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2005-09-03, 04:02 PM
Hi people I would like that you criticize this class I made.

I'm thinking it a little overpowered in the beginning, but not gainning enough abilities in the later levels to keep it up.

Here it is.

IT'S NOT A PrC!!! [at least for now...]

Great Smith

BAB: 3/4
Saves: Fort good, will and ref poor
HD: d8
Skills: 6+mod int
PerÝcias: Apraise, Concentration, disable device, Knowledge(smithing), Knowledge(weapons and armor), climb, Listen, Spot, Search, Use Magic device, Profession and craft.
Proficiency: Every simple and martial weapon and armor and shield made of metal.

A Great Smith is a person of great ability in forging and can repair simple damages to weapons and armor made of metal on the spot! It swings it's hammer and it's almost magically repaired!
At 1st level the smith can, twice a day, make mendings as per the spell with caster level equal to class level. Beginning at 3rd level he can do it at will. This require a hammer of smithing and only work in metal armors and weapons.

Super refining:(Ex)
A Great Smith is not limited by Master-Work armors and weapons. He can make better! Using his umpaired skills to forge metal weapons and armor he can make a swords cutting edge as thin as a hair, and make armor making then absorb even the deadliest blows.
This grants bonus to to hit and damage for weapons, and AC for armors. These do not stack with +X magical bonus.
To apply special materials the cost is Bonus X normal price more than the normal.
5║: Better Master-Work: A Great Smith can make even better weapons and armor giving then a +2 bonus instead of +1. The cost for such is 3000 gp more than an Master-Work item.
8║ nÝvel : Unic Weapon: A Great Smith can make weapons and armor giving then a +3 bonus instead of +1. The cost for such is 10000 gp more than an Better Master-Work item. (10000 + 3000 + 300 total)
20║ nÝvel : Legendary Weapon: A Great Smith can make weapons and armor giving then a +5 bonus instead of +1. The cost for such is 40000 gp more than an Unic Weapon. (40000 + 10000 + 3000 + 300 total = 56300)

Quality of Iron (Sp)
A Great Smith can improve his weapons like he had some spells. He can do it twice per day, and if the weapon leaves his hands the bonus is lost. Caster level = Class level
3║ Magic Weapon
5║ Greater Magic Weapon.
6║ Keen Edge
9║ haste (as casted in self, but lost if drop the weapon)

Talent of the smith (Sp)
A Great Smith can create a weapon or armor with any of the "Qualities of Iron" as if he had this spell. He can choose to use a scroll or wand to cast the spell needed to make a magical item if needed.

Mystic Forge (Sp)
Attaining 6th level a Great Smith can conjure a Hut take works like a Forje. It is essencially a cube of 15ft sides with a forge inside of it, ready to be used. It lasts 24hours and can be cast once a day. The forger needs to clean the area and make a 30min ritual to conjure it.

Speedy smith (Ex)
A 6th Great smith can forge metal weapons and armor in one third of the normal time.

Forge Fabricate(Sp)
at 10th level a Great Smith gains Fabricate Once per day per 5 class levels. Caster Level = Class Level. This only works for weapons and armor made of metal, and cannot be dispelled. He still needs a Forge. At this level the Great Smith can forge magical weapons and armor at twice the normal speed.

Iron Skin(Su):[not sure how to fix the resistances]
Beginnin at 10th level a Great Smith is so used to the fire that it's skin is harder. It gains 25% resistance to fire and DR 1/cold. At 13th level it grow to DR 3/cold and at 16th to 50% resistance and DR 5/cold.

Iron Arms(Su):
At 18th level a Great Smith gains a bonus +2 to Str. And another +2 at 20th level, this bonus are unnamed bonus. And it is as if the smith got stronger by natural means.

2005-09-03, 04:40 PM
I would only use this if I was running a non-magic campaign, and IMO it would kind of ruin the whole point of it.