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2005-07-30, 06:52 PM
Oversized Weapon Master

The name says it all. The oversized weapon master is specialized in using really big weapons and pounding the living fish out of people.

Prereqs- Monkey Grip, Power Attack, BAB +5, intimidate 2 ranks

Skills- 2+int mod.
Craft, Climb, Jump, Intimidate, Profession, Ride, Swim

BAB- 1:1 (fighter)
Good Saves: Fort
Bad Saves: Reflex, Will
HD: 1d10

Class Features
1- Improved Monkey Grip
2- Terrible Blows, Wide Swing
3- Ferocious Strike (arcing strike), Improved Power Attack
4- Ferocious Strike (rapid strike)
5- Ferocious Strike (powerful strike)

Improved Monkey Grip- An oversized weapon master is more easily able to wield weapons of large size. At level one, the oversized weapon master is able to negate the -2 penalty for monkey gripping a large weapon.

Terrible Blows-
An opponent facing an oversized weapon master can be quickly overwhelmed by the strength and power of an oversized weapon master's attacks. Whenever an OWM successfully strikes an opponent in melee with an oversized weapon, while taking at least a -5 penalty to hit from power attack, he may immediately attempt to intimidate his opponent as a free action, using the rules for demoralizing an opponent. If he beats his opponent's opposed level check by 5 or more, he gains a +2 morale bonus to hit and damage for all remaining attacks against the same opponent this round.

Wide Swing-
An oversized weapon master is able to reach a slightly wider area than normal for his height. Each round, an oversized weapon master may select a single 5' square adjacent to a square he threatens, and that square is considered to be within his reach. This square may not be adjacent to the oversize weapon master (for those wielding pole arms, for example). Alternatively, the oversized weapon master may take a -2 AC penalty for 1 round, in exchange for being able to threaten 2 additional squares (for a total of three extra squares threatened). The decision whether or not to use this ability is determined at the start of the OWM's round, and cannot be used when flat-footed.

Improved Power Attack.
An oversized weapon master is able to get slightly more damage out of his swings when power attacking. For every three points that an oversize weapon master gives up, he gains four extra points of damage, eight if wielding a two-handed weapon. This bonus only applies while wielding an oversized weapon.

Ferocious Strike-
The OWM is able to strike with such strength and power that he is able to produce certain amazing affects at higher level. These abilities can be used a total number of times per day equal to the OWM's strength modifer +3(minimum 1).

Arcing Strike- An oversized weapon master is able to strike with such force that he strikes two adjacent foes with a single strike. Treat this as a single attack, but make a separate attack roll for each foe. This ability costs one use of ferocious strike, +1 use per extra opponent beyond the first. All opponents must be within reach.

Rapid Strike- An oversized weapon master is able to harness the increasing momentum of his swings into enough energy to occasionally make an extra attack. This attack is at the OWM's highest attack bonus, and counts as a speed effect for all intents and purposes. This ability costs 2 ferocious strike uses.

Powerful Strike- An oversized weapon master is able to concentrate terrible force into his strikes. When an OWM uses this ability, his weapon counts as one size category larger. This ability can only affect one attack per round. This ability counts as 2 uses of ferocious strike. By expending three uses instead, the size category can be increased by two, instead of one.

Arcana Evolved Options-

Not many, really. I would change the Reflex to an intermediate save, to represent the fact that swing really big weapons takes some dexterity, as well as strength, to keep from repeatedly hitting yourself with it during training, (and combat). You might allow for the ferocious strike abilities to count as 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tier combat rites that the OWM gains access to(instead of the times per day given). If you do that, change the BAB prereq, to +3, to allow the ritual warrior to get into it by level 6, change the BAB progression to , and give combat rite progression at 1,3, &5. Also require access to level 2 combat rites. If you really want to be nice to ritual warrior taking this class, make concentration a class skill. Note to my players- I will not be using this combat rite option in my game.

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2005-07-30, 07:05 PM
I'd rearrange things and move improved monkey grip to the 5th level of the PrC in order to prevent dipping to get it, making Wide Swing the first level ability. I'd also raise the intimidate ranks to 4. Honestly, though, you're giving them a lot of abilities in a very short span of time, which, combined with their pretty low prerequisities for the class might make it a bit overpowered.

I once made a class named "brute" which was sort of the same thing (specialized in oversized weapons). They got three abilities, one at first, one at third, and one at fifth; the first one was "Wide Swing", which allowed them to attack two adjacent opponents as a part of a standard action, both attacks made at the brute's full BaB. The second one, at third level, was "powerful blow", which required a reflex save from the target with DC 10+class level+strength modifier; if they failed they took maximum damage as if the brute did a full power attack, plus half again the brute's strength modifer. The fifth level ability they got was "Wield Oversized Weapon", which is the same as "Improved Monkey Grip"; no penalty for using monkey grip.

I might add that Wield Oversized Weapon is an epic feat in the CW, so it might not be too balanced to give out to a 6th or even 10th level character.

Yuki Akuma
2005-07-30, 07:10 PM
I think you should let Half-Orc and Golliath characters into the PrC without needing Monkey Grip, personally (as Powerful Bield is better than Monkey Grip)... But that's just me.

2005-07-30, 07:23 PM
I looked at wield oversized weapon. I would like to note that:

1- Epic Prowess gives a +1 to hit on _all_ attack rolls
2- Wield Oversize Weapon removes a -2 to hit penalty
3- IMNSHO, Wield Oversize Weapopn does not belong with other Epic feats
4- Improved Monkey Grip should not be at first level, to prevent dipping
5- switching it out with wide swing makes good sense.

2005-07-30, 07:25 PM
I think the Presige class OWM is quit cool but i think you should make the prerequisits harder to achieve as the OWM is quit a powerful class to be it seems.

2005-07-30, 07:47 PM
Something I was postulating. Add Weapon Focus to the prereqs. Change the class features such that they only apply to weapons with which you have weapon focus. I am loth to spread this out over 10 levels, but increasing the BAB prereq to +7 would help to cope with the balance of the class somewhat also.

I tend to have ideas for weakening everything I write up, but like to present the strongest version to various forums first, to get the best reaction, and to perhaps get other ideas to tweak/nerf/balance the PrC. Underpowered PrC's don't tend to get as many replies, from my experience.

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2005-07-30, 08:41 PM
I don't think it needs to be 10 levels, but you may want to indirectly add in a strength requirement. Does Monkey Grip have a strength requirement? Power Attack's STR Req is 13, correct? I don't think that's enough, but I'm not sure how to word it without saying 'Prereqs - STR 17.'

It looks like a very fun class. Definitely something powerful.

2005-07-31, 03:03 AM
Look into some Monstrous type feats as alternatives. Awesome Blow from the MM, and the feat in Savage Species that allows you to do things like slam a door on top of people(Area Attack I think), are good choices.