View Full Version : Hiding the Caste Mark

2009-08-04, 01:22 AM
I am just wondering if there are any charms, flaws or anything that can hide the caste mark. I know the eclipse can mute theirs, and that one of the ebon shadow martial arts charms can hide it sort of, but is there anything else that a Dawn might be able to use to either hide the caste mark or have it appear like something else?

2009-08-04, 01:42 AM
System? I'm assuming it's Exalted, which I don't know well enough to help you in.

2009-08-04, 01:59 AM
Only by not spending Peripheral Essence, really. It's by design that kicking too much ass has consequences, so that when you kick those consequences to the curb it's that much more cathartic.

The Night Caste (and Changing Moon Lunar) abilities to achieve anonymity while still getting access to their peripheral pools is one of their unique abilities, so if you could take a charm to mimic it, there should be a charm to mimic other unique Anima effects, and then your choice of Caste would only really a choice of which 5 abilities you like the best.