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Brett Wong
2005-12-28, 06:20 AM
Ok, i got most of the stuff worked out but since im new so i need some help with the technical bits.

ok here it is

Soldier of Dire Flames
+5 BaB
+ must have the Wild Fire signet some were on your bodie
+i need some help with more requirments

skills- i need the help with the numbers and stuff per level

level one- Ever Burning Flames, Fire Imunity, Water Weakness
level two- Fire Sigil
level three- Bonus feat, Forge Fist, Improoved Ever Burning Flames
level four- Offensive Fire sigil
level five- Transmute (metal to Thorium)
level six- Bonus feat, Improved Offensive Fire Sigil
level seven- Fire Glaive
Level eight- Command the elements(fire), Secondary improoved Offensive Fire sigil
Level nine- bonus feat, Willed Ever burning Flames, Water Resistence
level ten- Ultimate sacrifice, Wildfire Ritual, Judgment day and Offensive fire sigil(ultiamte)

what my skills do:
Ever Burning Flames: The Soldier of Dire Flames has a Forever Burning Body of Flame and Flesh. He is still fully human just that the Wildfire signet, on either the bearers back or chest emenates Burning elemental fire energies throughout his body and thus is coated in wild flames. this is a problem because although he himself is protected from the flames, nothing else is. regular leathor or metals armor will burn and melt under the fire realeast from his body and thus he can wear only one type of metal, thorium. thorium when first made has a bright silver whitish tint to it as it gets older it turns grey and eventually after old age turns black! When exposed to exsposed to extreme heats glows a bright illuminous white lights (evan when is tinted black by old age)-- ok so what this skill dose at level one you have it so that youl burn stuff in the tavern couse you cant controll your powers that well (yet) ok so at level one the regular EBF will make it so that iff someone tries to enter the same square as you they will take 2 damage (i got this when my DM kept telling me that the square was 5 feet wide so its possible somthing could run past me) NOMORE hahhah, ok so the improved EBF at level 3 makes it so that any thing in the squars next to you take 3 damage (if they stay with in the radius they keep taking the three damage) and if they leave the EBF's radius they take an extra 1 damage evey turn after words (turns= your class level for this class) ok, finnally we have the Willed Ever Burning flames at level nine, it has the same radius but instead of taking three damage they will take 5 and istead of one damage afterwards they take 2. and allso at this point you have masterd your Firework abilities and are able to turn everburning flames on and off at your will, thus the name willed ever burning flames.

Fire imunity: this makes the Soldier imune to fire damage, and yes this also means he cant be hurt by his ever burning flames.

Water weakness: since the fire signet is the core source of the soldiers powers at lower levels if you try and swim, are caught in a rain storn or hiit by water atacks, you will loose all your abilities, untill you light your signet again, (to do this you have to hold a steady flame over the signet for 10 seconds, and this will hurt you becouse you dont have your fire imunity anymore.)

Fire Sigil: with this ability the Soldier Draws the Runic word "fire" in the air and pushes it toward an allie. this will give that person temporary fire imunity. fire imunity lasts rounds equall to the soldiers class levels in this class.

bonus feat: the soldier gets and extra bonus feat of his choice at level 3, 6 and 9

Forge fist: this basically draws enegy from the signet of wild fire on your body up your torso, down your arm and into your fist. after it is charged in your fist you hit an object made of stone or metal, the material then either breaks or is transformed into the weapon that you were thinking of at that moment this requires comlete concentration and if your concentration breaks you will destroy the matiral completely making it useless. the weapon your thinking of must beable to fit into the material Ecsample: say you want a long sword made of stone, and you have a suare block, chunk of stone thats totall area is equal to the totall area of a long sword, tough luck it dosnt work it has to be able to fit INSIDE the object. this technique cant be use in combat (unless your opponent is made of stone or metal ie: stone, metal golems)

Offensive Fire Sigil: when the Soldier masters the defensive arts of the sigil he learns to use it offensivly he starts off the same, he draws the runic symbol for"fire" and shoots it but this thime at a enemy. at the very basics of this ability he can cast it once a day for 1d6 points of nonmagical fire damage then at level six it turns in to a 2d6, at level 8 he can use the spell 2 times a day for 3d6, and at level 10 he can use the spell for 4 d6 3 times a day.

Transmute(metal to thorium): this is kinda self explanitory it takes normal metal armours and changes it into a exact duplicate made of new thorium.

Fire Glaive- This Glaive made from wild fire is shot at an enemy for 2d6+2 damage and you can use it: times a day = your class level -5 so if your level ten you can sast it 5 times a day. when this blade hits an enemy it will hit another enemy within a ten foot radius of the first enemy for the same damage it can bounce up to 5 times and can hit the same oponent multipull times given there more than one oponent in the ten foot vesinety.

Command the Elements(fire)- ok so with this moove the soldier of dire flames becomes one with the element of fire, while keeping his humanity. he can bend fire to his will, and put them out at will. an example of this is the tavern is on fire and the soldier is aware of this he could bend the fire so that it spread to other buildings and make the fire bigger or if he wished he could simple will it away by clutching his hand into a fist and thinking about the buildings flames he dose this by transfering the fire energy directly to his pomb through his mind and into the signet on his back or chest. this will not however heal, rebuild the damage the fire has already done. this skill requires no concentraition at all, becouse the soldier is so intoned with his abilities now.

Water ressistence- at this point the Soldiers Flames are so hot that raint or aproaching water will boil and then turn into steam before the can reach him. he has masterd the everburning fire tequnique and thus can controll what his flames burn. IE monsters, and not grass, trees ect. but at lower levels being in a forest might be a problem. he is not totally imune to water however.

Ultimate sacrifice- this skill channels all of the soldiers energies into a singal orb spining at sutch high velocity, you can see it mooving but if the orb touched you it would rip through your flesh completley like a hot knife through butter. this skill dose damage equal to the number of hit points the soldier had when he cast this spell and then reduses his health to zero. so say you had 50 health and you had a monster with 30 health infront of you a monster with 5 health to the left of you a monster with 10 health behind you and a monster with 20 health to the right of you, the orb spins around untill the total life energy you used to create it is used up its mooves counter clockwise so if you cast it (assuming you had 50 health, you could have more or less it dosnt matter this is just an example) youd hit the monster infront of you first and it had 30 health so its dead. now you have 20 dmg left in your orb it keeps moove counter clockwise around you so the monster to the left of you is next up to bat, and with a whoping 5 health it dies and brings your orb down to 15 dmg, now- still mooving counter clockwise (see the batern?) it hits the guy behind you and he has ten health your orb rips through him. ok your orb is down to 5 dmg so the guy to the right of you has 20 health and your orb has 5 dmg left so the monsters health is redused to 15 and now you feighnt on the floor, at 0 health and need to be stabalized( using this tecknique is not recomended unless you have a potion some one can use on you or a cleric that can stabalize you.)

wildfire Ritual- the ultimate goal of a soldier of dire flames is to bestow the signet of wildfire upon a worthy soul. with this signet a person becomes a canidate to become a new generation of soldier of dire flames. a soldier of dire flames can use this tequnique only twice in his entire life.

Judgment Day- this spell calls upon a blazing archon to bless you with spell imunity a damage reduction of 6 for the whole day. you can use this spell once a week

ok guys these are the skills and stuff but i need help with EVERYTHING else

PS- a fire signet is the runic word "fire" on a persons back, chest or stomach it enchants him with abilities he cant controll and makes him a canidate to become a soldier of dire flame.

i was gonna call this class the soldier of rietcheous flames- but i wanted to make this class avlible to all alighnments not just lawfull ones. ;D

2005-12-28, 07:43 AM
I'll try to put this nicely.

I like the idea, you seem to have a lot of imagination.
But (there's always a but, ain't there :P) your writing sucks and your knowledge of the D20 system seems limited.
(You appear to realise this too, that's good.)

A few tips that could make this post get 10 times as many replies:
1. Take your time. This is not a chatroom. You are allowed to use breaks, commas et cetera.
2. Use an existing description of a PrC as a template for your description.

On to the class itself
I did not read it entirely, but it seems quite balanced really, but I can't say for sure since its hard to see when the class gets what.

Fire immunity, water vulnerability is good, but I think you need to make the vulnerability worse.

For example, I'd go as far as adding Fire Absorption, which means that fire damage heals him and then leave the vulnerability to water in place as is, but also add Cold Vulnerability and make him take triple damage from Cold. (normally vulnerability is double, I made it triple because of the absorption.)

I also like the fact that his power comes from his Signet and that the signet can be quenched, this is good flavour and also a good way to balance the class.

Transmute(metal to thorium): this is kinda self explanitory it takes normal metal armours and changes it into a exact duplicate made of new thorium.

This is too poweful, how terrible depends on how expensive Thorium is.
Although I like the fact that he can only wear fire resistant armour, I think there ought to be more ways to go then just this type of armour.
Think Resist Elements spell and enchant an armour with that.

Why Bonus Feats

Ultimate sacrifice. Good, great flavour but the mechanics need work man.

Control Elements I would change to Rebuke and Command Fire Elementals like a cleric of the same level turns undead.

Forge fist. Compare this too similar things and tweak. Look at spells like Shatter, Warp Wood and Transmute Stone to Mud.

Well, thats it from me. I'd love to help you with this, PM me your MSN address (or Google Talk, I do that too) if you'd like that.

Brett Wong
2005-12-28, 07:54 AM
thorium actually isnt that mutch more ecspensive what my DM is planing to do is make it so that thorium sells for the exact same price as if it were mettle but it costs more to buy witch makes sense

2005-12-28, 10:34 AM
Actually, Thorium costs what, 1000-8000 extra for weapons and armor. As a Warcraft III metal, the description is in the WoW RPG. Thus, Thorium Transmutation is kinda overpowered... just transform, sell, transform, sell...

Don Beegles
2005-12-28, 11:57 AM
Yeah, but this isn't WoW RPG, this is DnD. He could say that any armor made from Throium can't be reforged or changed once it has hardened and it the SoDF can only use it to make armor that fits himself, preventing him from easily doing things like that.

2005-12-28, 12:34 PM
Rules like that, which are obviously there for balance reasons, I dislike very much. Its much better to make the mechanic solid in the first place.

2005-12-29, 02:41 AM
Perhaps to balance the metal to thorium, the SoDF takes xp and gold cost (like a wizard making a magic item).

Also, i see no pratical application for the ultimate sacrifice, cause if you are desperate enough to essentially kill your character, you probably dont have very much life left to deal damage to the other creatures. Also, its not a guaranteed kill, which can work badly. I.E. Perhaps Mr. PC decides to use it, because he is surrounded by orcs. It only kills two of the three orcs. If the orc's turn is before the cleric's or someone 's with a potion turn, the orc could easily kill Mr. PC.

Sounds like a cool class flavour-wise, perhaps you could make a organization to go along with it, and as a requirement, the character has to belong to this organization.