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2009-07-22, 10:44 AM
this is a base class for a 3.5 E6 game, i'm still juggling abilities. I'm having a problem with figuring out balance any help?

Bab/aves/skills/: as ranger

1st: assume bear form, fast movement, track
2nd: woodland stride
3rd: bear hug
4th: pass without trace, scent
5th: swift tracker
6th: greater bear form

bear forum:
as a swift action the character assumes the form of a bear of the same size modifier as the character. Bears colour and description are up to the player. All equipment is assumed into the bear form, and is not usable.
1d8 swipe with paws or bite a magic enhancement is equal to 1/3rd the characters level rounded down.
+4 ac
gains run and endurance when in bear form

Bear hug:
Same as improved grapple plus can make an immediate bite attack

greater bear form:
gains powerful build and improved grab feat when in bear form
+5 ac