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2005-07-30, 03:29 PM
I think it is a good idea to start sharing some magic items for the profit of other DM's/PC's. Here's a couple for starters.

BEAD OF DEW: [S3] When placed in any spoiled, poisoned, or stagnant water,
this bead purifies it, affecting up to 1,000 cubic feet of liquid. The
purified water is clear and cool. The bead disolves when used.
XP value: 800 gp value: 1,400

STAFF OF THE COUATL: [S9] The Staff of the Couatl is a device much appreciated
and used by good clerics, particularly those who worship the few good aligned
deities of the Central American mythos. The lawful neutral clerics of
Quetzalcouatl, however, may use staves of this sort normally.
A Staff of the Couatl is about 7' long, with the top 3' of the staff
fashioned in the shape of a winged couatl. Such staves are usually made from
precious materials such as ivory over a silver core, and are magically
strengthend so they can be used in combat (as quarterstaves). This powerful
staff has the following abilities:
1. It can be used to summon one couatl per month to serve the needs of
the cleric possessing the staff. The couatl will have randomly determined hit
points and psionic abilities. It will fight on behalf of the summoning cleric
until the opponent is vanquished or escapes, or until the user of the staff
commands the attack to cease. If the couatl is summoned to fight against
insurmountable odds, or if the combat does not seem to be favoring the side of
the couatl and the cleric, the couatl will wrap its tail around the cleric and
transport both of them to a place of safety elsewhere on the Prime Material
Plane (by traveling through the Ethereal Plane). This destination is not under
the control of the cleric. In any event, the couatl will vanish back to the
Ethereal Plane 5-8 turns after being summoned, or sooner if the cleric commands
it. This power may only be used by lawful good clerics or clerics who worship
2. So long as the staff is carried, the cleric gains a +2 bonus to his
saving throw vs. magical effects in general, and a +4 bonus to
his save vs. all poisons. These bonuses are cumulative with those offered by
other devices, as per a ring of protection.
3. The staff may be used to effect the casting of certain spells: detect
evil and snake charm each three times per day; neutralize poison and sticks to
snakes each once per day; and wind walk once per week. All spell effects are
at the 8th level of ability.
4. The staff is +1 to hit and damage when used in combat.
A non-good, neutral-aligned cleric (lawful neutral, chaotic neutral, or
neutral evil) who grasps the staff will not be harmed, but cannot use any of
its powers (except for clerics of Quetzalcoatl, as noted for power #1). An
evil cleric who picks it up will take 2-5 points of damage each round the staff
is held. If a cleric of Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl's chief rival, is struck by
or picks up this staff, all damage received is doubled, and that cleric must
save vs. poison each round the staff is grasped or be slain.
XP value: 7,500 gp value: 20,000

RING OF THE GRASSHOPPER: While wearing this ring, a character weighing up to
300 lbs can jump (as per the magic-user spell) once per turn for a number of
times equal to his/her strength score. (A strength of 18, with or without an
exceptional rating will allow for 18 jumps per day.) If the wearer of the ring
of the grasshopperattempts to jump more often than allowed by his strength, he
must save vs. paralyzation each time he lands. Failure to save indicates that
(s)he suffers leg injuries, causing 10-40% damage (1d4 x 10% (if 30% is rolled
and character has 35 hp then 10 (10.5 rounded down) points of damage are
taken)) and reducing the victim's movement
rate to 3". A character injured in this manner will find running leaping, and
other strenuous activity involving the legs to be impossible for 6-36 hours
afterward, unless a heal spell is applied to neutralize the ill effects.
XP value: 1,000 gp value: 5,000

2005-07-30, 06:57 PM
Here is my first post, and my contributions to weapons(I am a weapons junkie):

The Ward breakers

Created long ago, these weapons were the property of Zemaitis “the Sly,” an assassin who specialized in assassinations of wizards and sorcerers. After successfully killing the majority of the mages of a particular wizard’s guild, Zemaitis caught the attention of a pair of powerful wizards who hunted him down and killed him. To show any rivals of their might, they had the weapons magically mounted outside their gate. When the wizards faded from history, so did the weapons. They reappeared later, when the ruins were discovered by a gnome expedition, but the whereabouts of the weapons are presently unknown.

Kormish (+2 Longsword of Spell piercing)
Delber (+2 Dagger of Spell piercing)

The blades of these weapons are deep blue and there are symbols of a book with a skull on the hilts. A deep blue gem the color of the blade is used as their pommels. The Ward breakers can smash through magical wards. If you hit a creature protected by a spell, or hit a magical barrier, you may make a dispel check if the spell is affected by dispel magic (CL 10). If successful, the weapon is not hindered by the spell. It does not, however, end the spell, or get the wielder through.
You can also disrupt summoned creatures with this. If you succeed at the dispel check against one, you deal an extra 1d10 damage. You may increase the enchantment's caster level just like you would normally upgrade a weapon.
Moderate (no school); CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armour; Dispel Magic; Price: +12,500 (caster level)

The Glyphstone
2005-07-30, 09:50 PM
Just nitpicking, but i think that Staff of the Couatl should be a Rod of the Couatl instead. Staffs are always just spell storage devices, the item you've made is much closer to a rod with lots of unique abilities.

I'll edit in some items I've made, when I can dig them out.

2005-07-31, 01:48 AM
Midnight Stone - a small jet-black crystal about the size of a man's thumb.

Nine times per day, the bearer of this stone may activate one of the powers of the Stone.

Unnatural Twilight - for 100ft in all directions from the stone, it is pitch black.

Shadowwalk - the bearer must be in shadow to use this ability. The bearer disappears and reappears in a patch of shadow within sight.

Shadowsight - each living thing unable to see in darkness, and in 100ft, is struck blind.

The bearer must be in physical contact with the Stone to use any ability. No other being can use the Stone until the bearer has died or shed blood on the Stone.

2005-07-31, 03:18 AM
Bracers of the Octopus
Causes the character to grow an extra pair of arms, just below his natural ones.

* Armor and clothing must be modified to fit or cannot be worn
* Character can wield a two-handed weapon or use two-weapon fighting with the new arms while using up to two shields with his original set (shield bonuses stack as do penalties for tower shields).
* Grants +2 bonus to swim and climb checks.
* Wearing extra rings, gloves, bracers, etc doesn't grant any additional benefits.

NPC's reactions are up to the DM.

2005-07-31, 02:07 PM
Immovable Box

When the command word is spoken(usually something like "stop") this box will not move, exactly as the ability of the immovable rod, until the command word is spoken again. Very useful for preventing thefts.

2005-08-02, 12:48 AM
Shoes of Wandering

When in someones possesion, these leather shoes, on a command word, will walk around by themselves. Besides the natural entertainment bonus supplied by these shoes, they leave very traceable tracks in the ground (which look unseemingly familiar to the user) *looks at own shoe*

after activation, these boots can be commanded to travel to a certain point, and they will find thier own way of getting there, sometimes completely impassible for humanoids. When they reach thier destination, they will become inanimate, until the next day, which they will be "rested up" for the days next journey.

If you can't come up with any of the obvious uses for these boots feel free to contact me in any of the ways on the side thingymabobber.

2005-08-02, 07:34 AM
A. Lightning Rod - a thin metal rod surround by a black spongy substance along most of its length. It is accompanied by a cap of the same material, attached to the rod by a strap. When applied, the cap completely covers the metal.

When the metal end is exposed, it has two effects.

1 - It absorbs any electrical energy within 10' of the wearer (shocking grasp, lightning bolt, even natural lightning) storing the energy within the rod.

2. If the metal end touches a creature or conductive object, it releases d10 electrical damage from the energy stored (requires a melee touch attack. The wielder receives a +4 to hit if the opponent is wearing metal armor.

The rod can absorb up to 100 pts of electrical damage. If that limit is surpassed, it will detonate, dealing 100 pts of damaage to all within a 20' radius.

B. Tulwan's Terrific Tattoos - named for the legendary thief who is the first recorded owner, these magical items can transform themselves into tattoos upon the wielder's skin when a command word is spoken, and reform when when another is uttered. While in tattoo form, the items radiate no magical aura. Known tattoos are

1. Masterwork Dagger
2. Coil of Rope.
3. Bundle of Masterwork Thieves' Tools.
4. Potion bottle.

2005-08-02, 08:26 AM
Not sure if it really counts as a cool item but we like the results of its effects

Cursed ring of Protection +2

the rinf showed up as Magic but Flawed, the Monk (needing more AC) the caution into the wind and put it on.

Curse effect: Turns the owner permantly a random colour when 1st put on (he got green, which is the better of the 3 colours that it could have been)

So we ended up with a Green Monk who spoke Goblin

2005-08-02, 11:36 AM
Not sure if it really counts as a cool item but we like the results of its effects

Cursed ring of Protection +2

the rinf showed up as Magic but Flawed, the Monk (needing more AC) the caution into the wind and put it on.

Curse effect: Turns the owner permantly a random colour when 1st put on (he got green, which is the better of the 3 colours that it could have been)

So we ended up with a Green Monk who spoke Goblin

I thought monks were supposed to have HIGH wisdom scores? ???

The Glyphstone
2005-08-03, 07:26 AM
Alright, here's an artifact I whipped up, supposed to be part of a set of 4 that I'll finish eventually.

The Blade of Flame Undying

Created from the Elemental Plane of Fire, this is a blot of pure primal flames condensed into the shape of a sword. Anything touching the weapon takes 2d6 fire damage per round, unless they are suitable protected. Anyone with proficiency in the shortsword, longsword, greatsword, or bastard sword can wield it proficiently, dealing 2d8 fire damage plus physical damage equal to twice the Strength modifier of the wielder, with x3 damage on a critical hit. It allows use of the spells Fireball or Flame Strike at will (a standard action), as if cast by a 20th level sorcerer. As a full-round action, the blade can form an elemental from any natural fire, up to two sizes larger than the fire (so a campfire - Small - can make a Large elemental; and a bonfire - Large - and form a Gargantuan elemental). The elemental serves the creator for 24 hours, then travels to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Additionally, any fire elemental summoned, gated, called, or created by the wielder must serve them for at least 1 day per HD of the wielder without requesting payment - longer tasks must be paid for as normal. Any negotiations with other fire elementals recieve a +10 circumstance bonus, but water elementals attack the wielder on sight.

Artifact, cannot be created

2005-08-04, 12:33 PM
Helm of the Tutor. This elegant adamantine helm (Greek style, crested) was once owned by a great elven warrior, who received it as a gift from an archmage.

Once donned, the helmet begins to talk to the wearer, offering advice to them on how to achieve the maximum advantage in any given combat situation. If the wearer follows the advice of the helmet, they will receive a constant +1 circumstance bonus to AC and saving throws. Additionally, the helmet requires that the wearer spend at least two hours a day "practicing." If the wearer agrees to this they may perform the following feats by making a DC 10 Concentration check:

1/round: as a move action, deny one melee opponent a single attack (before the dice are rolled).

1/round: as a move action, set your initiative to 1. You can only be hit on a critical threat.

1/battle: you may make a Reflex save to avoid damage. Save DC is equal to the damage rolled.

2005-08-04, 01:10 PM
I remember a strange item from a D&D collection card. A cursed book that helps the user, but always by offering the most lengthy and ritualized procedures. In time, the user becomes dependent of the book and always consults the book before doing anything. This vicious cycle can be broken with a Remove Curse spell. Anyone remember?

2005-08-04, 01:39 PM
ah... um, I remember it was in the Tome of Magic... but not the name of the book.

2005-08-06, 01:15 AM
heres some more

MEDALLION OF DEFENSE: This item has two command words: to grow, and to
shrink. Upon command, it turns into a normal-sized shield +1. The second
command returns it to medallion form.
XP value: 300 gp value: 800

QUILL OF SCROLL CREATION: This enchanted writing implement is of great use to
a magic-user or illusionist attemptinf to enscribe a magical spell scroll. It
gives its user a 10% bonus to the chance of successfully writing a spell onto a
scroll. The quill is only good for six uses (six spells), and loses its
magical properties when the sixth spell is finished. Each usage counts against
the quill's capacity, whether or not the spell in question was sucessfully
transfered to the scroll.
If the quill is used along with a special ink that is attuned to the item,
the chance of success in the preparation of a scroll spell is increased by an
additional 10%. The manufacture of this ink is a costly and time-consuming
process, taking at least a week and requiring ingredients of at least 1,000 gp
in value to make enough ink to last for six usages. This special ink must be
mixed with the ink that particular scroll normally requires. A bottle of this
ink will never be discovered by itself.
XP value: 250 (500 with ink) gp value: 600 (1,000 with ink)

2005-08-06, 01:59 AM
I made this one originally just for fun. Later I posted it on Canonfire. If your campaign doesn't have Celestian, substitute whichever deity oversees planar travel. Warning: really long post ahead!

This magical weapon was inspired by the 3.5 'Sword of the Planes'. I mused that Celestian's followers would make Spears of the Planes, since the spear is Celestian's weapon. Then I thought that a Spear of the Planes would probably have slightly different qualities, given the Far Wanderer's home plane, and... well, one thing led to another.

Spear of Celestian

Minor artifact
Type: Weapon, shortspear

Appearance: These rare magical spears are all crafted the same, by the high clergy of Celestian. The spear's shaft is lacquered glossy black and set with seven large, flawless, diamond-shaped gems. From the base to the point, the gems are: ruby, jacinth, golden topaz, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and diamond. The head of the spear is made of adamantine and engraved with the symbol of Celestian on both sides. It glows with a faint white light, reminiscent of the stars.

Abilities: The Spear of Celestian's magical abilities depend on the plane where it is being used. Regardless of the plane, the white glow of the spearhead intensifies if danger is approaching. (Note that the Spear only warns of danger to its wielder, not to other party members.)

Material Plane: +1 returning holy shortspear.

Inner Planes: +2 returning holy shortspear. The wielder is protected from natural planar hazards, such as fire, drowning, or negative energy. This protection remains for one round after the spear leaves the wielder's hand, enabling him/her to take advantage of the returning property.

Ethereal, Shadow, Outer Planes: +3 returning holy shortspear. Same natural hazard protection as above; this includes protection from more exotic hazards such as the entrapping effects of Hades and Elysium, the petrification effect of Thuldanin, the maddening/deafening effects of Pandemonium, and the touch of the river Styx. (You're still out of luck if you're stupid enough to drink Styx water, though.)

Astral Plane: +4 returning holy shortspear. Here, in Celestian's home, the Spear reaches its greatest power. It protects its wielder from the mental effects of psychic storms (see Manual of the Planes) and also the location effects if the wielder is navigating for the party. The Spear also speeds astral travel; travel time is lessened by one category, as if the traveler were more familiar with the destination than he/she actually is. (This power only functions if the Spear's wielder is the one navigating the party.) The wielder's silver cord (if present) may not be damaged by any means, even the attack of an astral dreadnought. The Spear can damage other silver cords, as a githyanki silver sword.

These bonuses also apply when fighting planar creatures outside their natural habitat; for example, a fire elemental on the Material Plane. The bonuses for plane and creature do not stack- pick the greatest applicable one. So, if Saresha is using a Spear of Celestian to fight a green slaad on the Astral Plane, she doesn't get +7. She gets +4 (Astral), as the greater applicable bonus.

Lore: The church of Celestian is the only entity that knows how to make these spears, and they are usually found in the hands of high-ranking Celestianite clerics. Legend, and church dogma, have it that Celestian himself taught a high priestess of the faith how to make Spears of Celestian in the days before the Aerdy Empire. For this reason, Celestianites regard the weapons as holy. It is extremely rare for a person not of the faith to be granted the privilege of using a Spear of Celestian. This has happened in the past, when an outsider took on a mission of extreme importance to the church- always with the stipulation that the Spear be returned when the mission is accomplished. To steal a Spear of Celestian, or accept a stolen Spear, is considered an act of sacrilege. The church punishes such theft severely (usually by dumping the offender into Carceri, on the grounds that life in the prison of the multiverse is worse than death) once they learn of it. Adventurers who find a stolen Spear and return it to the nearest temple of Celestian will find their efforts richly rewarded and their respect for the deity praised.

Despite repeated attempts by archmages and high clerics of other faiths, nobody has yet managed to exactly duplicate the Spears of Celestian. (Swords of the planes may be the result of such attempts.) Bards' tales say that the Spears must be forged on the Astral Plane. Exactly how such a feat would be accomplished in the weightless Astral Plane, nobody knows- except possibly the Celestianites, and they refuse to speak on the matter. Powerful clerics of Celestian often use these Spears in their planar travels, and are frequently solicited by important or wealthy travelers as guides through the planes.

Destruction: Spears of Celestian are quite durable. There are only three known ways to break them, all of which incur the god's curse.

Mordenkainen's disjunction: The Spear has a save DC of 25. If the disjunction succeeds, the Spear's magic is dissipated and it becomes an ordinary (albeit beautiful) masterwork shortspear. However, at the moment of release, the curse of Celestian falls upon the mage who invoked the disjunction. She loses 4 points of Intelligence, 10,000 XP, and her land speed is reduced by 10 ft. The curse can only be lifted by means of a wish, miracle, or atonement to Celestian. (An atonement in this case would not change alignment; it would instead function as a formal apology to the god.)

Strength check vs. DC 35: If the check succeeds, the character manages to break the Spear's shaft in two by brute force. The curse of Celestian is invoked upon him; in addition, the released energies of the Spear catapult him into one of the Lower Planes. Roll d% as below:

-Lower Planes-
01-12: Limbo
13-25: Pandemonium
26-38: The Abyss
39-50: Carceri
51-63: Hades
64-75: Gehenna
76-87: The Nine Hells
88-100: Acheron

Wish or miracle: The use of these spells on a Spear has never been documented. However, it is theorized that one could use wish or miracle to destroy a Spear as Mordenkainen's disjunction, possibly even avoiding Celestian's curse.

Strong abjuration, transmutation, moderate divination; cannot be made except by 20th level cleric of Celestian
Market price: variable. Whatever a sufficiently unscrupulous person will pay. (It really isn't recommended to try and sell a Spear, but characters do lots of crazy things...)

Adventure Hooks:

-Somebody managed to steal a Spear of Celestian! The temple from which it was stolen is offering a hefty reward for its return. The reward gets bigger if you include the thief's head, and bigger yet if you include a live thief for questioning and judgment. (Be aware that a live thief will be questioned under truth spells.)

-(PC who follows Celestian) There's trouble brewing at the local temple of Celestian, and they need the region's high priest to deal with it. Unfortunately, said priest is out wandering the Planes, as the Far Wanderer's followers are wont to do. His last known destination was the City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire. Most of the priests currently at the temple in question are elderly, crippled or ill; healthy clerics of Celestian are usually on the move. Therefore, they ask the PCs to go look for their high priest. Should the PCs accept, the one who follows Celestian is loaned a Spear for the quest. Besides the usual dangers of planar travel, the PCs will likely encounter evil or just plain greedy outsiders who covet the Spear... and they'd better not go back to the Flanaess without it.

-The PCs are given magical items as payment for a service rendered- and one of them turns out to be a Spear of Celestian! If the PCs identify the Spear before leaving town, the payer swears he had no idea of its true nature. If they identify it later and come back to confront their erstwhile employer, he's nowhere to be found. What's going on here? How did a holy weapon of Celestian get into this person's hands- and why did he give it to the PCs? Is he really innocent, or is somebody playing a deeper game? Do the PCs immediately go find a temple of Celestian (which may be a long trip; there aren't that many), or pursue the mystery? If they choose the latter, they risk being seen with the Spear and hunted down by the church as thieves. (You know what they say about friendly fire...)

2005-08-06, 03:02 AM
Minor Artifact: The Reaper's Scythe

This scythe acts as a +2 ghost touch scythe. It also bestows Deathwatch on the wielder. On a confirmed critical hit, it casts ethereal jaunt on the victim. The victim remains in the ethereal plane for one round, ruturning after the wielder's next turn. The scythe still deals damage to the creature normally plus 6d4 force damage, and acts as if it had dropped the creature and the wielder had the cleave feat, granting the wielder an attack on another adjacent creature. If the wielder scores a critical on an etherea creature, it is banished to the plane it would go to if it were killed. The critical effect can be used 20 times in one day, then The Reaper's Scythe is treated as a normal +2 ghost touch scythe until the weapon is unused for 8 hours.

Fiirst forged by the Reaper himself, these weapons are favored by Maruts. A higher level Marut could carry one of these weapons. A Marut can channel the ability of its primary hand through the scyte at will. A character possessing this weapon will attract much attention from the inevitables, causing them to be set on him or her due to even a minor misdeed (True Resseurecting).

These scythes are now only able to be created with the approval and blessing of a huge Marut. The Marut's approval can be attained through a quest (usually assisting the inevitables by defeating a strong necromancer and possibly bringing proof to the Marut). After that the character is instructed by the Marut how to manufacture the artifact and supplied with all of the essential materials. Attempting to create more than one without the required permission will result in the one who gave the initial consent attacking the character until the new scythe is destroyed. Also if a character knowingly attempts to sell this scythe to a transgressor, no less than 1 huge Marut (the one who gave permission) will attempt to slay the ones involved in the transaction.

Caster Level: 20th Strong Transmutation, Weak Necromancy

Masterwork scythe +318 GP
Deathwatch +3,000 GP
+2 Enhancement +8,000 GP
Ghost Touch +10,000 GP
Ethereal Jaunt/Banishment +1,008,000 GP

Total: 1,029,318 GP

Please correct me if I am wrong on the price breakdown.

2005-08-14, 01:49 PM
The Ring of the Planeswalker

This simple silver band with a large, blue stone mounted in it so as to directly touch the wearer's skin actually contains the sensory stone of a long-dead Sensate who wandered much of the multiverse before he retired to Sigil. If the wearer of this stone focuses intensely on a particular person, creature, item or place of extraplanar origin or significance for a full round, he becomes immersed in a memory for d8+2 rounds. This memory contains as much information as would have been learned by a Bardic Knowledge check with a bonus equal to the wearer's Knowledge(the Planes) bonus + 10. The wearer is helpless for the duration of the memory and cannot be drawn back before the memory's duration without a successful dispel cast against DC 21.

2005-08-14, 03:04 PM
Shortsword of lightning.

+2 short sword, 1/day cast lightning bolt( CL 5, RS 20 halves).

Warhammer of thunder.

+2 Warhammer, 1/day on a hit, creates a loud sound, FS 20 or be deafend for 2d4 rounds.

Dual wielding the shortsword and warhammer.

The weapons lose there individual special abbilities. (not the +2). Instead they create 3/ day, when hold crossed, a cone shaped storm inflicting 5d10 electricity damage ( RS 24 halves) and deafen all within th cone.( FS 24 halves)

I read the idea on this board I think. Great idea, used it in one of my campaigns, but I can't find it anymore. So if you let me know, I'll give credits. Just don't I'm stealing the idea, just using it :).

2005-08-15, 01:56 AM
RING OF SHAPE CHANGING: This ring commonly possesses 3-30 charges when found.
Each of the charges expended allows the wearer to shape change as per the
ninth-level magic user spell shape-change. The wearer of this ring may change
back to his original form at will, without expending a ring charge. However,
there is a 2% chance per shape assumed that the wearer permanently assumes the
form of the thing into which he changes. In this event, the character stuck in
an unfamiliar form can only regain his former shape by having dispel magic,
alter reality, limited wish or wish cast upon him.
XP value: 2,500 gp value: 15,000

2005-08-15, 03:37 AM
here's a two minute throw together for all you 8 bit Theater Fans. I'm making this at 2 in the morning, so m'eh.

Minor Artifact:

Gloves of the Black Mage: These tattered gloves appear to be made of skin.

when worn by any non chaotic Evil Character, the gloves will automatically cast Destruction on the wearer, except that a saving throw negates the spell entirely rather than allowing 10d6 points of damage. this happens daily unless the wearer becomes Chaotic Evil.

once per month, the wielder may focus the barely controlled Chaos of the universe into a blast of energy through their palms in the form of a hadoken. this is a full round Action and Must be declared.

A hadoken is 10ft wide +5d20 feet and has a range of 200ft +50d20 feet. anything and everything in the blast area (Including inconvenient structures) is destroyed utterly and may only be returned via a Wish spell or similar. beings caught in the blast who succeed on a DC 40 Will save take no damage, but are blasted into the Astral plane.

This power Reflects onto the Ethereal Plane. any being in the Ethereal plane whom is caught in the projected blast area takes 10d6 points of damage. this does not work the other way around.

every time a Hadoken is used, a d% is rolled to show the percentage by which the average divorce rate of the plane occupied rises.

2005-08-15, 08:38 AM

With the bead of dew, will the pure water stay seperated from the rest of the water that it was origionaly cleansed from?

2005-08-15, 08:48 AM

I do not understand how having an initiative of 1 means you can only be hit with a critical threat.

or, do they have nothing to do with eachother?

how long is your init 1? just that round? how long can you only be hit by a critical? just one round?

2005-08-19, 02:03 PM
the stagnant, poisoned, old, etc. water is completly dissolved with the bead of dew and all that is left is pure water.

2005-08-19, 02:36 PM
You missunderstand. Say there is a very very muddy river, very wide, and fast flowing. You put the bead of Dew in there, and it purifys 1,000 cubic feet. will the purified water stay seperate on it's journey down the river, or will it remain in the river stagnant withought moving down the river, or, will all the rest of the water start to mix with the purified water as the river flows.

2005-08-19, 05:18 PM
Bracers of the Octopus
Causes the character to grow an extra pair of arms, just below his natural ones.
So this story is actually almost totally offtopic to this thread and probably this forum, but I'm going to tell it anyway.

If you've spent any amount of time playing MUDs, you've probably encountered Diku MUDs at least once. Diku is the most popular engine, most people who run MUDs just download the Diku software and write their own setting for it. It's an almost-direct rip of D&D, and if you've never played it then just think of Everquest because Everquest is the most direct ripoff of Diku you could imagine except without the fun.

One of the features of a Diku MUD is that you can't do anything at all to a corpse-- it's just an immovable object, a crate containing the deceased's inventory, that stays where it is until it rots or somebody sacrifices it to their God (usually a GM/sysadmin). However, every time you kill something, there is a certain chance that your killing stroke will strike off a limb-- a head, a leg, an arm, etc. These limbs can be picked up, and you can keep them as trophies, cook and eat them, etc. A usually-insignificant detail here is that whenever a monster kills you there is also a certain chance that a limb will be struck off, and it's possible to retrieve and morbidly collect your own body dismembered body parts upon resurrection.

So if we're talking about cool "magic items", one of my favorite things I saw in my MUDding days was this one MUD which, as a bit of an undocumented "easter egg", would actually allow you to equip your own severed body parts if you could somehow get hold of them. This had no extra effect, it's just that suddenly you were walking around with multiple arms or heads or whatnot and people somehow just wouldn't notice this. The only effect it would have was that you would suddenly gain the ability to equip more items than one would normally think makes sense-- like you could be wearing four bracelets or two helmets etc, and get the defense bonuses from all six of these. But of course you would also get combined armor-weight penalties so there were downsides...

2005-08-20, 11:12 PM
Yes the water will mix unless there is some kind of wall of force or something blocking it from mixing. This item works best in a pond or something thats less than 1,000 cubic feet so it will purify all of it. ;D

2005-08-20, 11:42 PM
Mittens of Endurance

These particularily large, furry pieces of handgear grant the wearer a +4 resistance bonus to Fortitude saves and cold resistance 12. While worn, skills that require hand dexterity (Open Lock, Disable Device) can only be performed at a -2 penalty, and all disarm checks are made with a -2 penalty. Despite their ungainly appearance, these mittens cause no other penalty to attack rolls.

2005-08-21, 12:01 AM
I've had this idea floating around for a while as the dual-wielded weapons of a BBEG, but I have no idea what price/value to assign them. There may be something similar to this out there, and it'd be nice to know if so, as it'd save some trouble. Hrm.

Whip of Subjugation

These cruel whips, often made from knotted black leather, are found in both standard whip and whip-dagger varieties. They come in two styles, Lesser and Greater. A Lesser Whip of Subjugation is a +1 whip or whip dagger that can, up to three times a day, affect a target that it has successfully struck, with Dominate Person as a 10th level caster (DC 19). If successful, the spell functions as if the whip's wielder had cast it, though it reuses the same save DC on any additional saves made (with all appropriate modifiers, if any). A Greater Whip of Subjugation functions similarly, but is a +2 whip or whip dagger, and the effect bestowed is Dominate Monster (DC 23).

2005-08-21, 12:40 AM
::starts cracking up over the Whip of Subjugation::

I think the Rouge needs one of these, don't you? (Link for the curious: http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=gaming;action=display;num=1123787949 )

Seriously, that would be an awesome weapon for a priestess of Loviatar or similar evil, domination-and-pain oriented deity.

2005-08-21, 12:51 AM
::starts cracking up over the Whip of Subjugation::

I think the Rouge needs one of these, don't you? (Link for the curious: http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=gaming;action=display;num=1123787949 )

Seriously, that would be an awesome weapon for a priestess of Loviatar or similar evil, domination-and-pain oriented deity.

Geheh heh, I was afraid that'd be taken as a little too kinky. ;) I was actually gonna slap them on the kingdom's high priest of Hextor. TWF plus Lasher prestige class, yehaw!

The Glyphstone
2005-08-21, 06:58 AM
Mittens of Endurance

These particularily large, furry pieces of handgear grant the wearer a +4 resistance bonus to Fortitude saves and cold resistance 12. While worn, skills that require hand dexterity (Open Lock, Disable Device) can only be performed at a -2 penalty, and all disarm checks are made with a -2 penalty. Despite their ungainly appearance, these mittens cause no other penalty to attack rolls.

you forgot one important penalty, a minor curse attached to them. If the wearer ever loses his mittens, he is prohibited from eating pie for 1 week. :D

2005-08-21, 11:01 PM
The Willstaff

Once per month, allows a wish as per the wish spell, without the XP cost. However, the wielder must have the presence of mind to believe that the Willstaff will work. (Has to make a successful will save, DC 25 let's say)

Failing three consecutive wishes causes the Willstaff to disappear because the wielder no longer believes the Willstaff is useful. Use of the Willstaff is not transferrable after the first wish, unless it's wished for that the staff have a new owner.

2005-08-22, 03:07 AM
Ok, not really a magic item, but sooo funny. A mimic in the form of someones underwear. If these were possible to buy and transport withought having to fight it, man, what a laugh.

2005-08-22, 03:09 AM
Ok, not really a magic item, but sooo funny. A mimic in the form of someones underwear. If these were possible to buy and transport withought having to fight it, man, what a laugh.

I remember something like this happened on a sci-fi program. It might have been red dwarf.
The final scene I saw was the guy trying to take off these underpants that were constricting (ouch!), while standing over a female. Then the girl's father walked in.

2005-08-22, 03:16 AM
Or a **** ****** [Edit]Squidi Thingy[Edit] polymorphed into an exact replica of someones helmet.

2005-08-22, 11:38 AM
Munigur's Tunic

This gentle white silk tunic radiates an aura of calm and friendship. The bearer gains a +2 divine bonus to Diplomacy and Gather Information. In addition, each day that the bearer refrains from violence and deliberate aggression the tunic gains a cumulative +1 armor bonus (max +12). Each day that the bearer commits an act of physical or verbal aggression the tunic loses one point of armor bonus (min +0). When transferred to a new owner, the tunic defaults to a +0 bonus to AC.

If the bearer of the tunic ever deliberately kills a sentient creature or allows a sentient creature to be killed when such death could have been reasonably prevented, the tunic crumbles to ash.

2005-08-22, 01:08 PM
Here are some I have equiped NPCs with over the years.

Deck of Summoning:
The Deck of Summoning is a set of paper cards that for all purposes save magical detection looks like a Deck of Illusions. When a card is selected at random (must be random or the card fails to function) and thrown on the ground the card is consumed in fire and the respective monster on the list is summoned and remains for 20 rounds following to the best of it's ability the deck holder's instructions.

Card List:
Ace of Hearts: Celestial Dire Bear
King of Hearts: Celestial Elephant
Queen of Hearts: Bralani
Jack of Hearts: Hound Archon
Ten of Hearts: Lantern Archon
Nine of Hearts: Celestial Black bear
Eight of Hearts: Celestial Giant bombardier beetle
Two of Hearts: Celestial Dog

Ace of Diamonds: Celestial triceratops
King of Diamonds: Avoral
Queen of Diamonds: Janni
Jack of Diamonds: Celestial Brown Bear
Ten of Diamonds: Celestial Lion
Nine of Diamonds: Celestial hippogriff
Eight of Diamonds: Celestial Eagle
Two of Hearts: Celestial Monkey

Ace of Spades: Blue Slaad
King of Spades: Bone Devil
Queen of Spades: Chaos Beast
Jack of Spades: Achaierai
Ten of Spades: Howler
Nine of Spades: Hell Hound
Eight of Spades: Lemure (Devil)
Two of Hearts: Fiendish Dire Rat

Ace of Spades: Hell Cat
King of Spades: Babau
Queen of Spades: Fiendish Rhinoceros
Jack of Spades: Bearded Devil
Ten of Spades: Yeth hound
Nine of Spades: Dretch
Eight of Spades: Fiendish Wolf
Two of Hearts: Fiendish Hawk

Joker: Elder Elemental (Any)
Joker: Elder Elemental (Any)

Strong Conjuration Price 76000 CL 20th;Craft Wonderous Item, Summon Monster 9, Cost: 38000 gp + 3040 exp

These are some more "off-track" items, feel free to heckle me about the pricing or machanics, but realize I reserve the right to ignore you. ;)

Robe of Wizardly Defensiveness:

[Removed because of suck.]

Wrestling Garb:
This strong hemp vest fits over normal armor and provides the wearer a +6 on grapple checks and allows the wearer to reroll a failed grapple attempt or escape attempt twice per day.
Faint Abjuration; CL 5; Craft Wonderous Item, Freedom of Movement, bulls strength; Price 16000 gp

Diplomats Coat:
This soft velvet vest provides the wearer with +2 enhancment bonus to Charisma as well as a +10 competence bonus on deplomacy checks.
Faint Transmutation; CL 4; Craft Wonderous item, Eagle's Splendor; Price 16000 gp

Monk's Vestment:
This strong light cotton or wool vest fits over normal armor and provides the wearer with a +4 enhancement bonus on dex and inproves his unarmed damage to the next size catagory (Small to medium, medium to large, ect.) additionally the wearer is considered armed, even when unarmed.
Moderate Transmutation: CL 10; righteous might or Tenser's transformation; Price 41000 gp

Paladin's Vestment:
This white silk vest fits over normal armor and allows the user to use the lay on hands ability as a paladin 5 levels higher, if the wearer is not a paladin, it grants the user the ability to use lay on hands as a 5th level paladin. Additionaly, if the wearer has the smite evil ability, he can use it an addtional time per day.
Moderate Transmutation: CL 10; Craft Wonderous Item, Magic Vestment and imbue spell-like ability; Price 13000 gp

Belt of the Scaled Ones:
This light belt is made of mesh fibers from various swamp plants and studded with hydra teeth. The wearer of this belt gains a +4 competence bonus on deplomacy checks with lizard folk and a +2 bonus on similar checks with dragons kobolds and other lizard based creatures and a - 2 on deplomacy checks with everyoe else. The wearer can read, understand, write and speak Draconic. If the wearer is not a lizardman, it gains low-light vision, a +2 resistance to poison, and water breathing.
Moderate divination; CL 12; Craft Wonderous Item, tongues, creator be a Scaled One; Price 14000 gp

2005-09-04, 01:54 PM
A shoe of materials:
allows the creator to invest a certain amount of money into this shoe and that can later be used for spell components. The amount the shoe is created with allows the user to use up spent money in the form of spell components. i.e. A shoe is created with 7500 gp put into it. The user then wishes to cast Raise Dead. The diamond component is not needed but the shoes value drops by 5000.

Cost: 2,000 gp + Amount wanted for components.

works great with Eschew Materials feat.

2005-09-04, 04:59 PM
I have 2 sets of magic items, im only going to explain one.
Book of light- This book is written entirely in my made-up language, Arcapsioic (AR-Kuh-sigh-ick)
Therefore no character can understand it.
But if a character cabable of casting up to 7th level spells attempts to read it, they gradually understand it.
The book explains ancient secrets of light magic, unknown to the hombrew/purchased world.
eventually, the players just start spontaeously learn magic based on lawfulness and goodness determined by the DM.
The player can understand what the entire book says with one age group of study.

Staff of light-
id10 melee damage.
if the player using the staff also owns the book of light, reading it becomes easier. Therefore they learn thier spells faster (speed determined by DM).
They also can cast 1 spell per day that is 2 levels higher then they can currently cast.

Cloak of light-Stops all dark magics casted on the wearer

2005-09-04, 06:04 PM
Here are some interesting things

Pain and Suffering
Minor Artifacts

These are similar looking +3 unholy flaming daggers, and they glow with a black radience when they are drawn together. The blades are made of obsidian. When they strike the same oponent during a round, they cause the victim to be wracked with incredible pain. That person takes 1d4 points of dextarity damage and takes a -4 penalty to armor class, attack rolls, and damge rolls.

Means of Destruction: Holy Fire must be cast on them in a consecrated area.

Sniper's Crossbow
This is a +2 Far shot heavy crossbow with a scope attached to it. This weapon allows people to make sneak and death attacks from within it's range.

Rod of The Bear

This heavy, dangerous looking piece of metal with the top carved into the likeness of a roaring bear head. It grants a +4 enhancement bonus to the strength and constitution of the wielder. Twice per day, the wielder of the rod may turn himself into a brown bear as per wildshape of a 14 level druid.

2005-09-04, 06:20 PM
I remember a strange item from a D&D collection card. A cursed book that helps the user, but always by offering the most lengthy and ritualized procedures. In time, the user becomes dependent of the book and always consults the book before doing anything. This vicious cycle can be broken with a Remove Curse spell. Anyone remember?

Wasn't there a Ring of Beaurocractic Wizardry that did something like this as well?