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2009-07-13, 02:01 PM
I saw a Sci-Fi original miniseries a while ago called "The Lost Room".

The idea was that some terrible accident occurred years ago at a motel room, removing the motel room and everything from it from the time-space continuum.

Everything that was in the room, like a comb, some change, a bar of soap, clothing, everything you would normally find in a motel room, including the guest's personal stuff, was turned into an "object".

Objects all follow a few rules:

1. Object powers are usually simple, with uses that reward creativity.

2. Objects cannot be damaged or destroyed, except inside the room (see below).

3. "The Room", or the motel room where the event occurred, can only be accessed via "The Key".

a. Objects do not function in the room.

b. When the door to "The Room" is closed, all non-Objects are sent to alternate versions of "The Room" effectively gone. All Objects are returned to where they were at the moment of the event.

c. Objects can be destroyed or damaged in the room, but if they are damaged to the point of not functioning, a new Object will be created.

There are already quite a few established powers, and I have a ton of my own.

My question is, is this the type of game anyone would play? It would be mostly fetch quests for Objects, using the ones you already have, fighting against people who also have them. Very few items and no magic, other than the objects. Maybe a gun or two. It also could incorporate some of the stuff from Warehouse 13, that same kinda "Magic items, but no magic" feel, where any special things are rare and powerful, but have to be used creatively. And it would probably be d20 Modern, with some guns and cars and such, just to make things easier.




2009-07-13, 02:19 PM
God, how I love that series!

I'd play it in a heartbeat. Just say the word.

2009-07-13, 02:48 PM
While having a lot of artifacts floating around in a game can be fun, they need an ultimate purpose. In the series, the objects all had to be gathered together and the person doing so would have control of reality [or not the series never really defined what would happen]. I'm not sure I particularly like that premise for a game. Having an NPC like the Occupant can easily overpower the PCs as well.

The Lost Room reminded me a lot of Friday The 13th: The Series except it wasn't horror-based. The objects from FT13TS were evil and needed to be put back in the vault.

A couple of these widgit hunts can be fun, but it can get monotonous after a while.


2009-07-13, 02:53 PM
A couple of these widgit hunts can be fun, but it can get monotonous after a while.


True. Hence why Lost Room wasn't a "let's collect them all" sort of thing. The main character didn't want to be involved in it...he was looking for a way out. It was the NPCs and Villians who wanted to collect everything for a certain purpose.

I think it could be done...provided the PCs weren't the "I want them all" people, but rather people pulled unknowingly into things.

2009-07-13, 03:14 PM
I loved that serie and if you run a game I would be glad to play.

The object power need to be carrefully written and don't forget that when combined they have different power, depending on the objects and on the location sometimes I believe.

2009-07-13, 03:22 PM
I think this would be great if you did D20 modern and inserted the Artifacts as the only supernatural phenomenon.

Trying to think of the ones I know of.

EDIT: Woops, you already have a link to all the objects, my list in therefore unnecessary.

2009-07-13, 03:45 PM
Yeah, once the PC's have a handful of Objects that they like (They would start with nothing, and then fight the various organizations to get their firsts), then comes the stranger stuff.

Sometimes the organizations turn on them, and it's not a question of finding, it's a question of not being found.

Sometimes a new object surfaces after someone has been using it, and it ends up doing crazy stuff.

I have tons of plot ideas, but it would start with that kinda bag 'n tag mentality.

Glad to see positive feedback. I'll probably end up running it at home, but if my usuals are busy, or I can't find the time, I might end up doing a Play-by-post thing here. Depends. I have a lot of time, but never all in a row, I kinda feel like that lends itself more to a pbp game.

But first thing's first, make the campaign. Thanks for the help, appreciate any more insight.

2009-07-13, 04:05 PM
The first thought about The Lost Room, for me at least, is that the entire mythology fits very well within the Unknown Armies (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unknown_Armies) universe. It has a similar feel, and a similar setting.

Actually, a friend pointed out to me that the room and object could be explained perfectly within the bound of Unknown Armies, as (Cosmic Campaign Spoilers) the site of an avatar ascension to the Invisible Clergy.