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2005-10-06, 07:40 PM
This domain idea is such a simple one that I'm willing to bet it already exists somewhere. I mean, there's a Death domain, why not a life domain?

Logic behind it countering the Death domain: Death spells ends a life untimely, so the Life domain is intended to react to that by returning life to those who had it taken before its time.

I'm having trouble deciding on some of the spells to use and what power to grant those with the domain, though.

Domain spells:
1: Deathwatch - To determine how close allies are to death, so you know to help them.

2:Either Gentle Repose to preserve the corpse until it can be revived or Status to monitor allies more effectively.

3: No idea, considered moving Gentle Repose here, but it doesn't make sense to provide a lower level spell later...

4: Reincarnate - Usually a Druid-only spell, but it lets the character revive allies at earlier levels, kinda.

5: Raise Dead - Naturally.

6: Heal - Couldn't think of anything better... To prevent the death in the first place perhaps?

7: Resurrection - Naturally.

8: Mass Cure Critical Wounds - Again, couldn't think of anything better...

9: True Resurrection - Naturally.

For the Granted Power I was thinking something along the lines of either "Once per day, when a character dies (HP=-10) if the cleric can cast a Cure spell on the body within a number of rounds equal to half your character level, that charcter's HP is increased to by 1 per level of the cure spell and is considered stable. For example, Cure Light Wounds will bring the character to -9 and Mass Cure Light Wounds would bring the character to -5. Deceased character MUST be touched by the healer for the power to work, even if the spell would cure from a distance," or simply "reduce the cost of materials to raise a dead ally by 1/5, for example only 4,000 GP worth of diamonds are needed to cast Raise Dead."

I really like the first one, though, and if I can get assurance that it's balanced or know what to alter to make it balanced I'd be very happy.

2005-10-06, 07:48 PM
I always thought the Healing domain was the opposite of the Death domain.

2005-10-06, 07:51 PM
it sounds good to me if you can plug everything in that you dont have spells for yet. just a few tweaks after some playtests and you would be set. if there is a life domain it would be in complete divine right?

2005-10-06, 08:04 PM
False Life

2005-10-06, 11:22 PM
I had considered that but really, by it's definition and name, it kinda sounds like the exact opposite of what the domain is trying to accomplish. It's not directly opposed to necromancy, but it's not in support of it either...

I dunno, perhaps I'll just stick Cure Serious Wounds into the 3rd level spell slot.

2005-10-07, 12:07 AM
why can't the granted ability be simply the complete opposite to death touch and cheesily called Life touch or touch of life.

touch dying subject, subject is returned to 0 hp and stablelizes but you lose temporary hp equal to the difference between it minimum 1hp.

pc down to -4 you cast you lose 4hp but the target is at 0hp and is stable.

perhaps you grant sanctuary with the DC equal your character lvl for rd/per hp transfered?

2005-10-07, 01:37 AM
In my experience if you have a downed party member you don't want to bring them back up to 0, because then they stop being uncounsious and quickly become cleave bait, or magic missie bait, or whatever. which would ultimately defeat the purpose of the power. Granting Sanctuary is fun, but your party member might still be in worse straits at zero then bleeding out. I like the prolonged ability to heal those killed in combat ability. While it's certianly powerful, it dosen't bring the downed people back into the fight.

2005-10-07, 03:07 AM
Awakening, Animate Object, animate rope, some regeneration/fast healing spell...

2005-10-07, 07:09 AM
Domain spells:
1: Deathwatch - To determine how close allies are to death, so you know to help them.

Deathwatch is an [evil] spell for some reason, probably because it is intended to tell how far gone the opposition is.

You might consider letting the Life Domain have "Status" as a level 1 spell (instead of level 2 where it normally resides) to actually benefit only allies and no others..

edit: Or Gentle Repose might be lowered instead.. maybe even better, I never saw it as very good for a level 2 spell..