View Full Version : To kill a Fae...

2009-07-24, 11:02 AM
Question, what artifacts or spells are especially effective to kill the fair folk in White Wolf Exalted?

We have an ornament ambassador traveling with us (Who just created a monitor lizard or something! Geeze!) who is causing more trouble than she is worth. So we're probably going to gang up on her soon and take her out.

We know the the Dawn's Glorious Solar Saber is affective against her, as well as iron knives and other implements. I may be using the knives, as they do aggravated damage to her. I also have the sorcery catching string with a Flying Guillotine in it that I can give to a team mate to unleash when we all attack at the same time. We have an archer as well that could help take her out.

Anyways, does Chaos Repelling Pattern help protect, or help us disbelieve her lies/illusions?

We also have spirit cutting attack for when she dematerializes/loses her form.

Any other suggestions of what is needed to take her down? (From what we gather, she is experienced because she recognized the Glorious Solar Saber name, and also imitates my sorcery.)