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The Vorpal Tribble
2009-07-08, 08:31 PM
Carrion Wind

The carrion wind is a morbid phenomena, occurring most commonly around locales of great death and destruction, though even the site of a single death may inexplicably spawn its blow. It is most common about battlefields and and large cemeteries, though the wind never blows out from the area, but towards, as if seeking to bring others in.

A carrion wind acts as normal wind to the undead and scavengers. Those that fly may approach a site of death at great speed, borne upon the deathblows. They gain a fly speed equal to the wind and their maneuverability increases by 1 level (though cannot exceed Good). The wind is equal to the amount of death in an area. Unlike normal wind, incorporeal undead, such as ghosts, are also affected. All living, non-scavenging creatures in the area of the wind must make a fortitude save equal to the wind speed or become Sickened for as long as they remain within. Those that make their save do not have to save again for 24 hours. If they failed their save and leave the wind the condition fades away in 1d4 rounds. If they reenter the wind they must make another save unless they succeeded on a throw within the last 24 hours for that particular wind. Entering a different wind requires another save.

For every 50 foot area saturated with bodies (or even one very large one) the wind speed increases by 10 feet. If the bodies are 20 feet or lower no wind is generated. The wind always blows towards this area. It begins at a distance twice that of the covered area. The area from which the carrion wind originates is considered calm, being the eye of the storm. The wind cannot exceed the limit of Hurricane force.

Carrion Winds do not occur amongst all locales of death, instead requiring special conditions, such as 25% or more of the deaths being the cause of necromantic magic, the locale being Tainted (see Heroes of Horror) or the corpses being largely undead. As well, certain spells may also produce a carrion wind. A carrion wind cannot be created within a Hallowed area even with spells or items.

Death Blow
Level: Clr 4
Components: V, S, M, DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 20 ft./level
Duration: 1 day/level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

You taint the very air with death, causing a necrotized storm system known as a carrion wind. The exact velocity and area of the wind is determined by the amount of death in the area of the spell. See details in the Carrion Wind above.

Death Blow can be made permanent with a permanency spell. Minimum caster level 13th. 2,000 XP.

Material Component: A vial of foul air gained from the last dying breath of a living creature.


Carrion Windchime

This appears as a large, complex windchime fashioned of multiple layers of rib bones which dangle from strands of sinew. Glyphs of a horrible nature are inscribed in Auran upon the bones. Anyone or area wielding this chime becomes the eye of it's own personal carrion wind. The area and height of the wind is 20 feet per caster level of the maker. If they come within another area already affected by carrion wind the greater of the two areas becomes the dominate wind. You still retain your own personal eye of calm in the square you occupy.
Moderate Necromancy; CL 8th; Craft Wondrous Item, Call Deathblow; Price 15,666 gp; Weight 10 lbs.

2009-07-08, 08:44 PM
Very atmospheric (pun not intended, but since it came, it is welcome), Sickening, even over a large area seems... a bit underwhelming for a 4th level slot, and having to have the bodies around anyway but only for a standard adventures and their ilk. As a way for the local villain to keep those pesky peasants from doing the whole pitch-forks and torches thing very well, it should work wonders.

The Vorpal Tribble
2009-07-08, 08:52 PM
Keep in mind that it can also force undead and the like within, and potentially trap them... or so I thought when I wrote it. Just remembered that wind effects require a fortitude save. Does this mean undead are immune to wind? :smallconfused:

Pie Guy
2009-07-08, 09:39 PM
No, I think that wind affects objects, so undead are not immune.

2009-07-09, 01:33 AM
A light wind is 0-10 mph; moderate is 11-20 mph; strong is 21-30 mph, severe is 31-50 mph, windstorm is 51-74 mph and hurricane is 75-174 mph.

I am not sure that your numbers for area effects, fly speeds and Fortitude saves correspond with those numbers.

Note: a speed of 50 feet is approximately 5 mph.