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2009-07-29, 08:22 PM
This metamagic feat allows parties with more than one magician to collaborate on spells and channel power to another. What do you think of it? What should the prerequisites be?

Collaborative Spell
A Collaborative Spell is magic that improves another magician's spell, at the cost of only one spell being cast instead of two. Any spell can be cast collaboratively as a ready action to aid the same spell cast by another magician later that round. A prepared spell need not be designated as collaborative until it is cast. Making a spell collaborative does not increase its spell level.

Pick one other magician within 10ft who hasn't acted yet to aid and cast the collaborative spell. Only the person casting the collaborative spell needs to know the Collaborative Spell feat. Your ally must know which spell to cast; though they can sense being lent additional power they do not automatically know which spell was cast to help them.

The collaborative spell does nothing on its own, and if the ally does not cast the same spell that round or if their spell is interrupted the collaborative spell is wasted.

Collaborative Spells cannot be used to aid in magic item creation.

The person casting the collaborative spell can choose one of three enhancements. The ally must know what effect is being used or the spell will be cast without it:

Metamagic Transfer
Transfer one metamagic effect applied to the collaborative spell onto the ally's spell. The ally does not need to know the metamagic feat applied, nor does their spell need to be cast at a different level. This does change the level of the Collaborative Spell though. If the ally's spell is already benefiting from that same metamagic feat use whichever instance is more beneficial instead of stacking the effect.

Joint Custody
Have the spell count as belonging to both magicians for the purposes of immunity, dispelling, and dismissing. For example, both magicians would be unharmed by a Prismatic Wall they created together.

Share Caster Level
Allow the ally to cast their spell using your caster level instead of their own. The main purpose of this is to increase the caster level of a spell your ally is casting with a metamagic feat.

Multiple Collaborators
It is possible for several magicians that know the Collaborative Spell feat to aid a single spell cast by another magician. For example, five magicians could work together to apply three different metamagic effects to one spell and have two magicians share custody.

Your ally can use an aided Dispel Magic to counterspell, but the collaborative spell improving it must have been cast before the spell being countered.

Making a collaborative spell permanent is expensive, as each person who collaborated must also pay the xp cost.

A spellcraft check (DC15 + spell level) will identify which cooperative spell a person is casting and identify who is being aided.