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2005-08-04, 12:53 AM
Hello out there.

This is a message from me, Taren Lights'kar, to all the Dnd fans/gamers/roleplayers/DMs/GMs/Naruto fans out there.

Over the past few months, my friends and I have created and playtested a Roleplaying game based off of Naruto, and written it up, so as to distribute it on the internet. For. Free. It's a labor of love, and although it's far from being done, we've decided to take the next step and open it up as a beta for anyone interested in downloading the rules and playing the game with their friends. All we ask is that you pass on your suggestions and opinions to us, so that we can continue to change and improve this game.

You can see and download what we've done here:


We are basing this RPG off of Dnd rules, but we have expanded and added to them to give the system a unique flavor and "feel".

Again, the game is FAR from done, and we've got a TON of stuff left to add. It is a work in progress. The item creation system is next on our list, as well as fleshing out the campaign world, and creating a beautiful .PDF file with both rules and world background in it for you. Right now, what is available is the core rules, all the basic stuff you'd need to run a game, as long as you have the creativity and will. Also available is a map of the Naruto world, lovingly crafted by one of our resident artists.

Future plans include: A narrative story of our group of playtesting characters, principly to what a campaign of Naruto is like; An page of naruto-inspired artwork, (PC art sent to us by fans) and other nifty things...

In short, we'd appreciate it if intelligent people would come and look at our rules, and take part in this project by playtesting it. You're intelligent, aren't you?

2005-08-04, 09:05 AM
Im interested- ill have to look over the rules, but im always for playtesting something-

and i have inside knowledge of naruto (being somewhat of an otaku)

manga issue 270
episode 144

2005-08-04, 03:55 PM

The next thing on my agenda is setting up a Playtesting campaign for a group, either on our site, or at a roleplaying games site.