View Full Version : Weapon for a Bard - need quick help

The Glyphstone
2009-08-03, 12:32 AM
Need some help remembering where to find a specific weapon or weapon ability, if it exists....there's some weapon, enhancement, or material that can maintain a bardic song on its own once started, allowing the bard to do something else - can anyone give me a clue what I'm thinking of?

Pharaoh's Fist
2009-08-03, 12:33 AM
Harmonizing Weapon.

The Glyphstone
2009-08-03, 12:35 AM
That's it! Thanks.

2009-08-03, 01:18 AM
Melodic casting (feat) lets you cast while maintaining your song (CMage). Remember, also, that it's a free action to maintain most bard songs (at least the buffing ones), so you can melee or shoot a bow or whatever else while you sing.