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2009-07-05, 05:09 PM
I'm the type of DM who generates notes, maps, custom creatures, traps, items, and such and I keep them on my computer. This thread is hopefully compile different useful DM tools for any edition. So post any tool you would recommend.

4e Specific
Masterplan (http://www.habitualindolence.net/masterplan/) is an amazing campaign Planner.
Asmor Monster Maker (http://www.asmor.com/programs/monstermaker/index.php) is a great program for generating your own monsters.

Treepad (http://www.treepad.com/) is an excellent way to keep your notes organized.
Maptool (http://rptools.net/) is great for online gaming, and making maps. You just have to go and download tiles separately for whatever your doing.