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2009-07-20, 01:48 PM
We will add your biological and magical distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

Basically I run a few fun raw challenges after games when a few people have to leave. For some reason I have gotten hung up on making monkey borg.

A few thoughts on what I need to get added to them:
-Shared thoughts with an incredible range
-Spell immunity that updates to add additional spells as they are casted upon them
-Similiarly modified ironguard to do the same
-Touch attack at will polymorph any object: Monkey Borg
-A way to link the spell immunity + ironguard to the collective

Now my thoughts onto how this could have came into existance turns (of course) to eberron. An artificer was trying to develop and cast epic spells without destroying celestia by stealing solars. So he eventually casts genesis to create the start of the collective. This went well for a while, until he was assimilated. In other words CO boards attempt gone wrong.

This adds the ability to make a lot of the spell like/SU abilities able to be magic items or even magical grafts placed into the monkeys. A TPK isn't an issue as this is mainly a BS game, also they will only facing the monkeys, not the Artificer-monkey.

Now for what I want: what is the best way to make this as close to raw as possible? I really want the artificer to have the capability of casting spells through the mind link.

Right now after a few attacks the players may or may not realize they can hurt them with wood, stone, and flesh based attacks. I don't mind the wood or stone as it insures they have a chance to hurt the buggers. However I don't want the druid to walk up and ROFLSTOMP the encounter. I figured making the collective count as magical beasts isn't much of a stretch.

So any thoughts? Also ways to make the borg more borgish as I think only myself and the player who gave me the concept (we were bsing about it for a while) will really recognize them immediatly.

*edit* I forgot to add the biggest question I have. What is the best way to add thier distinctiveness to my collective?

2009-07-20, 02:25 PM
The only thing I've seen which can "adapt" anything like a Borg is the Infernal, and that's an epic creature. You'll probably have to houserule something - whenever a Borg is subjected to a spell, all Borg in future gain a +1 bonus on saving throws against that spell when cast by the same caster, the bonus stacking to a a maximum of +5.

For linked minds, you could start with formians. Apply one of the undead templates from Savage Species to give them the ability to create spawn.

PairO'Dice Lost
2009-07-20, 02:42 PM
For linked minds, you could start with formians. Apply one of the undead templates from Savage Species to give them the ability to create spawn.

The Axiomatic template grants the creatures a mental link plus grants true strike once per day, which could represent adapting to enemy defenses. Make each monkey in the collective an artificer of high enough level to use the apply-metamagic-to-items ability whose name I forget, then give them Chain Spell and a staff containing spell immunity; each time they're hit with something, enough of them cast spell immunity to hit the whole group.