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2005-11-01, 09:43 PM
I have a player who wants to be a gnome tinkerer and I saw a thread a while back with inventions. Since I like to give my friends ample oppruntities to be a funny characters I want to find these. Did anyone save those awesome bits of info?

oh and you can post new inventions in here if you want BUT REMEBER their Gnomish! And I would prefer keeping magic back a bit.

Here's one I made:

Gatling Robot:
Needed: Gatling Gun, War Forge or other construct, nails and other connecting supplies (Weilding Torch)
Place Gatling Gun on chest or something and connect to ammo inside Warforge or construct.
Gatling guns from 18xx have 1200RPM so I would make this one 600RPM and therefore 60 attacks/turn each using a bullet (Sling bullets).
Cost: at least 50,000 gp + ammo.
Base Explosion 10%
For every 10 bullets (9 and below is relatively safe) extra 15% chance to explode. An explosion destroys the gun and deals 90 damage to the warforged, as if it was hit by a maximized, empowered fireball.

Edit: Thanks Chubs Mcgee I'll try to keep it in mind. I also forgot to put something above (explosion chance)

2005-11-01, 11:40 PM
I think your gatling gun is just a tad over powered. This is my version that I worked up for a gnomish character of mine.

Gnomish gatling gun has 6 barrels and is hand cranked. By turning the crank you turn the barrels as well as the feed mechanism. The feed mechanism feeds small bullets like those used for a sling through a tube to the barrels. The crank also pulls back the firing mechanism which then snaps back into place propelling the bullet forward. Could also be possible to have it push a piston to make it a pnuematic cannon. The cannon is also hard to aim however. It is treated at as an exotic weapon for all nongnomes, and a martial weapon for gnomes. The gnome gatling gun being a rather experimental weapon also has a chance of failure each time it is used. Each round the weapon is used 1d20 is rolled. A result of 1 results in the weapon malfunctioning and needing substantial repairs.

Because of the multiple barrels the gnome gatling gun can be fired numerous times in an attack action. Each attack can shoot from 1-6 shots. A single shot is treated as a standard action, anything more is treated as a full attack. Each extra shoot adds -2 to the attack modifier i.e. Shooting 2 shots has 1 shot at regular attack bonus and 1 at -2 to attack bonus. Each shot does 1d4 damage.

Edit: Another idea you might throw him, give him his own robot. Start it off pretty much worthless. All it can do is walk around and maybe carry the character. And every so often give him some time to work on it. Maybe start off with having it have all stats at 10, being str, dex, con, and int. No wis or cha. Have each point cost something pretty impressive, like 1000 gp for each point up to 14, and 2000 up to 16. Or probably more. And some price for a few "hard points" places where things like the gatling gun, or a flame thrower, or a crossbow can be attached. If you find a way to make this fairly balanced it could make for a lot of fun. Early on it is more or less something to help drag your haul back to town, but in later levels it is pretty much a cohort. Maybe later allow it to have special abilites kinda like those in some constructs. I would take a look at some of the mechanical type constructs, shield guardian, iron golem, stuff like that, and have the character look at them and have them work on bringing their little robot to that level over time.

The Glyphstone
2005-11-02, 08:40 AM
Looking for gnomish inventions? Eat Your Heart Out!! (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=gaming;action=display;num=1124197439 ;start=0) It's about a month old, but still full of all kinds of wacky ideas.

Here's another one I came up with:

Harko Horklenmeyer's One-Gnome Travelling Band
This incredibly complex contraption consists of a seat, sometimes with wheels attached, with a branching wooden or metal frame. Attached at various points on the frame are a set of drums, a pair of cymbals, a large horn, a harmonica, and a lute. A Small-sized character sitting in the HHOGTB can activate any one of these instruments with a DC15 Perform check of the appropriate type for a certain bonus:
Drums - Perform (percussion instruments) - +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls if used with Inspire Courage, but -1 on bonuses vs. fear.
Harmonica - Perform (wind instruments) - adds +5 to the DC of any Concentration check made within 30ft. of the character.

2005-11-02, 11:08 PM
For information on inventions; look up Dragonlance. www.Dl3e.com has some gnomish PrCs that focus on inventions; the War of the Lance sourcebook has a Gnomish Tinker prestige class; and www.kencyclopedia.com has 2 thousand pages of gnomish inventions.