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2005-12-10, 12:59 AM
Okay, since I've had my creativity stifled by the requirements of this months contest, I decided to work on this instead. In Complete Divine there is offered a PrC Rainbow Servant, and it gives notes on how to modify it for something other than its LG background - for LE, CG, and CE there are some ideas.

However, what about the N's? So after some research and some thought, here is the Bronze Servant class for those who would serve neither the good nor the evil...

Often hidden from sight in the hills of this plane or the wild landscapes of other planes of existance are colonies of the hard working and dedicated Formians. Formian Queens occasionally select outsiders for carrying out special tasks for which her workers are ill suited. Such tasks always uphold the standards of the hive and further the agendas of the queen. In return for the service, the servant is granted increasing access to the hive itself, drawing some of its powers to himself, until eventually, he is as one with them.

2005-12-10, 01:07 AM
Grrr...this board is driving me up the wall...will post it as soon as the board lets me - I may have to break it into two smaller posts...

Bronze Servant
Hit die: d4

Alignment: Must be of lawful alignment.
Skill: Knowledge (Arcana) 4 ranks.
Spells: Ability to cast 3rd level arcane spells.
Special: Peaceful contact with a Formian Hive.

Class Skills:
Concentrate, Craft, Diplomacy, Knowledge (Arcana, the Planes), Profession, Sense Motive, Spellcraft

Class Feature Notes:
Extra Domain: Gains the domains listed in the manner outlined in Complete Divine (p. 20). A bronze helmet must be worn to serve as the divine focus.
Telepathy: The bronze servant must be wearing his helm to activate this ability. Range 100'.
Hive Mind: As noted under the SRD Formian (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/formian.htm) entry.
Clerical Spell Access: A bronze servant can now learn and cast spells from the cleric list. Such spells not on his list are cast as divine spells.

2005-12-10, 01:08 AM
Base Attack Bonus: Slow (+1/2 levels)
Base Saves: Good Will, Poor Reflex & Fortitude

Level 1: Detect Chaos, Extra Domain (Law)
Level 2: +1 level of arcane spellcasting class
Level 3: +1 level of arcane spellcasting class
Level 4: Detect Thoughts, Extra Domain (Community)
Level 5: +1 level of arcane spellcasting class
Level 6: +1 level of arcane spellcasting class
Level 7: Telepathy, Extra Domain (Mind)
Level 8: +1 level of arcane spellcasting class
Level 9: +1 level of arcane spellcasting class
Level 10: Clerical spell access, Hive Mind

2005-12-11, 02:30 AM
Wow, so either this is really good, and nobody has any criticism, or its really bad - so bad nobody wants to fix it or even comment on it. ::)

2005-12-11, 06:24 AM
Or so confusing that I need lots of time to work through it all. I'll come back with a comment later though, if I can find some more info on what you actually based this class off.

2005-12-11, 01:28 PM
Wow, so either this is really good, and nobody has any criticism, or its really bad - so bad nobody wants to fix it or even comment on it. ::)
You have to wait more than an hour and a half. Besides, at that hour of the night, few people are on (though I was ;)).

I have nothing to say except that it seems more like a class for LN people. Were you going for that, or TN?

Also, it might help to know a bit more about the themes for these other Rainbow Servants you speak of. I, for one, have never heard of them and know nothing about them.

2005-12-11, 01:37 PM
I assume it has something to do with ants, as there's a hive and they're called Formians (ant= Formicidae, formic acid, etc).

Wouldn't ants be LN tending towards LE if sentient.

2005-12-11, 01:53 PM
Formians are a race of LN ant-"men" from the Monster Manual and SRD (and, like, linked right above). Apparently they are now the dominant race of Mechanus - utter crap, if you ask me. Modrons were about seven hundred times cooler. >:(

This really is just a LN version of the Rainbow Servant (couatl-related PrC), is it? It looks balanced enough, but I don't know if I'd ever have an use for it.

2005-12-11, 03:27 PM
You have to wait more than an hour and a half. Besides, at that hour of the night, few people are on (though I was ;)).

Actually I posted it at that hour of night from the night before, so I actually waited..uh..25 hours it looks like. :)

Rainbow servants introduces the idea of a PrC based on a material plane mortal working as an agent for a race of outsiders - originally Coutl, in return for a measure of their powers. The suggestions in Complete Divine cover Coutl's (Rainbow Servant for LG), Rakshasa (Striped Servant) for LE I think) and Ghaele (Eldritch Servant for CG) Unlike clerics, you do not have to match the alignment, but only not be the opposite. The original rainbow servant didnt have to be LG, he or she just had to be nonevil and nonchaotic.

2005-12-11, 03:29 PM
Sorry havin' to do the two post thing again...

So here, you can be anything really, and because there is not a mild double restriction, I went with a strickter single resctriction to maintain balance.

I wanted to address the shortcoming of not having neutral entities to work for - And Formians seem to be the most logical N outsider. It could just as easily work for say, Titans, with a Chaotic bent.

It doesn't save the world and it isn't an everyman PrC, it just fills a niche WotC left blank.

2005-12-12, 03:49 PM
Well, it certainly seems balanced. I remember having seen the Rainbow Servant, but I don't remember her abilities. Anyway, I don't think there is much to do here. It seems nicely balanced and doable depending on the DM and the campaign.