View Full Version : The Wealth By Level Project

2009-07-08, 08:11 PM
The eventual goal here is to make a new Wealth by Level table with empirical data.

Anyone can participate. To participate, whenever you level up, add up all your gold and all your items at full price. For Wizard spells other than your free two per level, add 50 gp per page [per spell per spell level] for the presumed cost of borrowing a copy of the spell to copy)

If your XP at the time you record this is significantly over the amount you needed to level, make a note of that too - but please only enter data as soon as possible after leveling (though preferably after finishing whatever e.g. dungeon crawl you leveled in, to take into account story XP and end-of-dungeon treasure)

If your character started with a different amount of wealth than normal, or started at a level other than first, please note your starting level and wealth. If you feel you are receiving an unusual amount of treasure, please make a note of this. (this data may be able to be used to get information about how these factors affect things)