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2005-11-16, 09:57 PM
Hey everyone, I was tryin to pull off a juggalo character in this one campain, but it didn't go very well. Maybe if I had a Prestiege Class to aim for it might work for me next time. So please any ideas to help a juggalo out?

2005-11-16, 10:38 PM
You mean a gigolo?

2005-11-16, 10:42 PM
Are you going for the ICP fan juggalo? From urbandictionary.com :

1. Juggalo
someone who listens to insane clown posse and psychopathic records. the greaest fans in the world. they're about being themselves and not lettin anyone tell them what to do.

2. Juggalo
A male supporter of the artists on Psychopatic records. An international family. Guys who give you respect if you give it to them and earn it, contrary to the stereotype. Some of the most complex and wonderful people on the planet.

3. juggalo
Juggalos are fans of ICP(Insane Clown Posse), who are usually quite the idiot, and dirty. Though they listen to ICP alot, they do *claim* to listen to other music too, but get in a car with one, and you'll hear ICP blaring on the speakers until you get out.

They usually are wearing black baggy pants with many chains. And often heavy black boots. Always wearing an ICP or some other band shirt. Are usually obnoxious, and smoke. Most have a police record, and many piercings. Take heavy offense to being called a juggaho, saying that only a juggalo can say juggaho, but no one cares because of how dirty they are.

They also act tough, and fight each other quite a bit, and niether wins(or the juggalo never wins) because of how weak they really are. Usually get bad grades as well.

In reality, I haven't found anything positive about juggalos. I've also noticed that quite a bit of them come from nice homes.

Overall, they're dirty, stupid, weak, and criminals. =\
"ICP sucks"
"what'd u say bitch?"
"stfu juggaho"
"im a juggalo"
"no, ur just dirty"

4. Juggalo
Pronunciation: jug-ah-low
Function: noun
1. usually offensive : a mildly mentally retarded person
2 : a very stupid person
3: a person who is highly knowledgeable about one subject but knows little about anything else

5. juggalo
A fan of the (ahem) band Insane Clown Posse often refers to his/her (almost always him) self as a ‘Juggalo.' They paint their faces, spray soda on each other, and respect the music of ICP and consequently get very little respect themselves.

6. Juggalo
first of all, NOT a fan. more than a fan. someone who has so much love for juggalo family they would die for any member of such. one who doesnt care what any person in the world thinks of them, and lives for themselves, not keeping others happy. someone who can feel the dark carnival inside them.

7. juggalo
The worst form of life imaginable, its like white trash and rap combined into one. The girls(juggalettes) are usually overwieght and wear XXXXL T-shirts sporting some sort of lame image. Juggalos are known to be WWF fans and are usually of low inteligence.

Or did you mean "gigolo," a male prostitute?

2005-11-17, 08:03 AM
To determine if he's talking about a gigolo or an ICP fan...

So please any ideas to help a juggalo out?

He's talking about himself as a person here, so I'm guessing ICP fan. The fact that this is his first post lends credence to my theory as well.

Yes, folks, someone is trying to create a prestige class based around a fan of a band who probably won't exist in a campaign (unless maybe d20 modern?)

I have no ideas as to what powers this could possibly create...but if anyone's willing to give it a try, they're more than welcome to.

2005-11-17, 09:57 AM
I think there's no real need for a "prestige class" with this. Just a high charisma (maybe) modifier and some role playing ought to do the trick. After all... what is any prostitute's class --- COMMONER

2005-11-17, 02:58 PM
He's talking about himself as a person here, so I'm guessing ICP fan. The fact that this is his first post lends credence to my theory as well.

But then there is the fact that he misspelled "prestige" in the thread title. If he missed prestige it's a good bet that he would have missed gigolo as well...

Gorbash Kazdar
2005-11-17, 03:05 PM
Comrade Gorby: I think, in general, we should wait for the original poster to clarify rather than fill the thread with guesses, eh? ;)

Anyways, if the question is about gigolo classes, I suggest checking out the Book of Erotic Fantasy, which includes a bunch of rules for "adult" matters in d20 FRPG, or to check for the various geisha-type classes available (these are normally female-only, but that's pretty easy to modify). If this is the case, however, I will be locking the thread since the subject will almost certainly be sexually explicit by nature and thus against the rules.

If it is for the ICP fan/juggalo PrC... well, I'm pretty sure there isn't one, but if you want to make one, have at - just keep it within the rules (I've heard a fair bit of ICP's music, so I know quite well they often deal with subjects that are also not kosher for this forum ;)).

2005-11-17, 07:59 PM
I aint down with the juggalo hate. If you really wanna know what a juggalo is, I suggest you listen to the song "What is a Juggalo" on Great Milenko the 4th Joker Card. Anyways, I was playin' a rogue/fighter/sorcerer that would go into Arcane Trickster, but then I thought I should just drop sorcerer and splice in cleric and go for Divine Prankster. But I was lookin for something a little bit more flavorful. This is really a topic for other ICP fans really but all your suggestions help.

2005-11-17, 08:21 PM
I have to wonder how big of a market there is for adventurers who get butt-naked, drink like fish, pick fights with the party, tie ropes to their... bits... (although I guess jumping from ten stories up won't kill a high-level characters).

... you know, reading that again, it dawns to me that a lot of characters behave like that anyway.

2005-11-17, 08:41 PM
I'm not really sure this is even valid for a prestige class.

Unless I'm sorely mistaken, you don't gain any particular skills by being a fan of any music group whatsoever. Or being a fan of much of anything else, for that matter. There are no 'Poker Afficionado' or 'Chocolatier' prestige classes, nor should there be one for juggalos.

2005-11-17, 09:29 PM
Maybe I should have rephrase the topic...I was looking for some kind of character that has a link or mutliple links to characters in ICP songs. I chose Juggalo Prestiege (Prestige) class as a general topic, I was thinkin more like maybe someone that crafts killer toys (Toybox, from Riddlebox), or a righteous illusionist (Halls of Illusions, from Milenko), or maybe a psycho ranger that happens to have Humanoid(Humans) as a favored enemy (Chicken Huntin' from Ringmaster and Riddlebox). You know, something like that.

2005-11-17, 10:16 PM
Didn't "Dragon" have a Jester prestige class last April issue? That might be a good starting point for a Juggalo, if a little too bardic for some tastes.

Not sure, but there might be a wizard prestige class that specialises inl constructs (killer toys) in Complete Arcane...

As for a chocolatier PrC: why has no-one thought of this before?!

I'm not sure if Americans will be familiar with Casbury's "Milk Tray", but their adverts always have a guy doing all sorts of Mission Imp/James Bond stuff simply to deliver a box of chocolates to his amor. A varient rogue/ninja Chocolatier would make a great comedy character :D

2005-11-18, 09:31 AM
I think damage reduction because they aint eva gonna die till they get their stuff! I had to edit it because I put in the other word and it came out spoon! Also I think that bardic music and illusionist spells so if I were you,I would make it able to go into by 5th level. for instance prerequisites are:
Craft(killer toys) 8 ranks perform(singing) 8 ranks (or some other name for it cause singing aint ICPs style they Ryme SO perform(insane rymes) 8 ranks)
Bardic music class ability
Must be proficient with hand axes
Skill focus perform (insane rymes)

The class should also gain its own spell list mostly illusion spells but also some divination and a little bit of some other spells. For instance spells or similar things they refer to in their songs.
Also they should have a special ability that lets them aim for some ones neck.If the atack is sucessful I is a critical hit that does max damage ( cause its their friggin neck!). but the downfall to this is that it can only effect thing that have vital organs so no constuct plant oozes and undead. At third level and every three levels after that 6th 2/day 9th 3/day.
Plus they at level 10 you have totally transformed into a juggalo so you have permanent clown makeup on increasing your charisma by 2 (cause if I seen a clown walking towards me with an axe that would scare me) also for your race you are no longer effected by aging (but if you already aged you still take those effects) and your maximum age should be 2X the normal limit of your race cause they aint eva gonna die till they get their stuff!

Assassins shadow

2005-11-18, 03:58 PM
A juggalo has gotta stab people. 6, 7 people a day.

2005-11-20, 04:24 AM
Thank-you all for your suggestions. I will surely take them into consideration.

2005-11-20, 02:20 PM
As long as you're doing this, why not a prestige class of some of the metal bands with... well... class.
Marylin Manson
System of a Down
For a few.

2005-11-20, 04:04 PM
As long as you're doing this, why not a prestige class of some of the metal bands with... well... class.
Marylin Manson
System of a Down
For a few.

Kiss, of course.

2005-11-21, 01:49 AM
Kiss, of course.
Nuh-uh. Being Metal GODS! Kiss are at least Divine Rank 1 and thus entirely unsuitable for play. ::)

Kiss Army might be an interesting prestige class though. What with the fire-breathing like a Dracon Acolyte at high level and all...

2005-11-21, 02:12 AM
Or fans of the Deftones or Powerman 5k.