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2005-09-12, 11:31 PM
Hey my fellow gamers. I have been working on a RPG for awhile now and I have the Mechanics fairly well done (Mainly orginization and some more detailed explaining of rules though its written in short hand it is basicly done) Now this I felt was an acomplishment however I am in need of construction of a world and setting to go along with this.

I am in need of some help from someone who is serious about world construction. I have some very basic ideas of the world I feel will fit what I want to do (And the response i got at Gen Con was very good) I have full intentions of wanting to submit this to a Gaming publisher for consideration so please dont reply if your not serious about it. I am willing and do plan on co-authorship of the RPG if and when it is submitted. Please PM me if you are interested or email me at [email protected]

2005-09-13, 09:22 PM
Just giving this a gentle bump once to see if I can get any respnse

2005-09-13, 09:44 PM
I'd love to help, Thayan (guess I should call you Thayan on the boards, huh) and even have some interesting concepts for races. Just PM or e-mail me. I can even help with world construction. (I actually was starting my own RPG up, but what with everything I'm doing, you know, it seemed a bit much for one person...) Perhaps we can combine our talents.