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2009-08-07, 02:47 PM
Hello everyone! Since I'm an artist, and am just starting a new webcomic based around fanatasy and adventure, I thought I'd might show it off to you guys :smallsmile: Or atleast show what I got.

And heeeeeere we go!

The next few pictures will basically be some concept art for a new, and upcoming comic called "Underlord"(word not found in the dictionary) which revolves around the misadventurous life of the son of an Overlord(see where I'm going here?) and his right hand man & minions. A story entirely dedicated to the bad guys and their story where the antagonists are more than likely the good guys with a couple of neutral partys in between. Narrated entirely by the main character via "interview at the beginning", so I can't promise the accuracy of the story. But it's a fantasy story anyways, so why should it matter? I have no idea. Anywho, if you want to see the bad guy win in the end this is the comic for you. Be warned, according to the rules protaining the implication "bad guys win in the end" there is going to be a sequel. I'm sorry :smallfrown:

~Lord Vesper: Character Design~
The main character in question. The guys name is gonna be Vesper(very original right?), and his allignment? Neutral Evil. He doesn't agree with his father's views so Lawful Evil won't work for him. He isn't crazy enough so no Chaotic Evil for him. I'll save that for someone more frightening. Keep in mind, this is not entirely what he'll look like since it's only a concept design. His appearance will vary in age throughout the comic, and the only similarities between this design and his design in the actual comic will be his color scheme. I like how red, blue, and purple goes together. And for those who loves a character's personality as much as I do he is mainly an overly self-centered guy with a knack for allying himself with underdogs for some strange reason. I hope you see the pattern.

~Ami Raef: Character Design~
A character design for a character that won't come until much later. She is one of the very first characters I've EVER created dating back to my FIRST webcomic which has been dead for about three years. However some characters simply refuse to die. Ami Raef is a prime example of this. Please note she will note fully look like this in the comic since her clothing and eyes are entirely based on her original appearance. Her hair has always been like that however....always. Personality! Well, if I were to describe her I would describe her as uncaring, sarcastic, and easily bored/annoyed. She's your typical dark teenager. *nods*

~Lola: Character Design~
Her name was Lola...
She was a demon...
With feathers in her-

'Kay, I'm done. Presenting the Annoying Fangirl! Isn't she's cute? As cute as she is annoying :smalltongue: A persistant little bugger, she will never pass up a chance to glomp the nearest cute boy in site no matter how much you hate her. It's not like she'll notice your undying hatred for her anyways, she's as naiive and bubbly as they come with a disturbing affection for the color pink. Naturally she comes from the harpy family, and has a naturally liking towards anything of the shiney sort with a possible future career in treasure guarding. That is if she doesn't pursue singing first, and for the sake of the universe let us hope she doesn't. Her singing's that bad. Fear the Annoying Fangirl! Fear her and her stalker-level creepiness!


~Title Page(?)~

~WIP: Underlord-Page#1~

2009-08-08, 11:41 AM
looks intriguing, I like the design of lord vesper. Very J.C.Vasquesque. I might be following this.

2009-08-08, 06:17 PM
looks intriguing, I like the design of lord vesper. Very J.C.Vasquesque. I might be following this.

I was thinking the same thing. And we all know how much I admire J's art.
Looks awesome, I'll be reading. :smallsmile: