View Full Version : [Mage: The Ascension] When does one get Paradox

2009-08-07, 01:38 PM
In Mage: The Ascension (oWoD), I understand how you get Paradox when using vulgar magic in front of others, Awakened or non-Awakened.

I have some questions on other circumstances:
Do you also get Paradox from using vulger magic not in the presence of others?

Can you get Paradox from using coincidental magic?
If yes, are there any very simple, very coincidental magic you can do without acquiring Paradox.

Do you get Paradox if you use magic in the Umbra or other realms?

2009-08-07, 01:44 PM
Vulgar magic, even when not in the presence of others, gives the Mage one point of Paradox per "spell" cast.

Unless you botch, you never get Paradox from coincidental magic.

The Umbra is usually safe against Paradox, although botches are still bad. Certain Realms have different rules of reality that can redefine what is Vulgar and what is Coincidental.