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2009-08-02, 11:06 AM
I've had an idea that I've been knocking around in my head for a few days. I wanted to make a Superhero RPG, but I wanted the power set to be more uniform. I was thinking that most heroes are unique(ish), in that there's pretty much only one of each. Then I remembered that, while there's only one Batman, only one Superman, etc, there are literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of Green Lanterns.

So first off: Does this game already exist? And if not: Is it a good idea, and/or too difficult to make?

EDIT: Also, I'm not familiar with the D20 system, and I've been thinking about using modified Word of Darkness rules to make this game.

Mando Knight
2009-08-02, 12:37 PM
...Ah, wouldn't the Champions system (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Champions_(role-playing_game)) or Mutants and Masterminds be almost exactly what you're looking for?

2009-08-02, 12:44 PM
Calling the 'Green Lantern' powers uniform is like saying 'sexy dress' is a uniform. They're minor-scale reality alteration which vary heavily not only between writers, but between individuals. There's little uniformity about 'em.

And yes, I would use one of the two mentioned above.

2009-08-02, 12:57 PM
Looks like you guys are right. The system I'm looking for already exists. Coolio, that means less effort on my part.

Oh, and the whole "uniform power set" thing is pretty abstract. I was thinking more along the lines of "they can all essentially do the same thing, but some are more creative with the application of the aforementioned powers than others."

2009-08-02, 07:08 PM
In HERO, this is both very easy to set up and somewhat complex to run.

The mechanic is called a Variable Power Pool. This is a pool of character points that can be changed, basically, on the fly, used to buy different powers to suit the situation. If you have a 60-point VPP, you can buy 60 points worth of powers at any given time. Any powers. For the privilege, you pay those 60 points, plus a "control cost" that varies depending on how easy it is to change powers. (For a Green Lantern ring, you're talking Cosmic, a pool that can be changed basically at will -- which means you're paying another 90 points, for a total of 150 for your 60-point pool.)

The complexity comes in the need to be able to build powers on the fly. It can be mitigated a bit by setting up some "standard" powers beforehand. For instance, GLs typically fly, shield themselves, set up force walls to shield others, and blast things with energy or physical force, so you could provide a sheet with some basic Flight, Force Field, Force Wall, and Energy Blast variations.

It works out pretty nicely, but a creative player can use a VPP to incredibly potent effect at times.

2009-08-02, 08:46 PM
I actually managed to get my hands on a copy of the HERO system, and Champions after they were suggested. And with the above suggestion, I think this could work out just like I wanted it to.

Zeta Kai
2009-08-02, 09:00 PM
Also, I'm not familiar with the D20 system, and I've been thinking about using modified Word of Darkness rules to make this game.

Well, if you gonna use WoD rules, I'd re-fluff Mage: the Ascension & give your Green Lantern a ring that lets him have any Sphere at any level of Mastery, but with no instructions on how to do anything. Hilarity ensues.