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2009-08-03, 06:30 AM
Developed for a rat catcher/exterminator that plays a minor part in a campaign I'm doing. It's basically a smokestick with added poison effect. Not sure about the price, about 30-50 gold, maybe, if bought in a normal alchemical shop.

Gas Globe

This item consists of a sphere of clay or glas, three inches in diameter, filled with a clear liquid which instantly evaporates upon contact with air, forming a vile, stinking cloud of gas.

The gas globe can be thrown as a splash weapon. Upon impact, it fills a 10 foot square with smoke, as the fog cloud spell. In addition, the gas acts as an inhaled poison (DC 13, primary damage nausated, secondary damage 1d3 constitution). All creatures with scent take a -4 penalty on their saves against this poison, as it was specifically designed to work against them.

2009-08-03, 07:26 AM
Nice idea, but it has a few problems...
SOLID Fog may be stretching it for an alchemical item.
If the damage repeats each round a creature is in the fog, then you should say so explicitly. If it doesn't, 1d3 Con damage isn't going to do anything more than to help weed out the sick and the weak... unless you are throwing a LOT of them, in which case the cost becomes utterly ridiculous...

If you want something that is more realistic, make it so it has to be burnded over a large fire, fills a much larger area, cost about 1/1000th of what this does per square covered.

2009-08-03, 07:28 AM
First of all, it's not solid fog, but fog cloud. And yeah, the damage would probably have to be increased. 1d6, maybe? Still not deadly, but serves to at least weaken rats considerably.
Working on a large area now...

2009-08-03, 07:57 AM
it's not solid fog, but fog cloud.
I blame sleep deprivation on my part... I could have sworn... anyway, yes... sleep deprivation.

2009-08-03, 08:24 AM
If you want it to kill rats, just say that any creature that doesn't make the fort save takes 1 point of HP damage. I don't think anyone is going to rule that rats go all the way to -10 before dying.

OR, you could say that it deals STR damage, and that any creature reduced to 0 str is dead, not incapacitated (for this poison only).

Now you have something that makes dealing with rat swarms, dire rats, goblins, and kobolds much easier. Besides, you can't tell me some human or gnome alchemist wouldn't make exactly this in a world like D&D.