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Madra Rua
2009-07-11, 04:12 PM
Ok, i was looking through the Planar Handbook and noticed some odd things with feats and races. I had a character concept of an Earth Mephite Sorcerer who used mainly magic missiles and the like. He would use his burrow speed to stay out of combat, and magic missile to hit his opponents. I realized he would be unable to know where his foes were without tremorsense. Also there is a feat Air Heritage that increases CL on air based spells and increased fly speed, but the Earth Heritage doesnt increase burrow speed. So i made these feats..(one revised and one home made)

Earth Heritage
Your ancestors were deeply involved with the elements of Earth.
CL+1 for spells with the Earth descriptor, your burrow speed increases to 40ft

Greater Earth Heritage
You involve yourself with the element of Earth even more deeply than your ancestors.
Prerequisites: Earth Heritage
You gain Tremorsense out to 60ft, and CL+1 with spells with the Earth descriptor(this stacks with the Earth Heritage feat)

Comments and criticism welcome. :smalltongue: