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2009-07-16, 10:43 PM
Kobold Traps

For some reason, DMs and players forget that Kobolds love crappy traps. They tend to be good for catching prey and occassionally adventurers. Here are some of my favourite "cheap" Kobold Traps. Feel free to add your own.

The Pit Trap... dig a hole, chase stuff towards it (make stuff chase you towards it).

The "Whacker" Trap: Tie back a small tree, hook up a trip line, barely tie a number of random objects to tree (junk, rocks, branches)... trip the line get whacked with random stuff

The Stabber Trap: trip wire holds a row of sharpened wood spikes up that come swinging down to hit you.

Monkey Traps: Shiny thing in jar, net hanging above... ta da. (Can tend to catch adventurers...)

"Sticky Traps": Put sovereign glue on ground, stick something shiny in the middle of it (by throwing it in the glue)...

Lord Loss
2009-07-17, 05:30 AM
You should add the DMG2 Booby traps. It mentions how they are used by Kobolds!