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2009-08-08, 02:12 PM
I'm currently working on a magic system for a homebrew setting and came up with an idea I'd like some peoples oppinions on.

Basically, it's a modification of the Psionic Focus mechanic used by psionic feats.
In addition of using a full round action and a Concentration check to regain your Focus, your psionic focus automatically returns over time.
Every ability that requires a character to expend his Focus is given a power point cost. After the Focus is expended, the character is without Focus for a number equal to the numer of power points used.
So if you use a metapsionic feat that requires you to pay four additional power points, you are without Focus for the next two rounds and automaticaly regain your Focus at the beginning of your turn in the fifth round. Or you can use a full-round action and Concentration check to regain your Focus earlier.

Also, psi-like abilities become powers. They can be used as often as the character has power points to activate them. Manifesting a power in such a way would expend the psionic focus. The character also gains power points enough to manifest the powers for as often as the former psi-like abilities. But a character with more than one psi-like ability now could use all his power points on one single power and not using other powers at all.
The maximum manifester level would be his Character Level or HD, or Charisma bonus, whichever is lower.
In addition, he gets or loses bonus power points equal to his Charisma modifier.
If such a character takes class levels in a manifester class that has the power on its power list, the power becomes an extra power known (and could be cast at much higher manifester levels).

If bad, what would improve it? :smallbiggrin:

2009-08-08, 03:33 PM
That's going to be a direct power boost to all of the XPH races, but as none of them are close to the OP line already, shouldn't be an issue.

The first bit about psionic focus should have little game impact after level 5 or 6, since most 'stand in the middle of a room and duke it out' combats will be shorter, and the more tactical battles often grant you opportunities to recover focus to begin with. It helps with psionics' staying power a little bit, though, as they really are the weakest general class of character for dealing with extended combat.

2009-08-09, 04:58 AM
I want to use it in a game with only one type of magic, that uses the rules of psionics, but with three variants of psions that have druid, shaman, and sorcerer themed spell lists and extra class features.

Fey and native outsiders play a very prominent role, and there are several kinds of half-fey and half-outsiders. Spell-like abilities will be gone for almost all of them and replaced either by spellcasting (as angels and rakshasa do in 3.5e), or by a small spell point pool with a two-or three powers known. So when a half-air-elemental has gust of wind as a "1/day spell-like ability" and takes levels in Sorcerer, he can use his sorcerer spell points to use the racial power more than once.

I'm also thinking about offering non-spellcasters options to ude Chi or the Force or whatever, without taking levels in a special class and instead doing it with feats. Like those that can be used with Naturally psionic or Wild Talent characters in the XPH.