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2009-07-24, 08:30 PM
Okay so what previously seen villains are we likely to see the Order fight in the remainng books?

Nailed On. (100% likely)

I'm not even going to bother arguing for these three.

Xykon, Redcloak and Team.
Linear Guild.
The IFCC and Quar.


Lord Tyrinar.

The guy who holds Haley's dad hostage. Fighting this guy is pretty much a cert. Rich might subvert our expectations with it but I bet not. 90% likely

The Hobgoblin Army.

I actually don't think we're going to see another fight with these guys after the last one was so epic. More likely Team Evil will leave them behind in Azure City and Hinjo and allies defeat them/negotiate a peace with them off panel. I'll say 40% likely.


I think most of use expected to see some kind of consequences for V's little revenge. It's possible that Tiamat's negotiation with the fiends is all we're getting but you never know. One advantage of bringing in some dragon antagonists is it sets up the Oracle verses the Order and that guy is too cool a character not to return. Especially since we still don't know who his friend with the lizardman healers is. I'll say 30% likely.

The Thieves Guild.

They have a good motive after Haley screwed them over but we've just been there and done that and they don't have any ambitions outside Greysky City. Plus they're not very interesting charcters, they're not involved in the greater plot and they're not strong enough to fight the whole Order. My gut says they might cause some complications, like sending assassins after Haley (see below), but they won't affect the plot directly. 20% likely.

The Two Assassins.

Well, they were fun and it would be cool but there's no really compelling reason for them to return and they're not either massively powerful or interested in the gates. 20% likely.


It would give Durkon something to do if his ex turns up but she hasn't been around for a long time and she doesn't have a very strong motivation for revenge so I dunno. Call it 10% likely.

Leeky and Pompey.

No real reason for them to return. 5% likely.

Anyone else?

Zerg Cookie
2009-07-24, 08:35 PM
You rate Hyliga as less likely than those lame assassins?

2009-07-24, 08:56 PM
Crystal? The thieves guild and by knock on Crystal, are definitly coming back, I mean Hayley stole her dagger for crying out loud! What more incentive do you need! ;)

2009-07-24, 09:23 PM
Hey, those assassin's aren't lame! Their legs are perfectly fine.

2009-07-24, 10:33 PM
You rate Hyliga as less likely than those lame assassins?

agreed. but neither would truely posses a threat. unless the dwarf chick gets a fire army

2009-07-24, 10:42 PM
Hilgya doesn't seem likely. She's not really evil, plus she seems fickle enough to move onto the next man she finds.

I'm hoping Kyrie gets driven insane and comes after hir "beloved"! mwahaha...okay, SO NOT likely, but fun.

Seriously, I hope there aren't too many bad guys clogging up the joint. I hate it when every bad guy from every arc suddenly appears.

[TS] Shadow
2009-07-24, 11:13 PM
I'd put pompey and leeky at much higher than 5%. There was some pretty obvious foreshadowing there. I'd say the chance we'll see them again is about 65% and the chance we'll fight them again is around 15%.

2009-07-25, 12:44 AM
I'm hoping Kyrie gets driven insane and comes after hir "beloved"! mwahaha...okay, SO NOT likely, but fun.
Yeah, and I'm sure an apprentice baker will make for a dangerous villain.

2009-07-25, 12:57 AM
Yeah, and I'm sure an apprentice baker will make for a dangerous villain.

It is, think about it. She, through some miracle shows up near V. She has leveled three times and put them all in Craft(Alchemy). And hwabahgah poisoned deaths all around after cake dinner. Coincidentally, it allows for five jokes involving lies and cake bare minimum.

[/endsarcasm] [/endpatheticjokemode]

David Argall
2009-07-25, 01:48 AM
Lord Tyrinar.

100%, within 50-100 pages and maybe a lot sooner.

The Hobgoblin Army.

We will see them in a couple of glimpses, but they are off stage now and they won't be playing any noticeable part.


Not happening. Zip. Nada. The dragons are either entirely too powerful or too wimpy. They don't provide the party with the needed level of challenge.

the Oracle We've seen just about the last of him too. He has said he won't see Belkar again, and his talk with Roy is a serious plothole if he is going to see Roy again.

The Thieves Guild. At least they have good reasons to come after the party. So there is a serious chance they will be involved trying to prevent the rescue of Haley's dad.

The Two Assassins. Over and done with.


She, and Durkon Jr, could be great for the final gate, and so she won't be sooner. But our writer has not been strong with social humor and so he may well dodge this idea.

Leeky and Pompey. One shoters. They are gone.

It's time for new people to come onto the stage.