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Deth Muncher
2009-08-04, 04:58 PM
Greetings, salutations and hello, gentle playgrounders. As some of you may remember, I was talking about putting together a game a while back: first, I'd wanted to do an Eberron Undead Warforged Game of Doom (TM), then I'd toyed with an idea of making something Faerun-ny, but I've now resolved to want to do some sort of mishmash of the two. Or something. I mean, it's totally legit to mix genres in a game, right? You can have a ridiculously magically advanced city that's all faeries and mushrooms next to a city that's magipunk, right?

Okay, enough justifications. What this is about is, for the Big Bad, I want to resurrect my first character in D&D, a Halfling Sorceror by the name of Adokul Silvershaper (yay WotC random name generator!). This character was by no means evil (he was CN, in fact), but he was a bit...misguided. Specifically, I didn't know what a "cursed item" was. The item in question was called "The Ring of Random Action." It's kinda like the Rod of Wonder, but the result was generally never something good. Almost killed the cleric once, actually, by trying to make a dry riverbed spout water. Spouted fire instead. :smallfrown::smallbiggrin: Anyway. So, I'm thinking that this character as the BBNotSoE guy would have, shortly after the events that took place in the campaign I was in, been kicked out of the adventuring group he was in since his chaotic nature isn't conducive to teamwork. I would say, most likely, that after his exile, the RoRA would have started influencing him, driving him mad (not MAD, mind you. He's a sorceror, he only needs CHA. :D). What I want to know from you guys, then, is how would you build a bad guy who is, for the most part, a good person, but who's sense of reality has just been warped beyond where it should?

Also, I should probably mention other pertinent character information.

-He is, in fact, a sorceror, although mixing in other PrCs and, presumably, acquired templates is kosher.
-He has a Toad familiar. His name is Hoppingsworth. He wears reading glasses.
-He was an Evoker when I played him, because as a noob, I'm like "Hey, I likes to do damage too guys! We're underground in a confined space? Fireball sounds good to kill that one goblin, right?" He doesn't necesarily need to be optimised, but he DOES need to have Fireball. Lots of Fireball.
-He had three magic items. The first of which was his Cloak of the Ghost. This particular item was not necesarily following the bounds of the 3.5 rules for incorporeal creatures, by the way. This homebrewed item was a cloak that gave +9 AC, and as either a Standard or a Swift Action, could gain the ability to "ghost" through items. It did not grant the 50% miss chance, but it also didn't let me beat things. I could cast spells at things, but I had a 50% chance of the spell ghosting through the target. The second item was, of course, the Ring of Random Action, and I previously stated how that worked. The third was a dagger. No special name, and it wasn't especially great, but what it did was that by burning a charge (I was never told how many it had, only that every time I used one, it looked a little more tarnished and a little more fragile), I could bump the damage from a d4 to a d6.

As to going about making him into an enemy, what I need to know are:
-What are decent PrCs/Polymorph Shapes/Spells/Gods having to do with Chaos?
-How do you roleplay a person who's got more than just one screw loose?
-Any other random tips for how his lair should be? I don't really want it to be like the Abyss or Limbo, but maybe like an M.C. Escher painting.

EDIT: As a minor other thing, for any suggestions you may be thinking of giving, but are like "Hm, I wonder if he uses THIS book..." Yeah. I do. All books are open, as well as homebrew, assuming you provide a linky.

EDIT 2 - Electric Boogaloo: Actually, Third Party books are out. And most Dragon Mags, although I may have the particular DragMag, so go ahead and mention it. And as another question, what possible motives could he have for antagonizing the PCs? I mean, other than being crazy.