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2009-07-18, 01:56 PM
Needing some help with some ideas on how to do this. My character and others in the circle have trained with the Cult of the Illuminated, and they sent out us out to help a village that is being attacked by another village, and who are not recovering. This is in the South somewhere and from what the Shaman of the village described, the health gods/spirits are essentially blackmailing him and the town to change their customs and ways for them to recover from whatever small disease they have. In other words the health spirits aren't doing their jobs for the people to recover naturally.

So the problem is that none of us have spirit cutting technique, we only have spirit detecting glance. Nor do I, as the twilight, have any medicine charms. I have medicine of 3, but my character is more of a sorcerer than anything else.

So, I'm wondering what we could do to persuade the health spirits to get back to work.

Also... throw into the mix that one of the characters has a fair folk lover/captive. Well, captive in the loose sense of the word because she does what she wants, could leave at any time, but stays because the night caste treats her how an Ornament Fair Folk wants to be treated. So we may get lucky and she may, on a lucky day, help us out there. But most likely will make worse for us. Especially as she is convincing the village that they want to party.

(The fair folk girl is an npc, and huge back story involving her.)

So any thoughts or suggestions?

2009-07-18, 03:43 PM
Well, there are several options. One is, if you have the time, get some quick xp and learn the charm, either healing or spirit cutting. But ultimately this really won't solve the problem, especially if a diease comes back, and spirit cutting does Agg, so bye-bye health spirit, and your back to square one. Also, try to keep the fae out of it; her eating the health gods probably won't help.

Another is to make sure the Shaman is telling the truth, and not using the gods' names to enforce cultural changes he wants. Perfect job for the Eclipse. Also, make sure the changes aren't harmful. Yes, it's harsh culturally, but if they can sustain them for a time, you get more options, such as calling in said gods' superiors, and pleading with them to intercede.

Also, have the Zenith petition the gods' themselves. See why they want said changes, and if other methods of appeasement, such as prayers and holidays, would work instead.

With Medicine, what disease is it? Although natural healing won't work, alchemical potions and medicines should have some effect still, so the twilight can work on these. Unless this is a major god you're talking about, in which case what did this village do? Perhaps the twilight or Night caste can investigate the village's history to see if that turns up anything.

Dawn, well, do artifact weapons hit demat'ed spirits? Don't think so but I never saw it explicitly forbidden, so if it is can someone give me a page number, maybe I just missed it. Otherwise, he just defends the village, unless he can think of better.

2009-07-18, 03:57 PM
The Shaman said he received a dream or something, wanting the cultural changes to happen, in essence blackmailing the town to change or else natural healing doesn't occur.

I don't recall the exact disease, but it's something like the flu, something that shouldn't be deadly, but a few people have died and no one is recovering because the healing spirits aren't doing their job.

And the twilight has nothing in craft...

2009-07-18, 04:05 PM
A Twilight without Craft. Wow.

Anyways, nothing hits a dematerialized anything unless it specifically says so. That's one of the points of being dematerialized.

There's a Celestial Sorcery Spell that allows you to gain access to a spirit's sanctum. Find and threaten it.

The health god is lying. It's not a health god. What this god is, is actually a god of the specific disease that's effecting the town. Go at it from that angle, because what the god is likely trying to do is extort worship in exchange for turning it's disease off.

Either that, or your ST is really evil and it is a god of health. What you do then is supplant it. Go above it's head to a god of health of the larger region, point out what's happening and that it's portfolio is being threatened by the actions of one of it's subordinates.

2009-07-18, 04:33 PM
If the shaman is an awakened mortal and knows Thaumaturgy, he might be able to summon the spirit to you to interact with it.

2009-07-20, 05:24 PM
Also, is there a charm that allows sorcery to affect spirits as well? Cause Spirit cutter only affects attacks, and you can't combo it with sorcery, well not that I know of anyway.

2009-07-20, 05:48 PM
Get an ally in the spirit world, preferably an elemental (they are easier to motivate). Then, find the rogue god's sanctum door. Your spirit ally should spot it easily enough and can get you inside.

Once there, trash the place if he isn't home. That will destroy the sanctum and get the health god mad at you. If he is home, he can't dematerialize in his own sanctum. Beat him up, tie him up, and do whatever you need to do to get the rogue to cooperate.

If necessary, have your spirit ally kill him. That will allow the ally to enfore a year and a day of obedience upon the rogue god.

2009-07-20, 09:31 PM
If he is home, he can't dematerialize in his own sanctum.

Really? I didn't know that.

2009-07-21, 01:33 AM
Really? I didn't know that.

Actually, Creation proper is the only place spirits can dematerialize. Everywhere else, like the Underworld, Yu Shan, or a spirit's sanctum, the Chasm of the Material doesn't exist. As such, material and spiritual exist side by side.