View Full Version : 2 Traps of Twisted Taste by The Warped Mind of DMT

2009-07-11, 12:15 AM
Ok so, not sure if this is the right spot, so if it needs to be moved, please do so.

Now, onto the traps that SHOULD induce some "Omgs! or LOL!s" from you giant-lings.

Trap 1. Death-by-Skeeball

Ok so, the basic layout of the trap, is like this.

There is a 5ft by 40ft ( or longer) hallway. At the far end is a door the PCs will enter through, on the other side along the wall ( no parrallel to the entrance) is another door. Next to the door the PC's will enter through, there is a metal lever in the "up" position. Studying reveals the mechanics of the lever to indeed unlock the far end door. When/If the PC's pull the lever to go through to the next room, a small slab in the wall facing the entrance on the other end of the hallway will open up ( or down ) Revealing a rotating "Waterwheel" of sorts ( Nix the water ), rotating at a steady pace. Once the slab opens the water wheel will begin to load up on metal spheres ( no bigger then your fist). The waterwheel stays at a steady pace to have 5 balls in a single rotation ( and 5 attacks per round ). The balls will fall from the wheel at the end of a rotation, and drop onto a ice ( or metal, wood, etc) ramp at the base of the wall, the ramp is angled as to hit a average medium character directly in the head with it's spherical projectiles. The spheres fall, and with velocity, and 5lbs of metal weight, they fly through the air ( much like a skeel ball table) and strike the frontal PC in the head. With a failed DC 15 reflex save the PC takes 1d10 lethal OR 2d10 nonlethal ( DMs call at the making of the trap) of damage. (5 of these a round becomes a pain) If the PC makes a save, the ball will fly past and require a save from the NEXT PC/Creature in line. I find it hillarious to see a row of PCs die/go unconscious from being pelted with skeeballs. :p (there are 15 metal balls total, 3 rounds of action)

Trap 2: "Tattoo"

This trap is a bit less intricate and much more twisted. This is another 5ft by Xft hallway. Halfway down the hall lies a pressure plate in hiding (DC 30 search check). Once the pressure plate is active it releases a barrage of fine metal needles out of the wall to the side of the PC. On a failed Reflex save (DC 20) The PC is barraged by 100 needles. Each one does 1 damage, and has ink tipped to it. If hit by all of them, the PC will have a tatoo of an ancient rune on his neck ( or other body part). If you succeed the save, you take half the damage, and half the needles, making the same ( however incomplete) tatoo. The end? Nope. If the PCs walk to te end of the hallway, they will pass through an arch covered in Runes similar to the tatoo. When/if the PC with the tatoo walks through this arch it activates the other runes, causing one of the three effects.

1. Activates the runes, any PC that walks through takes 1d4 negative energy damage.
2. The PC WITH the tatoo loses a level and takes 1d4 negative damage each round he sits in the archway.
3. Optional to replace 1 or 2. gives the Tatoo bearer cancer. (:smallbiggrin:)

A successful reflex save creates half the tatoo (and takes half damage), this will not activate the archways runes, saving the PC from the bulk of the trap.

Thank you for your time.