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2009-08-07, 04:27 AM
Hi there,

i want to create a Shulassakar Paladin 10 / Exorcist of the Silver Flame 10 for my Eberron campaign. For those of you who do not know the Shulassakar: they are some kind of mixture of human and couatl, holy creatures, servants of the Silver Flame. A Shulassakar has a Yuan Ti's base stats plus some other (like Fly Speed etc.) and gets Knightly Training as a bonus feat. All Shulassakar are proficient in the use of the composite longbow, this will be the primary weapon.
So my question is: what feats would you give such a character, what magic items would you suggest? Ranged Smite is a must have, all other feats are only limited by your inspiration, guys. :smallsmile:

Thanks for your input.



P.S. Even the most powerful feats and items can be suggested here. Power level is definitely high in my campaign. Just limit yourselves to D&D 3.5 WotC products only please.

2009-08-07, 06:54 AM
A little short on time so just gonna say that Shulassakar are awesome.

2009-08-07, 01:16 PM
There's a feat from Champions of Valor, a Faerun book, that let's you learn and prepare wizard spells in paladin/ranger slots. Called Knight of the Something or something like that.