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2009-07-19, 04:01 PM
It seems to me that, for someone meant to embody nature, Druids have very little that deals with flora as opposed to fauna or elements. The Green Mage (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GreenThumb) is a well established archetype - why is it so hard to build? Does anyone have any suggestions?

2009-07-19, 04:10 PM
Eh? Most levels have 2-4 spells relating to plants (specifically or in general) along with Nature Sense, Woodland Stride, and Venom Immunity. More if you're branching out into poison. What parts are hard to build?

Night Monkey
2009-07-19, 04:10 PM
Homebrew feat that lets you have a plant creature instead of an animal companion?

2009-07-19, 04:17 PM
I got exactly the same problem ! I want to build one for age and it's far from easy.

I personnaly found 2 Prc the forest master from Faith and panteon but it's 3.0 and the land walker from secret of xendrik it's warforged specific but very nice if a little limite.

Their are some feat too the most notable being greenbound summoning in lost empire of faerun, it's a little owerpowered so some DM might frown on it.

Shameless self promotion: I personnaly create a prc just for that role The Plant avatar (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=113527). Haven't test it yet but feel free to use it.

Edit: I forget to add their is a feat or alternate class feature in the dragon magazine 357 that give a plant companion instead of an animal

2009-07-19, 04:18 PM
The only thing really standing in your way is that you don't get plant form until a relatively late level, but the SNA list has a handful of good plant creatures (not to mention Greenbound Summons), you can easily fluff the Shapeshift variant as a plant, and many of the Druid's best spells are plant-based (Entangle, Brambles, Barkskin, Liveoak, and Fire Seeds are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head without even cracking the books).

You can also take Plant Devotion from Complete Champion, or use the Aspect of Nature variant from Unearthed Arcana to become more plantlike. I think there are also some Wild feats in Complete Divine that let you take on plant aspects.

2009-07-19, 04:27 PM
In masters of the wild there were a few options, but that's a 3.0 book (if that matters to you).

Plant Defiance is a feat that gives you the ability to turn plants like a good cleric turns undead. You can't destroy them, but plant creatures run away. Semi-useful. All you need to pick up this feat is Detect Animals or Plants as a spell.

More useful is Plant Control, which lets you order them around like minions. It requires Plant Defiance and the spell Speak with plants, but it works like an evil cleric using rebuke undead.

Not sure off hand if those feats ever got re-created for 3.5, but the way druid's animal companions and summoning skills were amp'd up in 3.5 I don't know how fair it would be to other classes to give druids even more minions and resources available to them. Especially since it's just two feats and druids aren't that feat starved anyways.

2009-07-19, 04:28 PM
There was also a Dragon magazine Druid PrC that was basically an uber-gardener. I can't remember the name, but iirc, you had a garden that followed you around.

2009-07-19, 04:31 PM
I have a writeup called Dendruid. It was a desert plant druid. PM me for it.

2009-07-19, 04:31 PM
There's a feat in Lost Empires of Faerun called Greenbound Summoning that turns all the animals you summon with summon nature's ally into Plant creatures. It makes them considerably better and is almost broken (I think it was originally supposed to be a +1 level Metamagic feat), but it also prevents you from summoning non-Plant creatures (I think) and you can't use your Animal-buffing spells to buff them. That'd be the way I'd suggest, if I were building a plant-based druid.

Oh, and for your animal companion, you might could check out the Topiary Guardian template in MM3. Turns a creature into a plant-shaped version. Just figure out the adjustment to your Druid level from the template (probably not more than +3, and maybe none), and you're set.

2009-07-19, 04:38 PM
Greenbond from Arcana Unearthed seems to be what you're looking for. It's not D&D, but it's d20 and I've never really had a "ZOMFG THEY'RE OP" problem mixing the two.