View Full Version : Half-Golem in D&D 3.5 (Shadows of the Last War)

2009-07-28, 05:14 AM
Hi there folks!

I'm currently preparing the "Shadows of the Last War" adventure (the continuation of the adventure which is in the back of the ECS). At one point the players encounter a stone half-golem wolf. Now I know the half-golem template is in the MM2 and this is D&D 3.0 content.
The presented stats are also very different to those described in the template. For example our wolf has now 2d10+20 hp and a DR of 5/adamantine. The template doesn't change the HD, doesn't give extra hp and the DR is 15/+1.

Now my question is if there is some kind of update for the half-golem template or if the creature in the adventure is more of a custom monster?

2009-07-28, 05:27 AM
Yes, there is.


2009-07-28, 05:38 AM
Ah, thank you very much :smallsmile: