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2009-07-30, 01:19 PM
So, there's Spring Attack and Shot On The Run. Why not spellcasting? It would be nasty to deal with a guerilla tactics wizard, but they'd have to sacrifice a couple of feats that aren't very good choices for arcane casters.

Casting On The Run [General]
Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility.

When casting a spell, you can move both before and after the spellcasting, provided that your total distance moved is not greater than your speed and you succeed on a Concentration check with a difficulty class equal to (15 + spell level). As normal, spellcasting in this manner provokes attacks of opportunity if you pass through a threatened square.

2009-07-30, 01:22 PM
The only problem is that most wizards wouldn't want to waste two feats to get it, if they were a battle sorcerer or some other version of a fighting caster this would be very useful.

2009-07-30, 01:30 PM
For spellswords, Eldritch Knights, etc. this could be very useful.

No one else will be interested, though. Especially not since it costs two feats to qualify for.

2009-07-30, 01:34 PM
Then they don't have to get the feat. *Nodnod* I just felt that the feat should exist, if the others do.

2009-07-30, 03:06 PM
Classes like ranger and assassin, or multiclass rogue/wizards and similar things would gain lots of mobility through this feat.

2009-07-30, 03:17 PM
Why not change the prereq to Dodge and Combat casting, the latter of which spellcasters would actually get. And it makes more sense because they need knowledge of magic to cast while moving, which would fall more likely under combat casting than mobility.

Edit: maybe since it provokes AoO, lower the DC of the skill check.

2009-07-30, 03:20 PM
They already have a "Mobile Spellcasting" feat in Complete Adventurer.

Though it's not like this.