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2009-07-29, 11:11 AM
This is just an idea I've been kicking around for years in my head ever since I first played Harvest Moon 64(which I loved!). I used to have a notebook filled with stuff about it, but it has escaped my possession, ie...thrown away.

Ok here's what I have so far. Almost playable.


Gameplay is simple. Everyday you have a set number of actions available to you. Every action can be divided into three categories. Job, special and other.

Job-working on your farm, running your store. These actions earn you a set amount of money. Success is guaranteed, barring natural disasters. Example-clearing a field, tending your chickens, watering crops, working in the town bakery.

Special- these actions are based on skills that earn you money. Success is very variable. Failure happens as well. Examples-hunting, foraging, mining, fishing, etc.

Other-these actions do not earn you money. They include things like travelling to other areas, attending festivals, the skills-Riding, Duelling, Brawling and Medicine.

In addition, you may use Job actions to perform special actions and special actions to perform other actions, but not the other way around.

The default number of actions a player may take in one day is 3 Job, 2 special, 2 other.

Interaction with other players or NPCs is always considered a free action.
Each Season lasts two weeks.

Character Creation

This is simple. Have an idea of what sort of character you would like to play. Give him/her a name, age, location, assign skills, write a short background and pick a starting package.

Assigning skills-You have 100 points to distribute among 10 skills. No skill may be higher than 40. Use of skills is resolved with a %d roll-anything under your skill level is a success. Skill contests are resolved by rolling a %die and adding your skill level. Highest roll wins. The skills are:

Riding-how well you are able to ride a horse. Used in horse racing and a successful check allows a free travel action.
Hunting-your ability to track animals and successfully harvest them. Hunting equipment is needed to perform this skill.
Foraging-your ability to find valuable items in the wilderness.
Fishing-your ability to catch fish. Fishing equipment needed.
Duelling-ranged combat skill. Can be used PvP to settle disputes. Ranged weapon needed.
Brawling-physical prowess. Can be used PvP to settle disputes...not as dangerous as Duelling.
Mining-your ability to dig into the mountain and find valuables. Mining equipment needed.
Cooking-your ability to cook up to 5 items at once. Successful check doubles value of goods.
Brewing-your ability to brew up to 5 items at once into alcohol. Successful check doubles value of goods.
Medicine-your ability to heal. Successful check reduces injury time by 1 day. Can be used to brew healing potions.

Note-every successful use of a skill raises that skill by 1.

Starting Packages:
Rancher Package- 1 Plot of land, Cabin, Chicken Coop w/5 chickens, 5 bags Chicken feed, Horse
Farmer Package-1 Plot of land, Cabin, farm tools, Horse, X Seeds.
Woodsman-1 Plot of land, cabin, fishing rod, hunting rifle.
Shop owner- House/Store in town. 1000g in debt.
Miner-1 Plot of land, cabin, Excellent Mining Equipment.

Sample Character-
Name:Mayor Patrick O'Donelly
Possessions:House, hunting rifle, pistol, fishing rod(modified woodsman package)

Background: Avid outdoorsman Patrick O'Donelly is a very sociable man who spends most of his time making friends and helping others. Whenever he's not in the Forest or Mountains. He was recently appointed Mayor after successfully ridding the area of a rampant coyote problem. He enjoys dropping in on people unannounced for dinner. Most folks don't mind the visits from the salt and pepper haired friendly man. His daughter delivers mail and writes the town's newsletter.


There are 5 different areas in which the characters may live and interact.

Town-This is where all the stores are located. The Town Square, which hosts most of the festivals, is also here. No hunting, foraging, fishing, mining, ranching or farming happens in this area.

Plains-This is the best area for ranching and farming. No restrictions. Anyone attempting to hunt or forage in this area suffers a -10 to their skill check. There is no mining or fishing in this area.

Forest- Good area for outdoor activity. No restrictions apply to foraging, hunting or fishing. Ranchers may not raise cattle here. Farmers may only grow certain crops here. No mining in this area.

Mountains-No restrictions to foraging, hunting, fishing or mining. Ranchers may only raise chickens here. The rocky soil prevents crops from being raised here.

Beach-Great area for fishing and foraging. To prevent damage to the environment, no hunting, ranching, or farming here. Some festivals are held here.

Skill Charts

Fishing-roll 4d6 for every successful check. Chart reveals what you catch.
1:Tiny fish-5g
2:Small fish-20g
3:Small fish-20g
4:Medium fish-30g
5:Medium fish-30g
6:Big fish-40g

Fishing at the Beach uses this chart. -10 to skill level if not using Ocean Fishing Pole.
1:Small fish-20g
2:Medium fish-30g
3:Medium fish-30g
4:Medium fish-30g
5:Big fish-40g
6:Huge fish-50g

Roll 1d6 for every successful check

Roll 3d6 for every successful check
2:Medical Herbs-25g
6:Poison Mushroom-40g

Roll 2d6 for every successful check. Note-any roll between 85-100 on your skill check results in an injury-2 days without job or special actions.

Spring 3: Flower Festival
Spring 7: Horse Race
Spring 11: Planting Festival
Summer 1: Fireworks
Summer 5: Vegetable/Livestock Festival
Summer 9: Firefly Festival
Summer 13: Ocean Festival
Fall 4: Horce Race
Fall 8: Harvest Festival
Fall 12: Egg Festival
Winter 2: The Feast
Winter 6: Another Race!
Winter 9: Archery Competition
Winter 11: Spirit Festival
Winter 14: New Years Eve
Equipment list and cost
Bamboo Rod-100g All fish Medium or bigger are treated as small
Fishing Rod-500g
Ocean Fishing Rod-1500g +10 to Fishing skill
Knife 250g +10 to Brawling skill
Bow 250g -20 to Duelling skill
Pistol 500g -10 to Hunting skill
Hunting Rifle 2000g +10 to Hunting -10 Duelling
Mining Gear:
Simple Pick 500g -10 Mining skill
Mining Gear 1500g
Excellent Mining gear 2000g +10 Mining
EZ Ride Saddle 1500g +10 Riding
Oven 2000g +10 cooking
Brewing equipment 2000g +10 Brewing
First Aid Supplies 1000g +10 Medicine
(Not an extensive list)
Horse 1000g
Pet 500g(can be anything within reason)
Chicken 100g produces 1 egg/day worth 10g
Cow 1500g produces 100g milk
Sheep 1000g produces 400g wool every week
Chicken feed 10g-feeds 1 chicken for a week
Feed 10g- feeds 1 cow/sheep for a day
Coup 1000g- holds 10 chickens
Barn 2500g-holds 8 animals
Milker 1000g- required to milk cows
Shears-500g required to shear wool

Note: Animals may graze outside, so long as 2 fields are left grassy.
Farming tools 1000g-required to dig up, tend, and water fields
1 Plot of Land 25000g- contains 4 fields and 3 building lots
Green House 30000g- takes up a building slot contains 4 fields all tasks inside only cost 1 action.

Crop List-
Crops are grown in 3x3 fields that yield 9 sellable units.

Cabbage- Seeds 200g, grow time 6 days, 90g sell price
Potatoes- Seeds 200g, grow time 5 days, 80g sell price
Turnips-Seeds 200g, grow time 3 days, 60g sell price
Tomatos-seeds 300g, grow time 7 days/2 days, 90g sell price
Corn- seeds 300g, grow time 9 days/2 days, 120g sell price
Eggplant-seeds 300g, grow time 6 days, 60g sell price
Fall/Winter:(Greenhouse only)
Strawberries-seeds 500g, grow time 5 days, 150g sell price
Spring:Onions-seeds 200g, grow time 5 days, 70g sell price
Summer:Peppers- seeds 250g, grow time 5 days, 80g sell price
Fall:Veryberries-seeds 300g, grow time 5 days, 90g sell price
Spring-Fall: Herbs-seeds 100g, grow time 7 days, 20g sell price
Medicinal Herbs 150g, grow time 7 days, 25g sell price

Action uses for farming
Planting- Plant 2 fields per action
Watering- Water any number of fields on one plot of land for 1 action
Harvesting- Harvest any number of fields on one plot of land for 1 action

2009-07-29, 11:55 AM
Sounds like an interesting forum game in the making. I approve. :smallbiggrin:
You'll have to devise area creation rules, as well, unless every player's land starts in the same state of disrepair, which I doubt. I think random generation would work well to make some player's land more favorable to some actions and less so to others. For example, I could see some lands more favorable for growing crops where others are better grazing lands for raising livestock and yet others would be excellent hunting grounds and mining.

For characters, I'd posit that starting characters should have a limit on how skilled they can be in an ability, so no one could start at 75% in one skill at the detriment to all others. Possibly 30-40% would be a good starting cap, it depends on how many skills ultimately come into existence, I'd say.

Them's my 2 coppers. Take as you will.

Surfing HalfOrc
2009-07-29, 12:09 PM
Strange you should post this right now. I stumbled across a game from Natsume in the Harvest Moon tradition, but named something else. More D&D RPG like than the usual, some sort of mystery related to earthquakes to solve. I just can't seem to reember the name!

So, does anyone know the name?

p.s. I'm playing Harvest Moon DS right now, plus Harvest Moon, Friends of Mineral Town. They're both pretty fun, even though there isn't much of a point to it just yet...

EDIT: Never mind. It's Rune Factory. Figured it out on my own...

2009-07-29, 12:36 PM
I was thinking something along the lines of starting packages for characters. Like a hunter/gatherer could start of with a shanty shack a fishing pole and a hunting rifle, while a rancher might start off with a plot of grassy land and a cabin.

The town would have a variety of locations. and you could start where ever you wanted to, provided starting a farm with growing crops in mind would be ill advised in the mountains.

As for skills, thats going to be a bit of a struggle. I want it to be as open ended as possible. Also, I was thinking 50 would be the highest you could start a skill. Anyway, I'll get to work on this in a bit and tell you what I've come up with so far.

Also, any ideas you would want to throw out will be considered.

2009-07-29, 03:48 PM
Will characters be able to win the hearts of NPCs like in the games? If the players share a favorite romantic interest, that would be a great reason to have PVP and competition.

2009-07-29, 04:29 PM
Yes, I was trying to find out a way to do this without having someone being an over controlling GM. I don't even want someone really running things themself. So far, all I can come up with is some players having eligable daughters in their families. For example, my sample character that I'm working on now is the Mayor. His daugher delivers mail...which keeps her from being exploitable for earning money, yet allows me to RP a romance with her, and eventually to "give" that character away to the best bachelor.

Also, I've worked out the basics on starting packages. Possibilites include Farmer(growing things), Rancher(raising animals), Woodsmen(hunter/gatherer) Miner and Store owner. Each of these starts with a unique set of equipment that benefit them.

Fishing, Hunting, Foraging and Mining all have random charts made up that give them a varying level of profitability. Each is balanced out. For example, mining can make the most money quickly but has the drawback of a high chance of injury. Foraging is the most reliable but makes slightly less than average. Fishing is slightly more profitable than foraging, but the chance of getting the big catch is low. Hunting is more of a gamble than all the others, but can yield pretty well.

The list of skills includes-
Fishing-for fishing
Foraging-finding stuff
Mining-again duh
Duelling-PvP with guns injuries are longer lasting than hand to hand and other
Brawling-Pvp hand to hand and some other things
Cooking-adds value to raw goods, contests
Medicine-healing injuries/making potions from raw materials
Riding- for horse races, also a successful check allows free movement.

There are five locations-each has its merits. They are-
Town-people live here, stores are here, as well as festivals...not much else
Plains-great for farming...not so great for anything else
Forest-great for hunting,fishing,and foraging...farming is bad here
Mountains-same as Forest, but you can mine here as well
Beach-Fishing is the best here...not good for anything else really.

Also, a d20 random weather chart.


2009-07-29, 09:39 PM
Taking a look over what you're planning, one big question comes to mind: how are you planning on the game running?

Are you looking at GMing a game, with you throwing weather, disasters, and various NPCs at the players to challange them with creating a successful farm? If so, the "classes" should be focused on various aspects of running the farm (hunting, crop tending, animal husbandry) and encourage everyone to work together.

Are you looking at the players competing with each other, trying to outdo one another and build the best farm in the town? If so, eveyone needs to be able to potentially do everything, and there needs to be some way to score "victory." Also, it might feel more like a Harvest Moon MMO, with the NPCs playing background fiddle (which may turn off some fans).

Are you looking for Rune Factory, where the players live on a farm and fight off monsters in the surrounding area? That sounds more like standard D&D/Fantasy RPG.

2009-07-30, 06:39 AM
First things first; I approve :smallwink:

But why are there no farming skills, things like milking, shearing, watering, and harvesting, come to mind. Or to keep it simple, farming and animal care or something along those lines.

I'm also a bit dissapointed that farming is only good on the plains, my mental image of the farm is pretty ugly without trees or mountains...

2009-07-30, 07:02 AM
I'm also a bit dissapointed that farming is only good on the plains, my mental image of the farm is pretty ugly without trees or mountains...

Realistic for the Midwest USA, though.

Self-regulating forum village sim? Sounds awesome, and it looks like you have a good start on it too!

2009-07-30, 12:55 PM
First things first; I approve :smallwink:

But why are there no farming skills, things like milking, shearing, watering, and harvesting, come to mind. Or to keep it simple, farming and animal care or something along those lines.

I'm also a bit dissapointed that farming is only good on the plains, my mental image of the farm is pretty ugly without trees or mountains...

Plains tend to be easier to manage for farming purposes. Not so many trees and rocks to move so you can plant. This isn't to say there aren't any trees in the plains or that there can't be mountains nearby, as I assume this'll probably be around some main village w/ these terrains available, so you could build on the plains, near the woods and mountains.

In any case, he didn't say you couldn't farm in the mountains or forest, just that it'll be less productive to run a farm there. Given you can really only build a farm in a clearing in the woods, it limits the space you can use for crops that would be more freely available on the plains, plus the availability of adequate sunlight for your crops as well.

2009-07-30, 06:55 PM
Ok first things first. Thank you for your interest.

Skills. I see no need for farming skills. Basic job actions should be able to be performed successfully by anyone. Milking a cow isnt rocket science. Some basic Biology(tm) sure...but not mind-blowingly complicated.

Plains...I think the others have covered the common sense aspects of why I set it up like this. Raising cattle in the mountains isn't a good idea. I'll make a list of crops eventually-some being able to be grown in the forest or mountains that wouldn't be as profitable as plains crops. That kinda thing.

The Game- As I see it, I'd be doing some very basic GMing, such as giving out weather reports, sending out newsletter, running a few NPCs, basically just keeping things moving. Other than that the game should be self-sufficient. Players will be able to keep track and resolve their own daily issues. I do want an element of roleplaying involved. Interaction between characters is encouraged. As for hunting monsters...no way. At the most there might be some wild coyotes threatening livestock, but I don't intend for this to be hack and slash.

As an incentive to players, if the character decides to have a family NPC that the other's can woo, befriend or what have you, they will be allowed an extra action or two per day(to represent that character contributing to the family).

Animals I've come up with-
Chicken-cheapest and least profitable...the starter's animal
Sheep-produces money weekly...more profitable than chicken
Cow-highest investment...most profitable.
Horse-you ride and race it.
Pet(varies)-for funsies.

The skill system I've come up with is simple. Roll under your skill level on a %die and its a success.Equipment can add a bonus to your skill level. Skill competitions are different-roll a d100 and add your skill level-highest wins. Simple.

2009-07-30, 07:33 PM
Wait wait, what about goats for the Mountains?

2009-07-30, 07:36 PM
Well, I was thinking sheep can live in mountains. I thought about goats for all of one second. I hate goats. There are goats within 50 feet of me at this moment. I live on a goat "farm". They're more like pets actually...and I rejoice when our huge dog(great pyranees) eats one. Ironic considering they're bred to watch over herd animals.

2009-07-31, 10:02 AM
I think he was thinking more along the lines of mountain goats than your average domesticated ones you see these days, even if those tend to be more feral.

2009-07-31, 09:33 PM
Just an update-I've got a free day tomorrow, so I'm going to try to put what I've come up with into a simple, easy to understand post. I've still got to work out a bit of the kinks.

2009-08-02, 09:46 PM
It seems to me that going on the plains as a rancher/farmer is a little more powerful that the other locations. No penalties to farming and a horse for free movement means they don't really have any disadvantages as long as they have a decent riding skill.

Does it take 2 actions to go to a location and come back?

And the beach location is terribly under powered. Is it just there for flavour?

Also, just to be selfish, would it be possible for mountains to have a tiny amount of terrible farming. I just want to plant some non-economical plots. :smallredface:

2009-08-02, 11:02 PM
No, it only takes one action to go anywhere. Getting back home is always a free action. Basically you can visit two locations in a day.

The beach is mostly there for fishing. The ocean is THE best place to fish.

I suppose I could throw in a crappy mountain crop.

With the way I have growing crops and raising animals set up, it seems to balance out no matter what you do. Or at least I think so...Remember-Job actions can be used to perform Special tasks, but not the other way around. So you could spend 5 actions doing something like fishing all day, but its impossible to spend 5 actions doing your farm chores.

2009-08-03, 09:46 AM
I'm guessing from the sample character that all skill levels start at 10?

I guess I'll have to wait and see how the store owner stacks up, as they're still kinda blank compared to the other character types, what with them starting in debt (I assume from getting product to sell?) and is running the shop a Job action or Special, as I could see it going either way, as some days business could be booming and other days the shop could be as empty as a tavern without ale.

Speaking of selling, is that part of the Special action to produce the product or do you have to bring your stuff into Town to sell to other PCs or local NPCS? Along those lines, I think a Mercantile skill might be in order, so that a highly skilled merchant can sell their products for more of a profit and bargain their way to cheaper prices, as well as giving a possible Special Activity for Storekeepers to do, rather than sit in their shops, hawking their wares and not gaining any skill levels.

Them's my 2 coppers. Take as you will.

2009-08-03, 10:08 AM
Yes, all skills start at 10. I thought I had included that...hmm oh well. Running a shop is a Job action that pays an automatic amount of money per job action spent there. Again, for simplicities sake, you won't be needing to keep up with inventory or worrying about how much you sell.

As for the Mercantile skill, I don't like it. 10 skills seems like a good even number to me. And you don't use your skills for job actions anyway. Valuables are assumed to be sold automatically via the shipping bin. I don't see a need for a Shopkeeper Special action. Farmers aren't gaining any skills by milking their cows...

Look at it this way. Job actions earn you a steady income that isn't variable. It's your regular source of income. Special actions are like supplemental income. Not always steady.

2009-08-03, 08:54 PM
Alrighties, I suppose that works out fine then, Shopkeep-wise. Auto selling I guess makes sense as well, I just thought perhaps a little more detail in such interactions wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea, though perhaps that requires more adjudication than you'd want.

I'm kinda curious as to what's with the Shopkeep's inital debt, then? Balancing factor, due to that they make the highest normal regular income or some such, as opposed to the more variable archetypes like the miners and hunters? Or something else entirely?

2009-08-04, 03:46 AM
Interesting idea you're working on here. Sounds kinda amusing, I might give it a try when you get it up and running.

As it seems pretty basic, perhasp this isn't needed, but if you're interested, I could probably code some online tools (charcter bookeeping thingy, automated skill roll table lookups) to ease with adjudication.

Not that I think anything of the sort should be a requirement or anything, but it could be handy and sounds like an amusing programming project. Of course, you'll probably be handling dice rolls using the forum's dice roller for fairness, so it couldn't be entirely automated.

What I was thinking of was a javascript web app that entirely optional and doesn't provide any unfair game advatage of any sort. Basically, it would store each user's character as a cookie on thier computer (no database or login required).

They'd take actions here like normal, using whatever format you decide on for that. Then, if they wanted to use my app, they could enter the actions they took and the die results (if any) and the bookeeping (skills and gold mostly) would updated automatically and exported as BBCode they could cut and paste into the post where they keep thier character sheet.

Anyway, it looks like this game will be a nice little diversion that doesn't have a large time commitment required. I'll probably play some, but I might be abscent at times. From the looks of things, that shouldn't be a problem, right?

Edit: Well, I decided to post a character, just so I'll have one when this gets started and to call dibs on the concept.

Name: Ol' Pete
Age: 101
Region: Mountains
Possesions: Plot of Land, Cabin, Chicken Coop, 5 Chickens, 5 Bags of Chicken Feed
Money: 0g
Riding: 10
Huntining: 10
Foraging: 40
Fishing: 10
Duelling: 10
Brawling: 20
Mining: 10
Cooking: 40
Brewing: 40
Medicine: 10

Background: Ol' Pete (nobody knows his last name) is belived by most to be a crazy old coot. He lives high up in the mountains and doesn't get into town very often. He's the oldest person anyone around knows, but few know exactly how old that is. Most think he's silly for trying to ranch up in the mountains, but the chickens he keeps are not his primary line of work. In reality, he spends most of his days brewing his famous "mushroom moonshine" and hiding from the prohibition era liquor agents he's convinced are still after him.

Edit 2: So I decided to play around with the game mechanics a little bit and here's my results.

Ol' Pete spent all day (3 job and 2 special actions) foraging in the mountains for mushrooms to make moonshine out of. Of his five skill checks, 3 where successfull, and he managed to find some good stuff:

{table]Herbs | 3 x 20g
Berries | 1 x 30g
Mushroom | 3 x 35g
Poison Mushroom | 2 x 40g

Unfortunatly, he didn't get enough for a full batch of 'shine today. Pete will sell the herbs, but he's saving the berries to make some jam and the mushrooms for 'shine.

Seems pretty fun, even with the incomplete rules posted so far. Of course, without the farming rules, maybe Ol' Pete's chicken's starved while he was monkeying about. It'll be nice to see how this all plays out.

2009-08-04, 04:09 PM
Psst...there's a recruiting thread for posting character's and stuff![/whisper]

All that program stuff gave me a headache, but you could do it if you wanted to....

2009-08-05, 03:56 AM
Perhaps hunting should have a risk of injury as well. If you're able to bring home bears they might as well have a chance to bring you home instead.

Secondly how far on the realistic/cute scale is this game. Are we looking at animals getting pregnant from miracle potions and chicken eggs just needing incubation to hatch like FoMT, or is it animals need mates and cows only give milk after birth like Wonderful Life? Are we ignoring the whole meat side of things too?

And while we're here I thought I'd throw up a table of crops as they appear in FoMT:
Turnips|Spring|4 days|No|120|60
Potato|Spring|7 days|No|150|80
Cucumber|Spring|9 days|2 days|200|60
Strawberry|Spring|8 days|2 days|150|30
Cabbage|Spring|14 days|No|500|250
Tomato|Summer|9 days|4 days|200|60
Corn|Summer|14 days|4 days|300|100
Pumpkin|Summer|14 days|No|500|250
Pineapple|Summer|20 days|5 days|1000|500
Onion|Summer|7 days|No|150|80
Eggplant|Autumn|9 days|3 days|120|80
Sweet Potato|Autumn|5 days|2 days|300|120
Green Pepper|Autumn|7 days|2 days|150|40
Carrot|Autumn|7 days|No|300|60
Spinach|Autumn|5 days|No|200|80
Moondrop Flowers|Spring|6 days|No|500|NA
Toyflower|Spring|12 days|No|400|NA
Pinkcat Flowers|Summer|6 days|No|300|NA
Magic Red Grass|Autumn|9 days|No|600|200[/table]

The prices are for bags of 9 so edit that if you want, and of course it's different if you were looking at a Wonderful Life style of crops (with trees). Hope that helps though

2009-08-05, 06:24 AM
Psst...there's a recruiting thread for posting character's and stuff!

Will do.

All that program stuff gave me a headache, but you could do it if you wanted to....

Well, it's not that important. Just sounded like something easy to code up to help me with my rusty javascript while doing something game related. Sort of a warm up for a much more ambitious project I'm planning. I might, I might not.

2009-08-05, 03:01 PM
I have a very similar crop table written down somewhere. The growing times and prices where played with a bit. 14 day seasons and all.

Good questions about the animals, mating and etc. I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible. More detailed rules can be worked out in the future. Community style.

Jesse Drake
2009-08-08, 11:55 AM
Okay, what about mini-games? Will you just leave that to the players?

I have in mind poker, shell game, and a brew contest.

2009-08-10, 12:20 PM
Mini-Games=Skill Contests. Wagers are fine. Most of this can be decided on by the players. Doesn't seem to hard for one player and another to challenge each other to a game/contest of whatever and work out the rules themselves.

2009-08-11, 09:50 AM
Ooo, equipment lists! =3 +10 to my mining is excellent, indeed.

So the only item that increases Brawling is the knife? Are we assumed to brawl at no penalty with our fists, as would make sense? Also, I'd think a mining pick would be effective as well.

Also, I just noticed but it would seem that if you get hurt while mining and you lose your job and special actions, would this disallow applying first aid to yourself, I guess? Man, I'm gonna be screwed for those days if I don't brew some healing potions of my own from medicinal herbs, eh, unless I can somehow get a message off to someone else to come heal my broken self. :smallsigh:

2009-08-17, 12:36 PM
For the usage of Medicine to make medical poultices and potions, it would probably work in a similar fashion to cooking or brewing, though you need the right materials to do so. Either by foraging for medical herbs or growing your own, you need one instance of medical herbs to make a healing poultice or potion. A successful Medicine check will prepare medical herbs into a healing potion, which will act as a successful Medicine check to reduce time injured by 1 day.

Going by brewing/cooking, a healing potion would be valued at twice that of medical herbs, so 50 g a piece. Given they don't seem available on the market currently, the price could easily be twice that, especially given that while hurt, you lose your job and special actions, meaning that you can't use your own Medicine skill to heal yourself, so proper preparation is just another step on the road to success.

Them's my 2 coppers. Take as you will.

EDIT: Oh, and you can probably prepare multiple doses, like when cooking or brewing, though perhaps the medicine making process could be a bit more time consuming, so maybe instead of 5 herbs being processed, 3 herbs could be processed per action.

2009-08-25, 07:54 PM
This should be stikied