View Full Version : The snarl (Possible spoilers)

2009-08-09, 08:17 PM
Just HOW did the order of the scribble find out about the snarl? It was mentioned that the gods didn't tell the mortals about it, to avoid it being exploited. I can kind of see how Redcloak and the rest of Team Evil knows about it, due to the dark one, but the order of the scribble had no such connection to any gods, and their discovery is a anomaly.:smallannoyed:

2009-08-09, 08:33 PM
Well, to start with the Snarl reached out through a rift and snuffed Soon's wife in front of his eyes. That kind of thing tends to attract attention.

The Gods may have divulged information to him at that point since a) The cat was out of the bag and b) They really didn't want those rifts going unchecked.