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2005-12-18, 05:40 PM
In a recent campaign we're doing, I have a friend that wants to play a lycanthrope of some sort. The DM is not allowing races with Level Adjustments (which I am rather happy about honestly.)

Anyhow I was wondering if anyone knew of a Prestige Class similar to Dragon Disciple, but it turns a PC into a Werecreature instead... either that or one that grants similar abilities as a Lycanthrope.

The player in question really wouldn't be too concerned with game mechanics, (she's not really a munchkin, she just wants a lycan) so even if it's underpowered, I'd still be happy to see suggestions.

Thanks. :)

2005-12-18, 05:50 PM
Bear Warrior from Complete Warrior. Barbarian PrC that gives you the ability to turn first into a black bear, then a brown bear, then a dire bear. You're not a lycanthrope, but you get to turn into a big bear.

(Then you have to call yourself Akakabuto and get some crazy kind of brain damage from being shot in the head that makes you grow infinitely until you're about 40 feet high and 60 long. Until talking dogs with spinning laser body-slam attacks cut your head off... *cough* Sorry, I can't think of werebears etc. without thinking of that damn series.)

2005-12-18, 06:07 PM
The MM3 has the shifter race ... although without the weretouched master PrC it's a bit weak. Also you really can't play a shifter well without being a melee character (that's true for lycanthropes as well though).

2005-12-18, 06:46 PM
Well, I'd just take the Dragon Disciple PrC, and make the following adjustments...
Race: Any humaniod or giant
Skills: Knowledge (Nature) 8
Languages: Sylvan
Feats: Iron Will

* HD: d10
* Full BAB. Good Fort save, Poor Reflex and Will
* Skills akin to that of a ranger, but no more than 2+Int skill points. So, by association, there shouldn't be more than 8 or 9 class skills. Also, Control Shape should be a class skill.

When you take the class, you choose either bear, boar, rat, tiger or wolf. You start becoming a were-whatever. I'd say you'd gain the ability to assume the animal form of your chosen lycan at first level, once per day (you're just a normal version of that animal at this point). It progresses by one additional use every other level, until 10th. Player must make a DC 10 Control Shape check to transform. Lasts as long as they want. (Works like the Alternate Form ability that Lycanthropes get)

Gain ability score bonuses at 2nd level and every other up to 8th (+2 Con, +2 Wis, +2 Con, +2 Str).

Gain the Scent ability at 2nd level (usable in human or animal forms, later in were-form)

Gain DR/ 2 silver at 3rd level, increases by 1 at 6th, 9th, and 10th level (in ANY form)

Gain/improve natural armor by 1 at 5th level. Improves to +2 at 10th level.

Needs a 5th level and a 9th level ability.

10th level, become a natural lycanthrope, gaining the ability to go between a hybrid form, humaniod form, and animal form as many times as you want (provided that you can make the Control Shape checks). Despite the fact you are now considered a natural lycan, you still only get DR/5 silver and can never pass along lycanthropy.

How's that?
PS. Sorry I didn't format this to look nicer or be more comprehensive, but I'm working from a glitchy keyboard.

2005-12-19, 10:37 AM
Take a look at Slaves of the Moon, which is a book entirely dedicated to lycanthropes.

The Vorpal Tribble
2005-12-19, 05:54 PM
The Primeval from Frostburn is pretty close to it, with you slowly taking on attributes of a primitive beast with increases to physical stats as your mental ones go down slightly.

By level ten you permanently become a Magical beast with damage reduction and a few other lycanthrope like things. Look alot like one as well.

2005-12-19, 06:06 PM
Try this out.


Basically you have a 2(or 3 if your a natural lycanthrope) level class of Lycanthrope, and an x level class of animal. A werebear has 8 or 9 lvls for example.

2005-12-20, 05:19 AM
You need Iron Will to get the prestige class, but the Will save progression is poor ???

2005-12-21, 04:46 AM
Thank you very much. I appreciate all of your submissions, and I can assure you that a few of them have significantly helped this situation.

2005-12-21, 05:05 AM
Berserk from Deities and Demigods grants the ability to turn into a bear as well.

Alternatively of course, you could try making a specialist druid, who limits themselves to one type of creature(both for wild shape and companion, and maybe Summon Nature's Ally as well) In exchange, all SNA spells cast at +1 caster level, perhaps(especially if it's limited as above), thereby making SNA companions last longer+harder to dispel/banish. RP-wise, it wouldn't be too hard to justify either("My tribe has always honoured the XXX creatures for their YYY attribute.")