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2009-08-09, 06:02 AM
Here are some poisons i Made
Upon request i can upload them in a .doc or .odt or whateverm, neat ly formatted in boxs

The text next to the word poison is the cost (or if rare a stament to hat effect)
I'm not sure on Lvls or prices
As even the common amount these poisons is meant to be uncertain about being available even from the shop of a poisoner maker.
The exception to that is the "Little of this and that", which is a rather common simple poison.

Dark Rose Root (dilute) Level 5 poison
This poison is prepared from the roots of the Dark rose, which only grows in the deepest caverns of the underdark, far from the light.
It is a clear, tasteless, odourless liquid.
Poison 300 gp
Type: ingestion
attack: +8 vs Fortitude
5 on going Poison damage.
First failed save: target is slowed
Second failed save: target is imobised
Special: can not be detected by any mundane means

Truth Serum Level 7 poison
A cunning potion, that courses the
Poison uncommon, but not unavailable
Type: ingestion (a whole dose must be drunk to have effect)
attack: +10 vs Fortitude,
Subject must tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Secondairy attack: +10 vs Will
Subject doesn't realise they are under the effect of the truth serum, until they say something they they were trying hard not to. They will continue to try to save, unconsciously.

If the this secondairy attack fails is made then they will notice quickly that they can't lie. But won't nesciarily know why.

After effect: subject still can't lie, but may evade, or say things that are true but not in the spirit of truth
Special: save may bemade only every five minutes (including the save for the after effect)

MindControl Serum Level 7 poison
The Preparation of this poison in know to only a few of the very most qualified poison masters. It breaks down the barriers of those most strong of will, chemically.
It is colourless, odurless, and scentless, but has a very bitter taste,
Poison very Rare
Type: ingestion (a whole dose must be drunk to have effect)
attack: +10 vs Fortitude,
Subject is dominated, by poisoner

Special: save may bemade only every five minutes

(a rather poor batch of)
Necromancer's Joy Level 5 poison
The pinical of the Poisoners and the necromacer's are, only a master of both can prepare this goulish brew.
Poison rare
Type: contact
attack: +8 vs Fortitude
5 on going Necrotic damage.
First failed save: target is weakened
Second failed save: 5 on going Poison damage
Special: If the target dies while under the effect of this poison, he is raised as undead, loyal to the Poisoner.

(in a very small bottle: only good for one attack):
Dark Rose (conctrated) Level 15 poison
This Poison is prepared from the concentrated petals of the Dark rose. It glows with darkness.
Very hard to overcome, and until you over come it it gets stronger and stronger
Poison 10,000 gp
Type: contact
attack: +23 vs Fortitude
15 on going Poison damage.
For every failed save: additional 15 ongoing Poison damage
After effect: half the damage the taget was taking when he saved. (not on going)
Special: Doesn't follow normal savign throw rules:
the saving throw is 20 the first round,
15 the second and 10 after that.

A little of this and that Level 4 poison
A laymans poison, simple but effective
Poison 200 gp
Type: injury
attack: +6 vs Fortitude
2d4 poison damage

Sensory shutdown Level 4 poison
A nasty poison, that can shut down one's senses leaving one useless
Poison 300 gp
Type: ingestion or injury
attack: +6 vs Fortitude
Subject is Blinded and Deafened
First failed save: Target is Deafened for next 5 minutes.
Second failed save: Target is Blinded for Next 5 minutes.