View Full Version : Example unique outsiders for gate spell? (3.5)

2009-07-19, 04:21 AM
Anybody know of any? Anybody made stats for any? I'd love to see them.:smallsmile:

2009-07-19, 06:23 AM
I've used a fair number, I haven't got stats for any on me now, though I have summoned Pun-Pun at least once. Anything that doesn't usually exist in the setting can probably be called. I'll see if I can dig up any.

2009-07-19, 07:14 AM
Any of the Demon Princes or Archdevils in BoVD and the Fiendish Codexes. There's also the Celestial Paragons in Chapter 7 of BoED. That just about covers it, anything else that's any general race/templates doesn't qualify, as unique individual =/= unique being.

2009-07-19, 07:26 AM
MM5 has Dalmosh and Illurien, both unique outsiders. There's actually a specific ritual for summoning Dalmosh, though.

2009-07-19, 07:48 AM
Depending on campaign setting, the tarrasque could qualify. As unique anyway, it'd need a template to be an outsider >_>

Though really, Gate doesn't require it to be an outsider, just extraplanar. So if you were on one of the fancier planes, you couldn't just cast Gate, you'd need some way to get Mr. T to go through (and be able to fit, probably).