View Full Version : Anyone familiar with Mouse Guard?

Totally Guy
2009-07-17, 05:33 AM
I'm confused by a lot of this system and would like to learn how to use it.

If a character becomes hungry it seems that the option to eat anything is denied until the party is no longer on a mission. And then when you're into the plaers turn it looks like you can eat but need to make a check as to whether you're still hungry. So the PCs could in theory visit their parents to eat and find that a failed check means that there wasn't enough food to go around. This just seems oppressive. :smallyuk: Do the condition perhaps need to be refluffed as "mal-nourished", "a bit anaemic" to really carry that long term weight they actually have?

Conflicts are a little strange as well. If you team up with other mice in a conflict you seem to gain 1 Disposition Dice which may or may not help depending on the roll and then you lose out in the action economy. So what are the advantages and disadvantages to teaming up?

It also looks like the players are bound to their goals in a conflict so if you're losing there is no option for the party to change from "Kill the other team" to "escape the combat".

Does this stop disjointed conflicts where one side's goal is "negotiate peace" and the other side says "kill those damned hippies"? Debate skills vs violence skills would result in something confusing. But maybe a conflict where one guy thinks it's a chase and the other thinks it's a fight would be playable...

I don't understand the action limitation on the player's turn either. Can these actions be played against sidequests or just recovery and roleplay? The book suggests that this turn takes an hour or two but fundamentally the only mechanics going on is a limited number of dice rolls by each character. It seems like the GM will have to say "no" to a lot of things.

I need to play through a session or something but I'd like to be able to understand it first.:smallredface: