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2009-07-22, 03:35 PM
Hey guys, I'm back again looking for more advice :smalltongue:. This time I'm a player and since my first idea for a character was brought down after the GM revealed a little about the campaign world and my character was basically rendered completely useless (A monk who took a vow of non-violence against any living creature, so he'd be able to fight constructs and undead, the GM hates using undead and said there'd only be a couple of constructs :smallannoyed:) So I statted up another character, this time an archery-ranger with a brown bear companion since the party is me and a drow sorcerer but I'm still not completely happy with this character, so I'm asking you to give me ideas and/or help me stat up a new character. I'm open to any suggestions, just no full magic users.

Books Available:
Exemplars of Evil
Complete Champion/Warrior and possibly Arcane if I can get the book off of a friend
Arms and Equipment Guide.

Thanks for any help you could give.

2009-07-22, 05:53 PM
Sorry, I forgot to mention, the game is starting ECL 20.

2009-07-22, 06:05 PM
Druid with Natural Spell. As long as you take the feat, he comes pre-optimized. If you can somehow get MM3, take a Fleshraker Dinosaur as your animal companion. Otherwise, try some variety of giant kitty; Pounce is an excellent ability. Ignore physical ability scores entirely; with Natural Spell, you can just walk around in bear form all day.

2009-07-23, 08:00 AM
I'd rather not be a Druid, I want something that compliments my teammate, not outshines them completely.

The Rose Dragon
2009-07-23, 08:03 AM
We used to have a stickied thread for this kind of questions...

I wonder what happened to it.

:smalltongue: (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=118391)

2009-07-23, 08:08 AM
Bleh, my bad, I'll move it there :smallsmile:.