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2005-12-26, 06:33 PM
Just looking for opinions about the equivalent pluses for a new type of magic weapon. Also wanting to know if something similar already exists. I am playing a Changeling in an Eberon game and was wanting a weapon that would morph forms. Having several personas is hard to do when they use the same weapons. I'm thinking that because it would allow the wielder to overcome alot of the damage reductions it should be +2. Here are the parameters I am looking for.

Morphic Weapon +2 equivalent
This ability allows the weapon to change into any weapon that is within one size increment as a standard action. The weapon must be one solid part, ie no spiked chains or whips and must be exclusively melee or missle weapons, not both. The weapon retains any previous magical bonuses and can take on the purely physical aspects of specific weapons but no special effects unless the weapon is capable of generating them on its own.

2005-12-26, 06:36 PM
Does the morphic ability include becoming materials like cold iron or alchemical silver?

2005-12-26, 06:43 PM

1: It can't turn into a knife or small axe, as they can both be thrown and used in melee.
2: A whip doesn't really have more than one part. It's just a cord with a thick handle.
3: Yes, Sciu, that's what the whole "overcoming Damage Reduction" thing was all about, unless I'm very much mistaken.

That's all I have for now.

2005-12-26, 06:48 PM
I kinda interpreted it that way too.

However, the ability to overcome multiple DR types is in itself worth at least +2.

Bane is a +1 ability.
Axiomatic is basicly "lawful bane" which can overcome DR type lawful. It's a +2 ability. So overcoming one type of DR is counted as a +1.

With the additional ability to take on almost any shape (if the base weapon was a One-handed weapon for a Medium creatures, then a medium character would have no restrictions except for daggers, darts, shuriken and weapons made from more than one part), that should add up to a +3 ability. Or possibly more.

2005-12-26, 07:17 PM
Actually, the material of the weapon would remain the same. The overcoming DR applies to the crushing, piercing, slashing variety. An you're right about the whip. The idea that it is any weapon that is composed of one type of metal. So it could become a longsword, bastard sword, dagger, mace, repier, scimitar, etc. Sorry about the miscommunication.

2005-12-26, 07:52 PM
Bane is a +1 ability.
Axiomatic is basicly "lawful bane" which can overcome DR type lawful. It's a +2 ability. So overcoming one type of DR is counted as a +1.Not quite. A normal Bane weapon is only good for a very limited number of targets, like halflings, or Oozes, etc. The Axiomatic is good for all chaotic targets. *That* is why it is +2.

I think a +2 for a morphic ability is just fine.

2005-12-26, 08:03 PM
Ah... ok, then it should at least not be MORE than +2.

coredump :.

To be more specific on likeness and differences between bane and axiomatic :

Both gives +2d6 damage against their targets

Bane increases enhancement bonus by +2. Axiomatic doesn't.

Axiomatic bypasses DR. Bane doesn't.

Axiomatic covers a large group of creatures. Bane covers a significantly smaller group of creatures.

Axiomatic gives penalties if a targeted creature wields the weapon. Bane doesn't.

so. Bane has 1 good ability Axiomatic hasn't. Axiomatic has 1 good ability Bane hasn't, larger coverage and a use-restriction that Bane hasn't.

As to which addition is the factor that increases the + of the Axiomatic, well, that's not a given (my evaluation would be both the coverage and the DR, while the limitation keeps it down). Overcoming DR is a very valuable ability.

2005-12-26, 08:33 PM
Lo! From the depths of the Underdark (The book, page 69), thy salvation is fourfold:
(EDIT: paraphrased text to avoid copyright violations. Hope it's OK now!)
Weapon Special Abilities (all standard action to use)

Metalline: Change the metal of the weapon to any metal (iron, silvered, cold iron, adamantine, ect), +2 bonus

Morphing: Change weapon to any other weapon of same "size" (light, one-handed, or two-handed)(i.e. longsword to longbow, greatsword to quarterstaff, etc), +1 bonus.

Sizing: alter size from small to large (i.e. halfling longsword to human longsword or ogre longsword), +1 bonus.

Specific Weapon

Everchanging Blade: +1 metalline morphing sizing longsword can become any single +1 weapon you want.
50,315 gp

Truly, an Everchanging Blade is a weapon to make any changling or Doppelganger a foe to be feared!
(Page 69 in Underdark, in case you missed it.)

2005-12-26, 08:39 PM
Thanks Corestimah, you're a lifesaver!!!

2005-12-26, 09:15 PM
Is that OGL?

2005-12-26, 09:29 PM
Probably not, as it's Wizards of the Coast material. But I don't remember anything about not being able to post something on a board, so long as you don't sell it. But I could be wrong ;)

2005-12-26, 10:15 PM
Nope, it's illegal to post that because it's not OGL. It says so at least once in the rules here, and anywhere else that may deal in such things Id say.

2005-12-26, 11:41 PM
Oops :(
Should I Edit or remove the offending post ?
I'd really rather not break any laws if I can avoid it :-[

2005-12-26, 11:44 PM
I expect a mod to do so for you shortly if you don't =D

In the future, it's better just to reference where things can be found, and those able will see what you're referring to.

2005-12-27, 12:26 AM
Lo! From the depths of the Underdark (The book, page 69), thy salvation is fourfold:

In case it does get edited out, yes; Underdark includes the metalline, morphing, and sizing abilities. All you'd really need is morphing (pretty much exactly what Filmbulwinter described, but not as limited, and only worth +1). Metalline is nice, and you can combine it with sure striking (updated in the Player's Guide to Faerūn) to bypass all damage reductions except X/epic.

2005-12-27, 12:41 AM
Just in case those scaaaaarrryyy lawyers from Wizards are watching your post convinced me to go out and buy their book. To be on the safe side I'd delete your post. Underdark has exactly what I wanted though. :)

2005-12-27, 12:43 AM
Just finished a severe edit. If you think it's not enough & I should delete it, just say so.

EDIT: thanks to Seerow for the good advice, and to Thomas for pointing out just how excellent one magic weapon can be (I do have PGtF, so I can see it for myself ;D Now I want to roll up a fighter with a Sure Striking Everchanging Blade! Coolness ;D).