|Fires a single arrow +1 at the target as if fired by the character (as if proficient with a shortbow)
147|Summons a shadow monster, has 1 hp and 10 armor class, but looks very dangerous
148|100 pieces of fools gold sprays from the wand
149|Summons a black pudding (is not friendly to wielder)
150|Summons an ochre jelly (not friendly)
151|Target creature grows thick hair all over tis body.
152|Target becomes exhausted
153|All magic items possessed by target permanently begin to glow a random bright color (no save)
154|Wet ice covers the floor in a 10' wide line between wielder and target. Anyone moving over the area at normal speed or caught on it when cast must make a DC 15 balance check or fall prone.
155|Sounds of reinforcements, may intimidate enemies
156|Paper mache crown appears on target's head and a small fanfare playws
157|All normal flames within 60' go out
158|Cotton balls shoot from the wand
159|Neon sign correctly displaying alignment of target appears and hovers over target for one round
160|Neon sign severely misrepresenting target's alignment appears and hovers over target for one round
161|Wall of peanut brittle appears between target and wielder, as wall of stone but 5 hp per inch and 0 hardness
162|Summons a Dire Octopus to assist the wielder
163|Loud waltz music plays
164|Target creature grows feathers that fall out 6 hours later
165|Demented cult member appears and solicits donations; target creature must make a will save or spend the next round driving away the cultist
166|Target must make a will save or go insane for 1d12 hours
167|Target covered in bright pink polka dots (no save, permanent)
168|If character is a wizard, is transformed into a fighter. Hit points are double maximum, strength score becomes 20 plus 1/3 level and the wand becomes a dagger +5. This transformation lasts for one day.