View Full Version : Ascent to Power Campaign

2009-07-17, 12:30 PM
So my friends and I are planning out a campaign. It's going to start as an evil campaign, with the party working towards gaining some kind of massive divine power for themselves. The thing is, while they're working toward it, they know only one person can have the power, and each wants it for themselves.

Naturally, there's going to be some backstabbing. Here's where the twist is, though: when a player dies, they reroll as a gestalt using their old primary class as one of the gestalt classes, and a second class of their choice. They also reroll as Good, representing the policing divine forces getting on the party's tail. When only one player is left, he rerolls as a gestalt Good, his old Evil character gets a massive power boost, and the party dukes it out against this lone Evil character.

So--what hitches do you guys see potentially cropping up? Obviously, Detect Evil will have to be played with as not being enough to persecute someone on its own. The divine power is undefined right now--the party (which includes myself, a friend of mine is going to be running it) is going to learn about it over the course of the campaign. TPK against Evil is probably not going to happen, if players play cautious LE types or berserker-strong CE types.

We also discussed the potential of there being a single good spy in among the ranks of the Evil players at the beginning, and that he's the guy who's coordinating all of these Good characters to join. If he dies, the entering Good characters could be normals and not Gestalts, or maybe he rerolls as an Evil. Maybe the entering characters, once the spy is killed, are all Evil as well--and it becomes a straight-up lust-for-power game. That much hasn't been pinned down--and neither has the existence of this good guy spy.