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2009-07-05, 04:10 AM
K so I'm DMing, The group of a babarian, a beguiler, a cleric, a dread Necromancer, and a Swash Buckler all lvl 6 .They are trying to take on an army of 120 goblins, they are in a tower, with one way in, a 10 foot wide door.

k so they have a lvl 12 gargoyle helping them, the gargoyle is helping them because they free'd him from a magical prison which he had been in for 500 some odd years.

The goblins are going to be mainly just the basic CR 1/3 units, with 6 ogres, 3orcs, 2 giants, and a big bad guy I have not yet decided upon. (open to ideas)

As it stands now they are in this tower and they are surounded.

The only equipment they have that can help really are 5 bottles of alchemsit fire.

I was wondering what other people would do?

for any other info please ask.

2009-07-05, 04:31 AM
Is the gargoyle in the party, too? Why is it level 12 when the rest are level 6?

Anyway, if you want a real answer you're going to have to give us more info. What kind of forces do the goblins have? What level are they? Any leaders? Are the PCs assaulting the tower or are they defending it? Is there anything inside the tower that could be useful to them? How tall is the tower? What kind of terrain surrounds it? Can the PCs get help from a town or anything nearby? What kinds of abilities do the PCs have via feats, spells, etc.?