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2009-07-09, 10:29 PM
Ok so this is a Legendary Class I made for a Campaign I am currently Playing in . This peice refrences many Home-World terms that may need some explaining . Ok , so Archais is simply the ability to channel and conduct Arcane Magick . It goes alongside the Intelligence stat in my home-world for magic-users . The Danon are simply nearly Magick-Less humans living in an isolated mountain region that blocks them off from the rest of the world . Magick in any form is seen as unholy and those than can display some 'magickal' abilities are oft put to death for being the spawn of some demon (although this is just propaganda) . And when I say Aspects of Magick , I have remade the magick system to have different Magick Types that Correspond with Different elements in the world . Earth , Air , Water , Fire , Spirit , Light , Shadow , Power . Also Emberstone is the Anti-Magickal Stone , while Amethyst is a Magick enhancer/charger within this world also .

Legendary Class : The Mage of the Danon

It has been a countless amount of time since the powerful forces of Magick have pierced the Danon Homelands. Ever since the War of the Celestial , the peoples now known to history as the Danon have not only been weary of Magick in all of it’s forms both natural or otherwise , but they have lost that connection to Magick altogether to the point that they can not channel the powers of Arcane or Divine Magicks . This in turn is due to trace elements of the Magick-eating metal Emberstone . For countless generations, the Danon have ingested the metal in their water supplies , soils and air . However, Magick somehow manages to exist in its most minimal form. The Spiritor. The reincarnations of the Magi of Old, now re-born into a form that is unable to channel the powerful forces of Magick they once so majestically compelled. The Spiritor although, having only a small connection to their past self’s, using the most minor of Magicks –parlour tricks and natural lore- are compelled to regain their once former glory , although never aware of it . With the Seraphine Order constantly routing out those that cause ‘Bewitchments’ , any Spiritor to gain that powerful Connection to his past with Magicks , Shall have the resources at his beck and call to become a Legend , The Mage of the Danon .

Mage of the Danon
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|Mage of the Danon Ability , Arcane Path .

+3|Mage of the Danon Ability

+3|Mage of the Danon Ability

+4|Mage of the Danon Ability

+4|Mage of the Danon Ability [/table]

Spells Per Day / Spells Known


Equal to Archais Modifier |Equal to Archais Modifier |-|-|-|-|-
Equal to Archais Modifier |Equal to Archais Modifier|Equal to Archais Modifier|--|-|-|-
Equal to Archais Modifier |Equal to Archais Modifier|Equal to Archais Modifier|Equal to Archais Modifier |-|-
Equal to Archais Modifier |Equal to Archais Modifier|Equal to Archais Modifier|Equal to Archais Modifier|-|-|-
Equal to Archais Modifier |Equal to Archais Modifier|Equal to Archais Modifier |Equal to Archais Modifier|Equal to Archais Modifier|Equal to Archais Modifier[/table]

Hit Die : d6
Requirements: to become a Mage of the Danon a character must fulfill all of the requirments listed below .
Must have levels in the Spiritor Class
Intelligence : 18
Constitution : 17
Concentration: 8
Decipher Script: 15
Knowledge History: 12

Quests :

-The Spiritor must come into contact with an outsider that has greater HD than the character and compel the outsider throught diplomatic means to do a favour for the Character .

-The Spiritor must search and find 2 other Spiritors and defend them from the injustice of the Government’s Inquisition.

-The Spiritor must go out and find Pure Amethyst , after powdering the amethyst it must go into a drink made of water from outside of the mountain region . After drinking this at least once a day for three weeks the Spiritor begins to manifest the powers of a mage .

Class Skills :

The Mage of the Danon class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Alchemy (Int) , Concentration (Con) , Craft (Int) , Knowledge (all skills taken individually)(Int) , Profession (Wis) , Scry (Int, Exclusive skill) , and spellcraft (Int)

Skill points at each level : 2 + Int modifier

Class features :

All the following are class features of the Mage of the Danon legendary class .

Weapons and Armour Proficiency :

A mage of the Danon is proficient with all simple weapons , but no armour or shields .

Mage of the Danon Abilities :

Arcane Path :

The Character unlike any other Danon to have lived, now gets to Roll for his Archais Score. He then gets to choose one Aspect of Magick to use spells from . He then can prepare spells like a wizard through a spell book . The mage gains knowledge of Spells equal to his Archais modifier and can cast a number of spells equal to his archais modifier per day for each level of spells he can currently cast . Please consult the Spellcasting Chart and the Spells Known Chart for more Clarification . The Mage gains Knowledge of 0 level spells and 1st level spells appropriate to his Archais Modifier and the ability to cast spells equal to his Archais modifier when he takes his first level in Mage of the Danon . During Level progression , the character must gain knowledge of other spells through the same manner a normal wizard does . Each level increase the Mage gain knowledge of 2 spells that do not cost any scribing fees . These spells can be selected from any level of spells the Mage can currently cast but the Mage can not learn any number of spells that exceed his Archais Modifier for any given level of spells .

Learner of The Eight :

Per Power Level the Mage gets to Choose One Aspect of Magic , The Mage now Gains Spells in that Aspect equal to His Archais Modifier .

Channeler of the Eight :

Per power Level the Mage can Choose One Aspect of Magic , the Mage now gains More Spells per day in that Aspect equal to his Archais Modifier .

Protection of Arcane :

Recieves +1 to saves per power level against spells and spell- like abilities .

Spells of the Master :

The Mage chooses one spell per power level , those spells can now be cast at any time . The Mage simply casts the spell , and crosses out the spell slot . This works in the same manner as a cleric’s Spontaneous Casting .

The Shield of Archais :

The Mage per power level can exhaust a spell slot in order to erect a shield made of Pure Archais . The Mage is completely immune from All forms of attacks for a number of rounds per power level. The Mage Takes Temporary Damage to his Hit dice for that day, which can not be restored. This damage is Power Level+ Legendary Class Level.

Magi Fundamentals:

Per Power Level the Mage can ignore 2 levels of Meta-Magic level increase to his spells. The character can do this a number of times that does not exceed the levels the mage can ignore. The character can also use this to decrease the penalty of meta-magic if the Mage can not completely override the penalty incurred by Meta-Magic .

Magi of Seeking :

The Mage can now cast Scry as a spell like ability once per power level .

Enhanced Archais :

The Character gains a +1 legendary bonus to his Archais score per power level . This is a one time bonus .