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2009-07-17, 10:45 AM
How many games are you playing/running?
How often do you play, (weekly, randomly, dayly ,forthnightly ...etc)
What are they?

At the end of Last semester of uni I was involved in 3 games:
Playing in 2 3.5 games
DMing 1 4e game.

They were all weekly.

Over the holidays they all stopped.
During the holidays i started up a 3.5 campaign with some old friends.
We played everyother day for about a week. (this week)
Now that game's going to continue once unistarts (but weekly)

So I'll be (each week):
Playing two 3.5 games
Dming one 4e and another 3.5e
Totalling 4.
Lets see how that goes.

Plus the occasional one off dungeon crawl.

I bet someone's playing more.

Totally Guy
2009-07-17, 10:51 AM
Starting tomorrow... 1. A game of 3.5.

We've been playing weekly and just finished playing some Vampire Requiem but the summer is upon us and we've all got different activities going on that keep members away from the group...

And then there's the weekend next week when instead of playing D&D we all attend a naturist event instead. That'll be an interesting session.

2009-07-17, 10:52 AM
D&D 3.5...in Undermountain!
Modern d20 mobster campaign
GURPS Cyberpunk...I'm about to join, as I got an invite not that long ago and was given time to come up with a char concept.

The DnD is bi-weekly, currently on hiatus as half the party is in the process of moving (most of us live together--convenient!)

Modern d20 game is once (sometimes twice) a week, on the weekends.

GURPS will be on Fridays once my char's done.

Kol Korran
2009-07-17, 11:03 AM
my friends and me are fairly busy, which to our great sadness means our meetings are far and apart.

i play in 3.5, once in every two weeks (saturdays)
i DM in 4E, averaging once every 2-3 weeks (Thursdays).

i'd really, really want to find a group that can play more, but that is difficult in my area at my age group.

oh, and i play one PbP game in 3.5, posting once every 1-2 days. it goes slow.


2009-07-17, 11:04 AM
Currently I play in one 4e game bi weekly, play in another weekly game that will be on hiatus until next week or so, DM a 3.5 game, and am looking to start a Savage Worlds campaign soon. So by next month it will be four. Mind you all but the bi-weekly 4e game is run it chat. Chat makes finding players and games much easier.

2009-07-17, 11:05 AM
D&D 3.5 - Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk as a Divine Oracle.
D&D 3.5 - Cormyr, Tearing of the Weave as DM.
oWoD - Homebrew campaign as 8th Generation Tremere Neo-nazi.

We're 5 people who play the different campaigns depending on who's available, we have a 4~5 hour session weekly.

D&D 3.5 - The Automatic Hound as a Hexblade (on hiatus)
D&D 3.5 - Assassin Game as a Spellthief (hasn't started)
D&D 3.5 - The Hourglass as a Soulborn (applying)

I regularly check for updates as long as I'm not occupied with something else.

2009-07-17, 11:17 AM
I'm playing in 2 bi-weekly GURPs games. Used to be one weekly game but nobody (myself included) wanted to GM that much, so we switch off two games instead. I'm also in a monthly mage game and random LFR games. I'm putting together a 4e campaign, but have no intentions to run it until something else dies off.

Playing more than twice a week is too much for me and makes me hate gaming.

2009-07-17, 11:17 AM
Two games, fortnightly. (Switching between one and the other every week.)

Also two or three PBPs. One is an ongoing roleplaying site. One hasn't started yet, technically. The other I'm running at MythWeavers.

2009-07-17, 11:22 AM
1 weekly 4e game that has been on hiatus until further notice for two or three months. (I need to find another game preferably 3.5)

2009-07-17, 11:27 AM
3 games (one I DM, two I play), all 3.5/Pathfinder.
Currently we are on hiatus from one, and the other two are meant to be alternating weekly, but summer/birth of child has thrown the schedule a little.

PairO'Dice Lost
2009-07-17, 11:32 AM
Generally I run one campaign at a time, with two parties meeting weekly on different nights, because we have a big group (everyone in my dorm). We aren't running a game this summer, so I currently don't have any games going, but I'll be starting one come September.

2009-07-17, 11:34 AM
Playing in 3 Play-By-Post games here on the forums. 2 3.5e and one 4e.

Going to be running a 3.5e one-shot before long as well.


PBP is kinda nice in that , instead of a bunch of action once a week; you have a little action every day. Admittedly it's pretty slow though >.< and not for everyone. Works well for me though.

2009-07-17, 11:39 AM
Currently DMing a weekly D&D 3.5 game over AIM with three people. The party is Alphonse Arcanus (human Cleric 10), F.F Fizzlebottom (Gnome Bard 10, played by Al's player), Stephen (human Rogue 3/Fighter 5, Al's cohort) Valda Eberhardt (human Fighter 10), Nesrina (human Druidess 9) and Anah (Huge Viper-Snake companion).

We just learned that Valda is a disruptive nexus of chaos in the universe and is targeted for death by the Inevitables and other forces, Alphonse is paralyzed and in danger of being assassinated by a Wizard, and the party has to rescue him while unarmed and full of drink. At least Nesrina is about to finish him off, I think. Hopefully her player was joking about trying to stop combat and seduce the Wizard next session. XD

I play in two other games with Valda and Al's players, with them DMing one respectively. In one game, Al's Player is Vera Dalca, a Vampiress Demonizer (AD&D class reconverted to 3.5), and I'm playing Young Male, a Neanderthal gestalt Barbarian/Rogue. In the other, Valda's player and I both get two characters---I'm playing Beogar, Orc Druid 3, and Aisha, human Psychic Warrior 3. He plays Hildegard FitzBain, human Swashbuckler 3 and Killian, human Ranger 3.

Recently, Beogar acted as a deputy for the Lord Sheriff of the Free City of Meath. While there, he made the acquaintance of a Psychic Warrior named Aisha who admired his devotion to "justice" and decided to "adopt him" since he seemed to need spiritual guidance. While there, they had to arrest a retired adventurer-turned-landlord, Bainbridge the Dragonslayer, who'd gone off his rocker. During that adventure, Beogar and Aisha ran into Killian, who'd been assigned by the Rangers (basically an order of secret agents in this setting) to spy on Beogar for the Empire (this takes place in the same world as the Alphonse campaign, so that means there's a Roman-esque Empire that's the major force in the world), for reasons still known only to the DM. After all his missions for Meath were completed, Beogar was attacked in the street by a girl armed with a rapier who claimed to be the daughter of Bainbridge, and is still following him around to determine if he was her father's murderer. Frustrated with a poor showing in every fight thus far, Aisha left to train under swordmasters of the north, leaving poor Beogar with the world's worst spy and Inigo Montoya jr. >_>

All our games are fun, but we really need to get some more players besides us three guys. I keep meaning to post a request for players on this board, but never get around to it.

2009-07-17, 11:41 AM
Running 1
Playing 1.

The one I'm playing in is a RL game, on alternate mondays. D&D 3.5 Savage Tide.

The one I'm running is a online Map Tool game, not-quite-every Saturday. D&D 3.5, Homebrew.

2009-07-17, 11:57 AM

BattleTech Mercenary Campaign (2 years old now) - monthly
AD&D 2e game (homebrew world, very Tolkeinian in spirit. Each age of the world uses a different edition of the D&D rules, and player play their own ancestors/descendants as we move through time) - biweekly, as theatre performance schdules permit

Playing :

DC Heroes (although we're all using our old retired City of Heroes characters for it) - monthly
Lone Wolf d20 RPG -monthly
D&D4e - monthly (all 3 of these monthly games are the same group of people, we're gaming 3 weeks on and 1 week off)

This is the most actual playing time I've gotten since college. It's great to be on the other side of the screen for a change.

2009-07-17, 12:01 PM
All our games are fun, but we really need to get some more players besides us three guys. I keep meaning to post a request for players on this board, but never get around to it.

I don't think you need more.
your game sounds fine.

When i went to recruit players for my 4e game, spent weeks finding no body (other than 2 who had told me htye wantted to play ages ago).
then decided to email the gaming list.
suddenly i had 12.
had to tell soem to go.

in that game some of the best play (... actually all the play baring introduction... maybe my players arn't rellyable, maybe it was just exams...) was with just two players.
mean Players think before going into combat.

With my 3.5 game i'm playing with 3, but ones a Mystic theurge, and they also have a large crew.
Which they annoyingly keep using in battle.
It means i should be rolling 20 attacks, just o have almost all miss. i instead use averages.
However when we go back to uni they loose the warrior, who did crazy damage (+6 str mod, pure fighter lvl 10, improved critical, power critical (+4 to conferm), Fullblade)
But i'll find a replacement.

2009-07-17, 12:36 PM
In a scion campaign that's currently on downtime while another player remakes his char (he died) and a 4e campaign.

Same group so when they're both active we just alternate for the sake of the DM/GMs

2009-07-17, 12:48 PM
D&D 3.5; bi-weekly short sessions with bi-monthly long sessions.
D&D 3.5; plans for a weekend one-shot in the works.

D&D 3.5; whatever Saturdays people can make it (average to about bi-weekly)
D&D 3.5; whenever long weekends people can get together (average to about once ever 4 months)

2009-07-17, 01:01 PM
Er, one or two, I guess. Up until about 6 weeks ago, it was none, and had been for about 14 months, besides a few PbPs that dies out.

Now, I'm running (well, we played twice a week for a couple of weeks, and haven't played in two weeks) a 4E Keep on the Shadowfell game with one of my old gaming buddies from my original group, his friend Ryan (which is confusing, since that is also MY name), my brother, and his friend Julie. The latter three are all essentially new to table-top gaming, and it's EVERYONE's first 4E game.

I'm also playing in the epic-level Sailors on the Astral Sea game run by NecroRebel here, but we appear to be on hiatus since he hasn't been on in about two weeks. Playing an old Half-Orc Fighter/Polearm Master/Eternal Defender.

Once I get back to college in *check date* about 28 days, there'll actually be people there that like to game. When I was there as an undergrad, I was in 2-3 games a week most of the time. Hoping to get about the same when I return as a grad student.

2009-07-17, 01:11 PM
i'm running one (3.5 DnD)
playing in another (d20 modern)

we meet once every week or two when times are good, but sometimes dont play for a month or two at a time. had one a few weeks ago but everyone's gone during the summer:smallannoyed:

2009-07-17, 03:12 PM
I play in one weekly DnD 3.5 game(over OpenRPG). I also play in three Star Wars RPGs(two saga, one WEG d6), one 4th edition Shadowrun, and three 3.5 games all on a message board. I'm currently waiting to hear back from a DM on another 3.5 character that I'm hoping to start in the near future.

2009-07-17, 03:30 PM
Figure this is a good intro topic, hi everyone.

I play in three once every two weeks games:

3.5 D&D - I run it, playing through Forge of Fury ATM
GURPS Infinite Worlds - Playing as an anthropologist I-Cop
GURPS Cthulhu - I'm running it, most of the group died last session ^^

Going to be playing in a Star Wars Saga Edition game some time soon, my girlfriend's friend invited me to play with them when they start a new campaign. I've not played Saga before, looks like it is a decent blend of 3.5 and 4e. I'm not a fan of d20 in general (though D&D works well enough, and I like having a bash in the door type game some times), and especially not 4e, so I'll see how it is. Likely going to play a Mon Calamari pilot, not sure if Scout or Scoundrel is a better class for that.

Planning on, once I either finish my Cthulhu campaign or get a TPK (both highly likely), I'll be running a 7th Sea game.

2009-07-17, 03:38 PM
Total: 10. By Pelor, I need more time.

DMing 2, playing in four (All but one D&D 3.5, the last one is a WoD campaign). All of them combined result in me playing about once per week on average.

DMing 1 (D&D 3.5), playing in 3 (1 Pathfinder, 1 D&D 3.5 and 1 Paranoia).

Descriptions:IRL, DMing:

A long-running campaign involving the PC's quest against an omnicidal BBEG that wears black.
A short, semi-serious naval campaign. We have had one session so far, went great. I attacked them with ninjas whose ninjutsu was conserved. :smallbiggrin:

IRL, playing:

The game that taught me D&D is still running, although we meet about once a season due to half the people involved living abroad now.
A D&D game in which my kobold is currently busy killing wyverns.
Playing a mortal in a WoD campaign, I am almost dead from a simple bullet to the chest. Zombie apocalypse scenario.
D&D 3.5, playing a VoP Swordsage kicking ass and rooting out corrupt nobles.

PbP, DMing:
A D&D sandbox. They are in a city, and just found a way to get one of the party members dropped onto a Gelatinous Cube.

PbP, playing:
Pathfinder, the Sorceress Gerbera shooting rays of light at zombies.
D&D 3.5, waiting on Commander Jorgen's stablemaster to tell me whether he has a horse strong enough to carry my half-dragon goliath.
Paranoia. Ernir-R-2. Additional information is above your security clearance.

2009-07-17, 03:45 PM
Sadly, I'm not running or playing in any tabletop games. There just aren't enough people who I don't hate too much to game with.

I am currently running one homebrew-world play-by-post game of D&D 3.5, which has been going for over two years now. Despite it being more that my players are determined rather than my stuff being all-that intriguing, I still take pride in it.

I'm playing in three other games, all being 3.5 as well. Two have been good, if slow. The other...I'm thinking of quitting because of how boring it is.

I also play on NWN2, as part of a persistent world. There are group sessions once a week, which I supposed technically fulfills the same kind of gaming. There's just less freedom and there's no pausing.

2009-07-17, 05:18 PM
Running: Iron Heroes (3.5 variant system, low-magic), once every 4 weeks

Lots of fun, but lots of work.

Playing: Scion (once every 2 weeks), Champions (once every 2 weeks), D&D 4.0 (once every 4 weeks)

Sadly, I'm not happy with the ones I'm playing. The Scion game has been going for about two years and I am mostly playing because I'm friends with the group and it makes me an extra body. I can and have had fun in it, but overall, not so much. The Champions game has promise, eventually. The D&D 4.0 game is module-run and mets far too infrequently for my taste.

2009-07-17, 05:40 PM
2 D&D 4e Campaigns
A 3.5 Campaign

A M&M Campaign
1 4e game
1 3.5 game
1 BESM game.

So... 9 games a week, about.

2009-07-17, 06:12 PM
2 D&D 4e Campaigns
A 3.5 Campaign

A M&M Campaign
1 4e game
1 3.5 game
1 BESM game.

So... 9 games a week, about.

Sir, you are an inspiration. Here I barely manage two games a week and I'm angsting over how to work in a Cthulhutech game next Semester. o_o

2009-07-17, 06:24 PM
Sir, you are an inspiration. Here I barely manage two games a week and I'm angsting over how to work in a Cthulhutech game next Semester. o_o

Eh, Summer Vacation, not working, what else am I going to do*.

*Well, obviously work on programming and such.

2009-07-17, 07:20 PM
-Red Hand of Doom (set in Eberron). We meet approximately every other week and play from about 9 am to 4 pm. Some of my players are minors and their parents won't let them stay out after dark.

Not playing anything. The Eyes of the Lich Queen run I was in ended after the first chapter. ):

2009-07-17, 07:44 PM
Playing West End games old 'Star Wars' -once a week
Warhammer 2nd Edition-Once a week
DnD 3.5 ( In which I have reached my highest level ever -22 nd Level Cleric of Sune)-once a week

Changeling-once a fortnight
Vampire: The Masquerade- ( should be once a week but really is run once a fortnight on average)
Vampire: The Dark Ages ( playing a Nosferatu who gives other Nos nightmares but is at heart a romantic)-Once a fortnight

2009-07-17, 07:54 PM
Since I just wrapped up a 4E game a few weeks ago, I'm just running games now:
(1) 4th Edition D&D (homebrew setting) 1/month
(2) Chrysalis (refluffed Bliss Stage) 1/week

But, on the horizon
(1) 4th Edition D&D (Eberron) 1/week [Playing]
(2) oWoD Vampire (Pre-Revolution Paris) 1/week [Playing]

But huzzah for Gralamin and having 9 games a week. How he gets in more than one game a day (or gets that many people's schedules to work) is beyond me.

2009-07-17, 07:55 PM
nWoD Vampire
nWoD Changeling
nWoD Mage
nWoD Changeling (two games)
nWoD Hunter
oWoD masquarade

Sounds like a lot but a all of those are either once a month or twice a month.

--A White Wolf Fan

2009-07-17, 07:59 PM
Dming one - Campaign about a bunch of folks who need to save the world from an evil lich. Normal stuff.

Playing in a bunch:

- Evil campaign. I'm a changeling rogue/assassin/swordsage - We're part of a group trying to overthrow an oppressive government using less-than-good tactics.

- Long-going campaign. Half-fiend (edited down considerably) Blade/Warblade. The campaign has been going on so long that we've converted from 2e to 3.5e. We're just going around saving the world like usual.

- Campaign that hasn't been played in a while. I play an Ibixian/Minotaur cleric (Who is aiming to become a saint after turning herself into a stone to save the party). In her place while she's out of commission, I'm playing an old man unarmed swordsage with VoP. His inventory lists his beard.

- Online campaign with some GITP folks. Lalophobic favored soul. It's weekly and it's awesome.

I plan to DM games based on a new sci-fi system I'm working on for testing. But that's a long ways off.

2009-07-17, 08:46 PM
Running Red Hand of Doom, playing Shackled City as a Duskblade and about to start playing a homebrew 4e game as a Sorcerer.

2009-07-17, 11:35 PM
I plan to DM games based on a new sci-fi system I'm working on for testing. But that's a long ways off.
Heres to that. *Raises a Glass to you*

I have similar for a vaguely d20 system (in that it will be roll over, and use 20 sided dice) i'm calling "Malaz" which is based one Steven Erikson Malazan book of the fallen. wich will be unreleasable seeing as how the authors granted rights to a companay to make it for dnd 4e.

Mushroom Ninja
2009-07-17, 11:43 PM
A long-running (4ish years) weekly-meeting SWSE Campaign
An infrequently-meeting D&D 3.5 Campaign


A rotation of 4 weekly-meeting D&D 3.5 campaigns (each campaign goes on for about a month before we switch to the next one)
An infrequently- meeting D&D 3.5 campaign
A weekly D&D 4e Campaign

Depending on how you add it up you get either 7 or, (by my system in which infrequently-meeting campaigns count as 1/2 of a game and the 4 rotating games are combined into 1), 4.

lvl 1 fighter
2009-07-17, 11:47 PM
I haven't played at the table in over a year. That makes me sad.

I'm just getting into the PbP here on the forum. I'm playing in one game but it hasn't started yet. I'm also DM'ing a game which also hasn't started yet. :smallsmile: Soon for both of them though - this weekend actually.

I know lots of semi-local gamers that play dnd but they all play 4e while I want to stick with 3.5.

2009-07-18, 12:02 AM
Heres to that. *Raises a Glass to you*

Heh, interesting you say that, as the system is called Glass Dreams D20. I'm still working out the kinks in the whole energy weapons vs personal forcefield thing. I got a basic idea, but balance is *hard*.

2009-07-18, 12:39 AM
I am currently running a 3.5 homebrew setting game and am about to start playing a 4.0 on the side. Time to see which I like better, since this will be my first experience with 4.0.

2009-07-18, 12:41 AM
Playing in 3. I DM one online, and another in real life with a session most Saturdays.

All Star Wars Saga ed.