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2005-08-28, 09:28 PM
Here's a warlock PrC i've come up with. the class represents a sect of warlocks who wish to use their power to strike at evil.

So i came up with this progression. BAB and saves the same as warlock, for skills i would keep the same as the warlock but change bluff for diplomancy

alignment: chatoic good
skills: 4 ranks in knowledge arcana and spellcraft. 8 ranks in knowledge religion
magic: must be able to use EB and have a caster level of at least 6
special: must devote yourself to fighting evil using your warlock powers. normally a quest against the fiend who gifted you or ancestors with this power.

1: blast evil (as smite evil but only useable w/ EB) 1/day
2: bonus feat or nothing
3: blast evil 2/day
4: same as 2
5: Divine grace, blast evil 3/day

blast evil: the staple of the PrC so to speak. keeps focus on EB maybe too many uses per day?

Bonus feat: this may be a bit much and would be limited to IC feat (item creation) one of the meta-spell-like ability feats or extra invoction.

divine grace: most PrC's have a crowning ability at their last level, i figure this is a good ability for that. might be a bit much for a warlock though as i said

spells per day: i was thinking 5/5 levels get "+1 spells per day" or whatever it would be in a warlock only class. 3/5 may be more balanced but i feel the focus of the class would go against it

Any suggestions, this is my first PrC that wasn't a joke

2005-08-28, 09:46 PM
I'd start with an alignment restriction of C-G, and make it a 10-15 level class. Some of the paladin abilities are very, very strong, especially Divine Grace, especially for a cha caster (which, while the warlock does not strictly need, is useful if he uses abilities that allow saving throws, or wants a higher UMD modifier).

I'd probably use the Paladin of Freedom variant as a starting point: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/variantCharacterClasses.htm#paladinofFreedomClassF eatures

with some extra stuff from the prestige paladin: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/prestigiousCharacterClasses.htm#prestigePaladin

Probably not full spellcasting, but still advancing some of the warlock abilities (and perhaps allowing eldritch blast to deal positive energy (can heal) 1/day per 3 PrC levels - flavorful, helpful, but not as good as a cleric. Arguably better than a paladin though, so it might not work.

2005-08-29, 02:05 PM
Perhaps availability to an invocation that allows the eldritch blast to be treated as holy blast. That might work nicely for combating other unholy beasts and the like.

2005-08-29, 10:30 PM
Perhaps availability to an invocation that allows the eldritch blast to be treated as holy blast. That might work nicely for combating other unholy beasts and the like.

Hmm, i like the idea,.... hmmm so like blast evil as an invocation??

2005-08-29, 11:29 PM

Anywho, I'd like to pitch in a few comments on the design. As hinted at, I've tried my hand at designing a similar class, and it has taught me something. First, an ability like "Blast Evil" needs to be an Invocation. Second, it will EXTREMELY POWERFUL unless carefully designed. Remember, a paladin (whom is the template for your PrC) only can smite a maximum of 5 times per day at 20th level. You'll be able to do it at will. As such, consider the following...

1) The class grants the invocation "Blast Evil" as Essence at first level. At this time, it is the equivalent of a 3rd level spell.
2) As one progresses in the class, the effective spell level of BE will increase (to a maximum of 6th level or so)
3) Perhaps the final level allows it to by-pass spell resistance of evil creatures.
4) The class should grant Divine Grace as 2rd level slot. It isn't that valuable of an ability to make it the pinacle of the class, and any Warlock who takes this PrC will likely be well into his 6th level (meaning he won't gain DG until 8th).
5) Since this PrC seeks to find and destroy evil, Detect Evil might be a nice spell-like ability to have.

A redesigned template looks like this:
1st........Blast Evil (3rd level)
2nd.......Detect Evil
3rd........Blast Evil (4th level)
4th........Divine Grace
5th........Blast Evil (5th level), Spell Penetration

Blast Evil (Sp)
At first level, a adds Blast Evil as a extra known evocation. Blast Evil is considered a Lesser Essence Invocation of 3rd level. When used, it allows the caster to add his Charisma bonus to his touch attack, and add his [PrC NAME] level to the damage. If this blast hits a neutral or good creature, it deals no extra damage. In addition, a good creature only takes half damage. As a [PrC NAME] progresses, the equivalent spell level increases over time.

Detect Evil (Sp)
A [PrC NAME] can use [i]Detect Evil at will as a spell-like ability.

Divine Grace (Su)
As the paladin ability.

Spell Penetration (Sp)
At 5th level, the Blast Evil invocation gains the ability to ignore the spell resistane of evil creatures.

BAB, Saves, and skill points should progress similiar to a normal warlock. Also, they should gain invocation abilities at 1st, 3rd, and 5th level, so they don't fall behind on damage and abilities.

How's that?
Forgot to explain why I desind the Blast Evil evocation as is. First, most high powered evil creatures have Spell Resistance. That's why it starts as at 3rd and advances to 5th, to compensate for Spell Resistance over time. Second, I thought about limiting the extra damage in some way, but I realized that this class adds a max of 5 extra damage at...what...11th level? That's not enough to really worry about. Finally, the level adjustment really helps keep people from abusing the ability with Empower Spell-like ability and Quicken Spell-like ability feats too early.

Oh, and make sure whatever skills are class skills are somewhat similar to a Warlock's, but with at least one or two extra that are more Paladin-like....except Diplomacy. Warlocks don't do diplomacy. ;)

2005-08-30, 02:44 AM
I was merely suggesting the opportunity to take an invovation that makes the eldritch blast do holy damage, that way the warlock can overcome the DR X/holy in order to better combat their sworn foes... but that works too.

2005-08-30, 03:48 PM
Ok, well i think blast evil shouldn't be limited by class levels in the PrC more like smite evil which is based off HD (i think), thats why i limited it to 3 times a day. Altough i do like the idea of it being an invocation. Hmm maybe if empower SLA became a pre-req the essence would automatically become empowered against evil creatures, remain unchanged against neutral ones and do half damage to good ones
since EB is a 1rst level ability then a warlock can take the feat a 6th level

2005-09-01, 06:48 PM
Tarkahn's suggestions are excellent. I was going to suggest the ability to ignore the SR of demons and the like, but Tarkahn beat me to it.

Another thing you might consider is coming up with a few lesser invocations that are only available with levels of this class... invocations with a definite evil flavor, but that are designed to defeat evil creatures. One idea:

Chains of Damnation
Lesser Invocation (level 4)
Save: Reflex negates
Duration: Concentration + 3 rounds
Range: Short (25' + 5'/2 levels)
AOE: 1 creature
SR: no

Conjures a mass of writhing chains, which attempt to immobolize the target creature. The targeted creature is entangled, suffers all the restrictions suffered by a grappled creature, and is barred from planar travel as if by the Dimensional Anchor spell. The creature can attempt a Strength check (DC 24) or an Escape Artist check (DC 30) as a full-round action to escape.

Good-aligned creatures are unaffected by this invocation. Evil creatures suffer damage from the chains in addition to being immobolized: 1d6 bludgeoning damage per round, which beats DR as a magic, silver, and cold iron weapon.

You can maintain this invocation by concentrating on it as a standard action. The invocation ends 3 rounds after your concentration is broken. Regardless of concentration, you may have only one Chains of Damnation effect active at a time.

EDIT: Holy Eldrich Blast? That seems contrary to concept of a warlock. Demonic power is still demonic power, even if you're using it for good. And by the way, Eldrich Blast already beats DR. It's non-specific-type magic damage, not physical damage.

2005-09-02, 03:15 AM
But the provider of the Warlock's powers need not be demonic, or even evil. It must be either evil, or chaotic, or both - Corellon Larethian, for instance, is a valid source of Warlock powers, being CG. So, holy energies needn't be so far away from an Eldritch Blast.

One reason for this PrC might well be to get more Invocations. As is, the Warlock gets only a few.